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Spring-ier, 2014


What a lovely day today! I spent a couple of hours this morning helping Mum plant up a few pots (she’s still keen at 87 and I think she’s had a bit of a brainstorm this year – plants and bulbs are arriving daily!) This afternoon has been spent in my own garden, pottering and marvelling at the changes wrought in a few short weeks.

The wild area comes into its own in Spring, before the sycamores at the bottom grow their leaves (although it is a lovely shady area later in the year, before basking in evening sun; when visiting, my Dad used to love to sit down there with me, sharing a – whisper it – jug of red wine).

The anemone blanda are flowering their hearts out this year – the patches spread remarkably quickly, with loads of new seedlings appearing every year.

I find daffodils irresistible and plant more each year. The smaller varieties always appear first. I have some splendid large double varieties which were planted years ago, but they are often too heavy for the stalks and fall over. Then, of course, they usually get nibbled before I take them indoors for a vase.

I had completely forgotten about the snake’s head fritillaries. I planted out a pot of them last year and it was a lovely surprise to find them there this year – there are more to come, as well.

Perhaps I should have pruned the gooseberries! They are self-seeded, and last year produced quite a lot of fruit.

Like many other parts of the country, we experienced a very mild winter – I only remember one frost here. Consequently, many plants which would normally die off remained not only alive but, in many cases, in flower. This pelargonium is one of them – it has flowered continuously since early last summer.

These violas have also flowered throughout and have now put on a spurt.

The bacopa looks a little tired, but that is not to be wondered at after continuing all through winter.

And this brachyscombe is just starting to flower again, having stayed outside in its pot since last autumn.

During the gales earlier this year, my neighbour’s old fence blew down into this border. After it was replaced with a new one, I removed ivy and other perennial weeds from the back. It looks a lot better now, and there is more space for plants! I am very pleased with the result.

Of course, there are all the usual suspects emerging. It’s amazing how many of them manage to take me by surprise – some of the perennials are just showing above the soil, but they all look as if they are poised for action.

These are already beginning their show, or are well into the second act :





My favourite Euphorbia – Martinii

Tulips – I can’t imagine having too many.

Sedum (?) [no – Saxifrage. Thanks, Tuesdaybear!] A recent member of the cast, performing beautifully.

Lovely Bellis Daisies

A very old (decades!) Bergenia, giving its best show ever.

Spring pots. The large one on the right has a large fern in it, which I hope will be giving an encore this year. Later in the year, I shall drop in some summer bedding if the pace drops. I’m taking a bit of a chance putting the purple Senetti out, but what’s life without a bit of excitement?

And, naturally, I have to have some exuberance and enthusiasm! (I shall remove most of the Honesty when it has finished flowering. I usually have more purple than white, but this year the white variety is centre stage.)

Roll on summer, but how I enjoy spring!

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All looking so lovely Melchi. I had no idea that Bergenia was so long-lived. I love Daffodils too...the small ones mostly, and especially the scented ones. I'm discovering new ones that I've inherited every day now! Today was lovely here too. I didn't do any gardening because I was busy catching up with laundry and food shopping, but I did enjoy sitting outdoors and even had to take off my cardigan while watching the dogs play! Glad to hear your Mum is still full of enthusiasm for her garden! :) I'm watching a programme on BBC4 about the history of suburban gardens....very interesting and nostagic!

10 Apr, 2014


Thanks, Karen! I'm sure that my Granny planted the bergenia, and that must be well over 25 years ago. Following advice I saw on GW, I split it about 12 years ago, and it didn't flower again for about 8 years!

A new garden often offers up all sorts of surprises, especially bulbs! Don't scented daffs smell absolutely lovely? Today was the first day I've been totally comfortable without a cardi - the sun was really warm on the back of my neck. I just sat and enjoyed it!

I shall have a look out for that programme - I love BBC4. Did you see the programme about Great Dixter? I remember the fuss that was made when Christopher Lloyd ripped out the rose garden!

10 Apr, 2014


No, I missed that one Melchi. There are loads of lovely gardening progs at the moment!

10 Apr, 2014


I love spring too Melchi, lovely time of the year when the garden shows off again. Great to see so much colour in the gardens. Hope I am still gardening at 87. Well done to your mum. :O)

10 Apr, 2014


Thanks, Barbara. Me too!

10 Apr, 2014


Yes, me also. I am determined I will, but you never know!

10 Apr, 2014


I come from a long line of aged gardeners, so my fingers are crossed!!!

10 Apr, 2014


Wonder if we'll still be Goying then!

10 Apr, 2014


Or just communicating chip-to-chip! (Surely the govt is planning to chip us all?) Lol (I hope...) ;-)

10 Apr, 2014


Your garden is so inviting, Mel. I could potter about in it for hours, I reckon. I'm intrigued by the tray on a slant with a green glass jar in the first photo and wondering what it is... Odds and ends always intrigue me. I agree about the scent of daffodils - delicious. Funnily enough, I have the same thing going on with the honesty in my garden - usually purple - dominant, but this year, white! By the way, I think the sedum? might be a saxifrage.

11 Apr, 2014


I know I shouldn't have done, but I just had to have a peek at some of the goy spring gardens ! I couldn't resist writing something on yours Mel as I love your garden ! It just looks so natural, especially your woodland area.
My eyes are starting to improve and I have had two good days. I am starting a course of tablets soon which should sort the problem out ! Loved all your pictures !

11 Apr, 2014


Your garden is looking wonderful Susanne . . . amazingly colourful! Yes, I saw the programme about Great Dixter, and thought Christopher Lloyd did exactly the right thing in ripping up that rose garden :)

Btw, that Anemone is gorgeous!

11 Apr, 2014


Thanks. folks!

Yes, Tuesdaybear - saxifrage! (I knew sedum wasn't quite right! The label was in the greenhouse, and I'm just too lazy...) The glass jar is one I bought at the church summer fair about 12 years ago, for a couple of pounds. It is a genuine old glass container. It's on an old roofing slate, and I empty the rainwater out of it now and then. I love bits and bobs around the garden and have all sorts of odd things scattered around.

I am so glad to hear that your eyes are getting better, Rose - long may it continue. I'm glad you like my garden. Sometimes I think it might be just a bit too "of itself", but then I think "No -that's the way I like it!".

Sheila - I agree! I loved watching Chris Beardshaw elbowing his way through the beds! It must have been quite a statement for Christopher Lloyd to make such innovative decisions, but how right, in my opinion, he was. The rest has been done before!

The anemone is lovely. I hope it will keep going for a while yet - it's a new venture for me, but I think I'll be investing in some more.

11 Apr, 2014


I loved that comment about plants taking you by surprise - one of the best bits of Spring in the garden - Oh I thought that one had died, Oh I'd forgotten I'd planted that etc. Your photos are lovely Mel, especially the anemone.

Rose its great to hear you are looking at Goy, even if you shouldn't!

12 Apr, 2014


Thanks, Stera! You're absolutely right about the joy of Spring - even after experiencing rather a lot of them, it can still surprise!

12 Apr, 2014


That's exactly it Stera! The joy of suddenly coming upon something we'd completely forgotten, or even something 'sown' by the birds . . . that's what I love about gardening, especially at this time of year :)

12 Apr, 2014


Such a treat to see so many signs of spring in the garden - it looks such a peaceful happy place to spend time in.

12 Apr, 2014


Thanks, Wildrose. It is, and we are very lucky to have the school site at the bottom - a nice borrowed view!

14 Apr, 2014

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