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Radishes remembered


A beautiful day here today.

OH and I were sitting in the garden with a coffee each, when I had a sudden memory of my first own garden.

I was 8 years old, and we had moved to a house with a large garden. It wasn’t a very distant move, just a few miles, but it did result in my being given a small plot, about 2 metres by 1. It was just beyond the edge of the lawn, and was cleared for me to do with as I pleased.

I should like to report that I showed precocious talent in garden design, but alas, that is not the case! I grew a fairly impressive crop of the usual garden weeds.

But what came back to me today, with the jolt one gets when remembering something long-forgotten, was the radishes!

Now, I – like many children – was not a dedicated salad eater. In fact, a few shreds of lettuce was about my limit, I’m ashamed to say. But Dad, apparently, loved radishes. So what better crop for me to produce? I used to make a drill with a stick, sow seeds bought from Woolworth’s, and wait impatiently for a result. I can still remember the wobbly and lumpy line of seedlings emerging. I don’t suppose I did much to help them, and
with Dad working away, and Mum with three younger children, I expect the plants were pretty much dependent on me to thrive. But I know I did manage to produce a few edible results, and I remember Dad tucking into them with relish (real or somewhat exaggerated? Any alternative never occurred to me, and sadly I can no longer check with him.)

I was also given clarkia seeds by Granny, because they germinated quickly, but I don’t remember ever achieving the glorious display on the front of the seed packet, so I was a bit disillusioned.

But what struck me today, was that I don’t remember the last time I have ever seen radishes!

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I'm sure your dad loved those radishes, no mater what they were like he new his daughter had grown them for him with love!

6 May, 2014


I think you're right, Teds!!!

6 May, 2014


Exactly like me lol - a small plot with radishes, ... and also Lupins and a Pulmonaria lol . oh and some London Pride :) and that was it !
I can't grow radishes these days. They always seem to bolt :(

6 May, 2014


My friend grows them, and they are available in our local supermarket. What happy memories though, Mel. Those early gardening days really do stick in the mind, don't they?

6 May, 2014


Thank you for reassuring me that they haven't vanished from the planet, Tuesdaybear. Perhaps I am patronising the wrong supermarket! Mind you, I have to confess that, although these days I eat loads of salad - indeed, all manner of vegetables - I suspect I still wouldn't like radishes! And yes - early gardening memories certainly stick. I think they have an underestimated influence on the way we garden as adults.

I didn't aspire to lupins or pulmonaria, Hywel - I'm very impressed! I think perhaps I may have graduated to Californian poppies (which I am trying again for the first time since!)

6 May, 2014


Oh thats a lovely memory Melchi, I was about that age when I had my first garden, as children we had to help with the garden anytime my dad was out there so was already having to weed the veg and suchlike but my own small plot contained a lilac rescued from the front garden and marigolds, lol.....

6 May, 2014


Yes I see them in the supermarkets and the veg stall up the village ... but they're tasteless, so I don't buy them :(

6 May, 2014


I always think of them as small turnips. I really should try them again. Perhaps (like water chestnuts) they add more texture than flavour. I always thought of them as having rather a bitter flavour, but that is probably a child's impression (or the way I grew them!!!)

I like the thought of your rescued lilac, Lincslass! I don't grow marigolds now - they either get eaten by slugs, or succumb to blackfly!

6 May, 2014


I remember Radishes being grown when I was a child, and I used to like them, but I'm not fond any more. They are either woody, or too hot! Lovely story!

7 May, 2014


I remember a man on the market trying to sell me some radishes, assuring me that they were French Cherries...

My first plot was only about eighteen inches square. Can't remember what I grew except Virginia stocks, but I do have a photo of me at can't be more than 2 years old, wielding a trowel.

7 May, 2014


Thanks, Karen. I hadn't thought about those radishes for decades, but I can still see that plot so clearly.

French cherries! That was a bit mean, Stera! I think Virginia Stocks were another of those fast-germinating plants that are supposed to encourage children. Which I'm sure they do - sometimes... I always expected a result to rival the picture on the packet. Come to think about it, that's a bit like present-day mail-order catalogues!

8 May, 2014

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