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For some weeks now I have been unable to send or receive PMs. I simply get an error message with an apology that “we’ve made a mistake, please try again”. I have reported it, but so far I am still locked out. I have a few unread messages, but obviously I have no idea who has sent them. I apologise if you are wondering why I haven’t replied. If it ever gets sorted I shall reply straight away. In the meantime, I just have to wait and see!

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Oh Mel, I didn't realise it hadn't been fixed
have you heard back from Dave?...
I could contact him if you haven't...maybe he's not recieving it either

9 Sep, 2015


Dave and I have swapped several emails, Pam. I have just emailed him again yesterday to tell him the problem still hasn't been solved. Apparently he's been on to the techies a couple of times, but no joy so far ? Thanks for your concern.

9 Sep, 2015


That has happened to me on occasion Melchi and I remember one time it was caused by my own firewall settings...

9 Sep, 2015


How strange that it would happen to one member but not others....very odd!
Hope it gets sorted soon.

9 Sep, 2015


Thanks, Paul. It is odd isn't it? It's the only problem I have ever had with the site.

I don't think this is caused by any of my iPad settings, Lincslass, and it is the same on both the iPad and my laptop.

11 Sep, 2015


Oh dear, its one for the teccie guys then Mechi, I can remember in the very early days when it was happening to me Peter sent me instructions via email on how to reinstall the whole programme, trouble is that was years ago and of course the whole system has been upgraded and changed since then, so even if I still had the email I doubt it would be any help to you...

11 Sep, 2015


Thank you for your concern, Lincslass. To be honest, I don't usually use personal messages that much, but it is a little frustrating to be locked out! I don't want to have to open a new account - I'm happy with my online identity! I just hope anyone who wants to communicate with me will add a comment to a thread I'm already following.

11 Sep, 2015

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