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Hello everybody!

I feel as if I should creep quietly into the corner of the room, but I don’t know how to do that on GoY!

Some time ago I had to open a new account because my old one lost access to personal nessages, amongst other features. I became ohmelchisedec (why did I choose such an odd title? Even melchisedec was only chosen because I thought it was a password, not my identity!) Imagine my surprise when I found (just now) that my original account “melchisedec” was restored. After having ignored GoY. for a long time, I am now unsure which account to use!

So – I return, a bit like the prodigal son, hoping that some of my former friends will pick up on this.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, hoping you all receive what you wish.

My new year resolution is to return to the lovely community I enjoyed so much until a couple of years ago.
(The only reason I have been silent is increasing family
busy-ness – 5 grandchildren to be precise. I’ve had a ball!)

I cast this message into the ether in the hopes of a reply. If there is none, I shall try the other account!

Love 😊

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I do remember you and your long name often wondered what it could mean 🙂 I have 5 grandchildren yes they do keep you busy but are so rewarding.

23 Dec, 2018


Hello Kidsgran! It s lovely to see so many old friends again!

I chose the name at random, without thinking much about it - as I said, I thought it would only be used to log on, etc, but it became my GoY identity. I became quite fond of it in the end!

I hope to keep a bit more up-to-date in the future!

Merry Christmas!

23 Dec, 2018


Welcome back Mel! How wonderful to have five grandchildren keeping you busy . . . my little ones live in Australia, so I do miss seeing them growing up. But then I did have home-made cards on my recent birthday:)

Have a happy Christmas with your family!

23 Dec, 2018


yes I remember you very well for good reasons I may say. I had wondered what had happened to you but it's lovely to hear that you have been away with 5 very good reasons.
welcome back and Seasons greetings :o)

24 Dec, 2018


Of course I remember you and your links with Southport!! So pleased you have popped in to see us again and hope you will stay for a while!
5 grand children, how lovely, we only have 4 but they bring so much extra joy don't they?
A very happy Christmas to you and your family.

24 Dec, 2018


Hi ! Nice to see you again :)
We all have lives apart from GoY and sometimes they take over, I haven't been on as much as usual for a while but it doesn't matter, we just look in when we can.

Have a lovely Christmas ... it seems you are going to be busy !! That's nice :)

24 Dec, 2018


I haven't been on Goy for a while either,Mel,but only have two grandchildren ,not five ! Lol,but like Hywel says,we sometimes take a break..I ,like yourself,am hoping to partake more this coming year,so it's nice to see you are back again too..Have a wonderful Christmas with your family,. :o)) xx

24 Dec, 2018


So glad to see you back - I had sometimes wondered where you were and missed your photos of church flowers. Are there any for this Christmas?
I id often wondered why you chose the name Melchisedec. I couldn't think of a connection with gardening as it must have been pretty arid where he can you explain please?

24 Dec, 2018


Hello Suzanne, I wondered what you meant on my page ! It was my hubby's ill health, problem with my eyes ( now ok) and a poorly laptop, now with a new one.
Hope to see "more" of you now !

3 Feb, 2019


Yes, I hope to be around a bit more now, Rose.

4 Feb, 2019


I'm still playing catch up. It is good to see you back.

2 May, 2019

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