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Hello everybody!


Well, after a long time “ignoring” GoY, I have been dipping in again. I am embarrassed to admit that I have forgotten so much about the way it works. After spending much online time, on FaceTime and Facebook, thanks to an ever-increasing family, and in order to keep peace with OH (long-suffering in the face of the insistent “ping!”) extra iPad activity has rather faded away. However, checking in this evening, I am faced with a number of very welcome personal messages. But horror! I am not sure which ones I have already responded to! So, some people are subjected to at least two replies, while others are apparently ignored.
This blog is my way of offering explanation/apologies. This is such a lovely online community, and I have many online friends here. Believe me, I often think about many of you, especially while gardening!

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Hello Mel..
I know exactly what you mean,as I've also been dipping in and out for a while too..but it doesn't matter...we come and go as we please,and we are still welcomed back :o) I do still look in most days,even if I don't comment or blog etc...and yes,you did PM me a couple of times,and I replied...time just whizzes by,doesn't it?

I got your latest PM today,thank it was nice to hear from you again..:o) x

2 May, 2019


So nice to hear from you again - I have missed you!

2 May, 2019


Quite a few of us have been on and off for periods of time mostly to do with family so do not feel embarrassed. We are just glad to welcome familiar faces back to the fold.

2 May, 2019


Well hello there Melchi, its so good to hear from you, I love it when people appear again out of the blue, let's us know that people are alright, I too am guilty of popping in and out, partly due to the fact that my silly Goy pages played me up for well over a year and I got very frustrated and angry with it all, about three winters back I don't mind admitting I felt very lonely without my gardening friends, consequently I went looking at gardening groups on FB, I originally joined to keep in touch with family and friends, since then I know that many are in the same group, it's good to know that if Goy did pack up I will still be in touch with friends I've made over the years. I don't write as many blogs as I used to but that is simply because I would only be repeating myself, if I've added or changed anything in the garden I will write my blogs, I do look in most days though, after all there is only one Goy and I do love to read the blogs, hear peoples news and suchlike, never have caught up with the photographs though, that will be forever ongoing I'm afraid...0nce again welcome back Melchi...

2 May, 2019


good to hear from you. I still have avoided the face thing as I don't want to have to get a phone that does all the extras. Also it gives my girls some privacy from what 'mum' can see going on :o))

2 May, 2019


Hello Mel, I too was away for quite some time due to health reasons, mine and hubbies.
Welcome back ! Looking forward to how your garden is doing.

2 May, 2019


How lovely to hear from you all! This really is a lovely group of friends. I had a lot of problems with this account a few years back, and actually started another one, but - as silly as it may sound- it never felt quite like home! Imagine my surprise, when checking a while ago, I found this one fully restored, personal messages and all. So, I have reverted to the original.

My garden is much the same, and I am the same fair-weather gardener I always was...

I had an overgrown cotoneaster tree removed a few weeks ago. It had been overshadowed by my contorted willow (which had its every-few-years trim) and was growing sideways, casting an ever-enlarging shadow, so - much as I love my trees - I decided to sacrifice it. It was definitely the right decision. I can now reach the back of the border, and believe me, it needs reaching! There is a great amount of ivy encroaching on the border, which I am gradually pulling up. Some of the plants will be thanking me for the extra light, I think! It is rather nice to have a large space that I can fill with more plants. I am tempted by the idea of garrya elliptica, which I have fancied for years but have never had the right place. We shall see. At the moment, the garden is a great attraction for two of my grandsons, who are reasonably frequent visitors. At six and two, they are mainly interested in the water features and I spend quite a lot of the time explaining a) that the “tap” above one of them isn’t real and if they keep using it to fill a bucket it will stop working and b) that filling the pots on the other one with soil is not a very good idea. The half-barrel is also an attraction and the six-year-old was fascinated to find that stirring it with a stick resulted in “black water” ! But hey - what’s a garden for, after all? Enjoyment, I think!!!
Love to you all - hope you have had a good Easter. (Do you think we are really in for a long heatwave this year? I’m not sure what I think about that...)

2 May, 2019


Hello Mel, and I, like you have little breaks from here when other things take over - the grand children certainly fill each hour of the day when they are around don't they?!
Good luck with all the alterations in the garden and don't overdo it!

4 May, 2019


Nice to hear from you. I think we all know what you mean. I miss spells myself and then try to catch up.

5 May, 2019


It is so good to hear from everyone again. I am re-learning about the way the site works because I had forgotten how to access everything quickly. It’s a good site, though, and pretty intuitive. And after all, I used to spend hours on it! I’ve actually written another blog, and intend to be a more frequent visitor again.

20 May, 2019

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