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I was in the pub yesterday afternoon doing them a ‘favour’, when I started chatting to friend of mine. He specialises in fireplace restoration projects, and he found a lovely old chimney pot that he reckons would be ideal as a garden container. I haven’t actually seen it yet though; he’s going to deliver it to our house next time he passes. If it turns out to be suitable, I think I may grow strawberries in it!

Another friend gave me a culinary idea for a relish/dip. Get a tin of tomatoes and put them in a blender. And some ‘nice’ chillies, and half a glass of red wine. Blend. Put the lot in a suacepan and heat before serving. Apparently the flavour’s awesome!

I was quite impressed when I told another friend of mine (that’s three friends I’ve got now!), that I’d made 7Kgs of pickiled onions. He rather deflated my ego when he told me he’d done 28Kgs of them! Who’s going to eat that little lot I wonder?

Also in the pub last night I bumped into an old friend that I used to go to school with back in Wales. I thought she was down on holidays. It turns out that she’s been living three miles away from me for the last ten years!

Wednesday just gone I decided (since it was a dry day) to empty the garage totally, and then sort out things to keep and things to get rid of. I ended up with a two car loads of bags for the charity shop, and a car and trailer load for the recycling centre (dump). We can now just about walk two abreast down the middle of the garage. I’ve got hundreds of tools (being a mechanical engineer), so, to save losing any I’ve split them into two tool boxes. One of those has a lock on it and contains my most expensive tools, purely for my use, and the other doesn’t have a lock on it and contains tools for the boys to use when they need to. What a great feeling to see the garage well ordered!

And yesterday the youngest lad decided to have a good clear-out of his bedroom, bearing in mind this room used to look like a scene from Soweto! We now have an additional twenty towels in the house; the charity shop has another eight bags heading their way; we’ve had to empty the vacuum cleaner because it was full to the brim; and I’ve got about a lorry-load of empty beer cans to recycle! That’s it for the next decade I suppose!

Anyway, this blog was just a picture of what has been occuring on the James Estate over the past few days! Hope you’re all keeping well!

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That will be great the chimney pot if he wants to get rid of any more he can drop them off at my palce, I will be able to reach to plant in those.

You said about that country house in Warwick burning down, I 'm surprised with all that stuff in your home your house has nt fallen down being over loaded.

24 Oct, 2009


Yep! There was a load of gear to move out! I think I heard the floors creaking as they relaxed when I moved stuff out! However, the wild winds of winter migh blow the house away now that it hasn't got anything to hold it down! LOL

24 Oct, 2009


You will have to ask you mate not only to look out for chimney pots but an anchor then lol Will be observing the news about a fly away house.

24 Oct, 2009


Good blog merfyn What with emptying the house and you losing weight, you won't stand a chance in the high winds that are forcast Lol.

24 Oct, 2009


love them old chimney pots merfyn, hope its a good one, strawberries sound a great idea, as for garage clear outs, baz did his last year and still things to go, like you he has tools gallore, lol i can just sqeeze in to get to my tumble dryer lol, mind you my shed isnt much better at the moment now the bistro set is in there for winter, oh well :o)

24 Oct, 2009


Do you have a bistro Sandra? I love the atmosphere of bistro's!!

26 Oct, 2009


yes merfyn i treated myself to a hardwood bistro set this year, its in my pics if you want to see it, i love to sit in summer and have my breakfast there , the suns shines there first thing :o) page 11 of my pics

26 Oct, 2009


It's great to get a garage or shed sorted eh Merfyn? I did that with my Mum's shed & was amazed to find my childhood stuff hidden at the back!
Sounds like you had a busy day or 2 having a good old clear out! Hey amazing about your friend too! Small world!

26 Oct, 2009


Ah! I may have misunderstood Sandra! To me, a bistro is a 'posh cafe'. Still, the decking area looks lovely, and I'm sure it's even better when the sun's on it!

Fluff: The amazing thing is that the garage is STILL nice and tidy, even a week later! Unbelievable really!

28 Oct, 2009


oh right merfyn,, lol, wish i did have a bistro cafe,, i like them to :o) glad the garage is keeping tidy

28 Oct, 2009

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