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Psycho Cat George


Just to let you all know that Psycho Cat George has had a clean bill of health from the Vet after the little mishap with his paw. He says “thanks very much” for your kind wishes whilst he was ill.

And another thing: Bonfire Night was on as I left the house to go on night shift last night, and there were loud fireworks going off left, right, and centre. Did that bother out beloved psycho cat? Not at all! As a matter of fact he shot out through the cat-flap to investigate, and then sat on the front lawn watching all the lights in the sky and listening avidly to the banging and the crashing. And they say pets hate fireworks???

Shot to tiny pieces I say!

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We don't get much noise here. I only heard a few in the distance. There are not many houses, and I think people go to see displays instead anyway.
But the few we did hear didn't seem to bother Blodyn.

All the other cats I've had have been terrified of them.
Also terrified of low flying jets that scream through the sky just skimming the tops of the hills. And one cat was terrified of thunder storms. He used to sit on the stairs trembling.

I'm glad to hear your cat is better now :o)

6 Nov, 2009


I don't think that's typical cat behaviour though, most are terrified of firworks.

Mine are well and truly spooked by them and unfortunately there's a fathead next door to me who has a firework party each year that goes on for several hours, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
My cats hide in the wardrobes or airing cupboard.

The firework debris collection from my gardens continues for a couple of weeks. Grrrrrrrr.

6 Nov, 2009


We only had a few in the village last night so figure they are saving it all up for Saturday night.
I just shut the doors and curtains, have the tv up loud and relax which in turn has them relaxed. It is the one thing I am not looking forward to when I move into the town. At least it only happens Bonfire night , Christmas and New Year.

6 Nov, 2009


Thats good news Merfyn about George pleased to hear he is ok now.
There were loads of fireworks here enjoyed them all I will be going with the 4 year old grand daughter to the local park Saturday for her to experience the displays just like when we were kids.

6 Nov, 2009


I am pleased he's better and not scared of fireworks.My dog Lucy has never been scared, so i'm pleased about that.I'm looking forward to going to a display on Saturday night.

6 Nov, 2009


Pleased he's not frighten of them, but my poor cat is terified of them, he was'nt to bad when he was young but the older he gets the less he likes them there again he is 17.

6 Nov, 2009


Henry hates them - he dashes around barking madly. We are sooooo lucky to live in a rural area, where fireworks are infrequent. People are asked to post a notice if they are planning any, as there are so many horses around here - and they get spooked!

Glad to hear that George is better.

6 Nov, 2009


Mine are okay I try to keep them in but if they do get out they dont seem bothered.Pleased georges paw is okay.

6 Nov, 2009


My cats were petrified of fireworks, but one of them loved water - she'd run under the hose and try to catch the water or bat it with her paw - I even found her on the draining board swiping at a steadily running stream of water when the washer went in the tap...

6 Nov, 2009


50,000 people went to Lewis bonfire p[rosession and display last night it comes here in about 3 weeks the whole village watch the procession that takes about 3 hours before the display at 9pm a wonderful sight.

6 Nov, 2009


angelina doesnt seem bothered either merfyn, but didnt go out, just asleep as usual ,only a neighbour with a few and the village bobfire so not to bad here

6 Nov, 2009


Glad George is ok now Merfyn. My cats react differently to fireworks goes out to see what all the noise is & the other hides under the sofa!

7 Nov, 2009


Glad George is feeling better. Saw a world premier play this summer by Bill Cain called "Equivocation" built around the Gunpowder plot and the writing of Macbeth, exploring the fine line between exposing lies and keeping one's head: interesting historical footnote that Robert Cecil's line has continued to wield so much power through the years.

8 Nov, 2009

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