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Something different for a loved one!


By micky45


When my mam passed away a few years ago i decided to plant something different around her grave as I thought it was a nice tribute who was certainly different and unique in life!
I planted up with wild primroses, campanula and v’b’s at the back of her stone so they would wave around in the wind.
It looked really pretty and unique too, I’m wondering if anyone else has done this also?
I thought about a rose but she was called Jean and I couldn’t find a suitable one to be honest.

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i brought a few plants from her garden and grow in mine. I also planted annual flowers that she loved to grow like sweet peas and love in a mist.
we scattered her ashes so there is no 'memorial' to speak of. just her plants in my garden that i see very day :o)

3 Mar, 2010


that is a lovely memorial too, our mam wasn't really a plant grower but she did like them! it's nice to hear what other people have done, shes buried in northern cemetery in hull.

3 Mar, 2010


I know the cemetry well, though my family is from sunderland. Mumand dad were scattered on the sea.

3 Mar, 2010


hi micky, I have been going to my mams grave every 2 weeks for 14 years , I have heathers on mams but they grow too big, primrose v'b's and companula sound good and would look really nice with plenty of colour.I think she would like that .I can just imagine her there with her fag and cup of tea and saying that looks nice can I HAVE ANOTHER CUP OF TEA PLEASE, a wee bit of scottish humour.

3 Mar, 2010


Hi Micky :) My Dads Head Stone has Masses Of Grape Hyacinths around it which i planted there because he had them growing in his own front Garden so they hold Fond Memorys 4 me :)

3 Mar, 2010


hi khayla

That's a nice thought isn't it! I think our mam would like the colours on her grave side too, I will go up soon to see how them primroses are faring on.

3 Mar, 2010


That's nice Jacque, they multiply like fury don't they!
Bet your dad would be smiling that you did something in memory of him!

3 Mar, 2010


My mum`s ashes are near her grandparents grave so we go there ,my oldest brother gave me some in a little tub and they are in my own garden under Mum`s tree..........

3 Mar, 2010



3 Mar, 2010


Hi Lincslass

Lots of people have a memory tree don't they where loved ones ashes are scattered and they sit under or near it when they feel they need to be as close as possible to their loved one, maybe on a bad or even a happy day!

3 Mar, 2010


Yellow is one of the prominent colours in the garden and I can understand why they were your dads favourite colour, have you planted any daffs round his grave? they just come up every year don't they, what about the small yellow crocosmia in the summer , they spread but not too fast.

3 Mar, 2010


In recent years most of my mum`s family have been using my great grandparents grave to place flowers instead of going back to the crematorium, it`s in the village where most of them lived and mum grew up,in fact we are taking dad tomorrow because it would have been their wedding anniversary...

3 Mar, 2010


Hi Lincs lass

I hope your day goes well with dad and his happy memories with your mum will uplift you both through the sadness you both may feel .

Take care, Mick

4 Mar, 2010


My Mum's grave is over 3 hours drive from us, so I can't go often (she died in 2008). Because of that I planted some daffodil bulbs on it last year, so next month we're going up there to see how they are getting on. I put them as close to the headstone as possible, because I expect they will be strimmed unfortunately. If that happens, I'm not sure what to do as its not possible for me to go there much (because of my illness). Even if they only flower once, she'd love them.
I like your selection Micky, but not for strimmed graveyards unfortunately.

4 Mar, 2010


Hi Mad

Yes this strimming carry on seems quite insensitive sometimes, I know they have to cut the grass but they sometimes are so regimented and unfeeling about it! I know time is a factor but come on, it doesn't take much to try and distinguish a flower from a weed or some grass!

I hope your mums daffs are in full flower when you get there mad!
Lovely to hear from you by the way and nice to see your still enjoying that sundae!

Best wishes, Mick

4 Mar, 2010


we buried my MIL ashes in a container in our garden and put a little cross there.
she used to love vegi gardens and recently i planted a tomato near her plot,
well you never saw such a healthy tomato plant it was first to ripen and it seemed to grow over her cross,
as we pick the tomatoes we say thanks mum

4 Mar, 2010


Hi piersdad

What a lovely story!

Lots of people tell similar stories about planting something shortly after a loved ones ashes have been buried and the plant always seems to come up lovely as though it's a statement from the loved one saying, yes, I'm still around but in other ways!

Regards, Mick

4 Mar, 2010


luckily for me i still have both my parents..but i have my lurcher oscar aged 13 under the gooseberry bush...ben the terrier aged 17 under a rhododendron cutting from his favorite walk, and Dylan the huge deerhound is under a californian red wood..but the goat did the best...we grew a 101lb pumpkin on him.....

4 Mar, 2010


well i don't know what to say Sandra but you certainly put a smile on my face there!

4 Mar, 2010


I have a shrub in my garden 'in memoriam', Mick. Underneath, there's a geranium called 'Memories'.

4 Mar, 2010


That's really nice Barbara, isn't there a rose called memories or memorium! i'm sure i've seen it somewhere.
I don't know what our Mam would think about Verbena Bonariensis at the back of her head stone! She would give me a clip round the ear i'll bet! lol.

5 Mar, 2010

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