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My Somerset Garden truthfull dilemma quiz.


By micky45


Hello Everyone

Welcome to my Truthfull dilemma quiz

This is how it works:

I will put a number of questions up for you all to answer, the only thing is that you have to be REALLY truthful and nothing else!!!

Question 1: You are out and about in your spring garden admiring your plants when you go into a sheltered and secluded corner and discover a BIG FAT queen wasp moving around very slowly looking for a new home to start making a new colony for her mischevious brood, you remember last year with fear as you got stung twice when you were admiring your Emily mc McKenzie crocosmia and the pain it caused to you!

Do you answer:

A: Look around and squash it quickly and think one less wasp colony in the world to deal with and maybe 2 less stings for me this year and £80 or so less to get the pest control out!

B: leave it and think, oh well, poor thing has made it through the most horrendous winter this year and deserves to have her babies so they can eat the aphids on my precious rose bushes despite the fact the kids may get stung!

C: Go into the kitchen, find the biggest jam pot from the cupboard, put a few holes in the lid, fill it with water and put 3 nice spoonfuls of granny’s, sticky, sugary raspberry jam and put it very close to Waspie to gorge herself and hopefully drown!

Question 2:

You’ve had a good night at the pub and had one too many! as you get close to your house you stumble and fall directly into next doors lovely spring flowering border crushing their snowdrops, Daffs and upcoming tulips!
you know that they adore their Spring flowers and because it’s been a rotten winter it’s so much more anticipated than other years before.
They’ve gone away for the night and will be back at 11am in the morning…

Do you answer:

A: Think well, it was an accident and no-one was around to see me so i’ll just quickly sneak in and not say anything and if I get asked if I know anything about it just say NO! I didn’t see anything!

B: Write the most apologetic letter saying what happened and offer to put it right for them but knowing that they may not fully accept your apology even though you think honesty is the best policy!

C: Get up at 6am and Plead with Mum to run you up to B and Q as you saw some potted spring plants last week so you can buy some and try and re-plant the border so it looked like nothing had ever happened, it would cost about £65 to replace them but that would be your girlfriends birthday money up the swannee! and there are no hand outs from mum and dad as the family car had to have big money repairs on it last week!

Question 3:

You’ve just planted up the most amazing show of colour in your border, but you’ve spent a fortune on it as you’ve bought plants which are fully established and full of vigor, the border looks incredible and the plants look as though they’ve been in for 5 years, you know that there is fierce competition between you and your neighbour Veronica and truthfully she is a little bit more green fingered than you!………….You’ve put the kettle on and you’ve told Veronica to come round the back as you know she’ll notice this amazing statement in your garden and will of course make comment and want to know more!

Do you answer:

A: I got them from established and their team sorted it all out for me this morning as I’d just been to American nails yesterday, I know it’s cheating but it does look good don’t you think!

B: What do you think Vonny? I’ve grown them all from seed and bought them on at uncle Georges garden in upper dog dyke!
It’s been a project but I think it’s been worth it to get this effect!

C: As soon as you’ve put the phone down you go out to the garden and smear yourself all over with soil then put the tap on and splash your brow with water then run in and look worn out, as vonny walks in you go Phew!! i’ve just finished that border, did you notice it!

Remember, Answer Truthfully!

Have fun, Micky 45

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Wicked, naughty Micky ;-)))
Are you implying we're anything other than angels, with brightly shining haloes ? !!!

4 Mar, 2010


oh go on Louise! I know your dying to tell me your answers! lol.

4 Mar, 2010


Right. here goes.

1) A. because I detest wasps...they always sting me if they can!
2) B. though I wouldn`t have said I had one too many!
3) C. At least that`s what I would hope to say but my guilty conscience would probably get the better of!

Great blog. :o)

4 Mar, 2010


OK, Mick -

1) A - I hate wasps, too,
2) Unanswerable because I don't drink - hee hee - a cop-out!
3) C - that naughty? Not as bad as 'B' though! Bet she'd see through my lying, though - I'm sure I'd go bright red! LOL.

4 Mar, 2010


definately 1 A...i hate them too....
2 A again ..but as my neigbours are a fild away it wont
3 C ....its more wicked than naughty Sprtz..he he he

what about u Mick whats your answers?

4 Mar, 2010


Oh dear Barbara , sandra and labdancer 51

Question A is very naughty! ha ha ha! I would go for grannys jam pot! or my home made marmalade, with all that sugar in we would have diabetic wasps flying around in circles over here, lol!

4 Mar, 2010


hey stop copping out you lot! lol

4 Mar, 2010


Well, kindly keep them up there with you - I don't want them here, thanks! lol.

4 Mar, 2010


bees i worship in my garden..but WASPS,,,,they are evil...

4 Mar, 2010


i'm the same Sandra, I love bees but wasps, YUK!

4 Mar, 2010


I'll try Barbara, i'll hang a big net up around Cheddar gorge to catch them all!

4 Mar, 2010


1 - B
2 - does not apply because I don't drink, so wouldn't get into that state in the first place; and none of my neighbours would recognise a spring flower if it hit them in the face anyway.
But if I had to choose it would be B
3 - B, but I would also go bright red like Spritzhenry :o( lol

4 Mar, 2010


Thanks Hywel

It's only a bit of fun really

4 Mar, 2010


Yes I know :o)

4 Mar, 2010


1 A as I go into anaphllactic shock if I get stung
2 B as I hope my neighbours would do the same if they damaged anything of mine, tiddly or not :o)
and 3 A coz if I went for C I know one or both kids would bubble me. So tempted by C but would do A for fear of being made to look even more of a fibber.

4 Mar, 2010


Good blog micky, great fun, Lol my answers 1..A 2..A 3 C well lets be honest Lol no porkies allowed Lol.......

5 Mar, 2010


1. B.....what the heck...If it's not doing me any harm it has a right to live.
2. B.....I think. Not that any of my neighbours would know a snowdrop from a dandelion. Mind you, there is the rotten neighbour next if it was him......?!?
3. A.....If the neighbour was a good enough acquaintance to invite over for tea then she probably already knows that I wouldn't be able to create something that good....especially just after I'd had my nails done.

5 Mar, 2010


Omg Seaburn!

Ha ha, question 3 is getting to you I can see, is Bubble a local north east word then!
That was interesting how 3 got to you though!

Anaphalaptic shock is awful cos you don't know you suffer with it until you get stung, no wonder you chose A !

5 Mar, 2010


Hi Mobee

I remember seeing this programme bout these religious people in India and they didn't believe in killing anything, they kept Bee's for honey but only trouble was there were colonys of giant Hornets nearby which would come and wage war on the poor bees sometimes killing many precious colonys.

In the winter months it would have been easy to go and get rid of the hornets but because of their beliefs it would have been deemed to be intefering with the course of nature.

I must admit that since I became interested in gardening I can accept those nasties a lot more, but when I got stung last summer there was no hesitation whatsoever from the wasps or no empathy towards me , it was sting and more sting! OUCH!

5 Mar, 2010


Thanks gilli

How many gardeners have "American Nails" not me, lol

5 Mar, 2010


Blimey, everyone's been here before i got back to answer !

My answers then are ... Q1 - a ... because i don't like waspies,
Q2 - a .... because the neighbours wouldn't know a blade of grass from a rose bush,
Q3 - c ..... because i'm wicked and evil ;-))

5 Mar, 2010


Hi Sandra

I've gone for 1:B because this actually happened a few years ago and I just couldn't bring myself to kill it even though I hate the things

2:B least I can say i'd been honest with them even though they might not appreciate it

3:C because it's a little bit naughty and funny but not really evil is it!

5 Mar, 2010


I'd not heard it till i came to hull. bubble means to sprag/tell/grass on someone.

5 Mar, 2010


mmm, I'm from Hull but i'd never heard that one, tell me seaburn girl, what is the rose on your profile please! it looks really nice.

5 Mar, 2010


hi mick, dos that mean im not a proper gardener as i have american nails!!!!!!

5 Mar, 2010


Its rosa New Dawn. This was taken from the one planted in 1935/6 when my mum's house was first built. I have seen the newer New Dawn and I much prefer mine its slightly 'looser' when it is open.

Hubby is from Hull and he has always used it so perhaps it was a family word I'll have to ask him when he comes in from the garage.

5 Mar, 2010


1 - A hate wasps and dont care if we dont have any lol
2-A lol, mind you depends on the neighbour
3-A lol i dont care if its cheating as long as my garden looks good
nice one micky :o))

5 Mar, 2010


Hi Sanbaz

I'm a bit daft but anything for a laugh with me!

5 Mar, 2010


Hi Seaburn girl

I had an inkling it could be new dawn, that is a great rose, I am hoping for great things this year with our roses, we have Zephrine Droughin, Gertrude Jekyll, Arthur Bell, Korresia, Sheila's Perfume, Margaret Merrill, Blue moon, Madame gregoire Stachlin, Deep secret and 5 others, I went mad on them the other year, I love fragranced ones, there is nothing like the smell of a rose don't you think!

I'll ask my brother who lives near Anlaby Common about that word!

regards, Mick

5 Mar, 2010


1 - B I love wasps - they make paper - how cool is that?
2 - Bit random - cant imagine damaging anyone's plant but £65 is steep!
3 - A - I would be so excited about it all !

6 Mar, 2010


Hi sarah

Your the first person I know to have a kind word for wasps!

Hope you enjoyed the quiz, lol

regards, Mick

6 Mar, 2010


Oh dont get me wrong I dont object to them, they eat loads of insect pests but I wouldnt want one setting up home in the garden.

6 Mar, 2010

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