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My Somerset Garden April 22nd 2010 "here's an idea ! "


By micky45


Hello all

I hope your enjoying the lovely weather to cheer us all up!

I’ve come up with an idea you may find helpfull, If you have any uprights like posts and are wondering about growing sweet peas, climbers or anything with tendrils that cling.

You can wrap the post with plastic netting tacked on ,i’ve used green to blend in, i’ll put a few pics up to show what i’ve done.

Have fun, Mick

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That looks like an excellent idea, Mick. What are you growing on the posts?

22 Apr, 2010


Thanks Barbara

Do you know what I do in my spare time? stare at the garden and wonder how I can do things, then the light sometimes comes on! lol

The one in the picture is Clematis Ville de lyon, it sort of got forgot about last year and did nothing but Steve found it again and after a good recommendation for fish blood and bone, it is romping up, I'm going to grow sweet peas up the posts too, basically everything that has tendrils to cling really and of course a post!

22 Apr, 2010


Well done Mick...
I'll put this blog on GoYpedia Netting. :o)

Have you used the netting for anything else in your garden ?

22 Apr, 2010


I did this round a tree stake a few years ago and popped sweet peas up them. Its an easy way isnt it. Light bulb went off in Hubby's head over that. cant claim the credit.

22 Apr, 2010


Thanks Terra

Yes, I have a sleeper boundary at the end that weeps a bit of creosote contrary to what the suppliers told us! I am always afraid for the cats walking on it as their instinct is to lick their paws "not good at all" so i've clad it with the netting too to keep paws and hands off the nasty stuff!

Do you want me to do a picture blog for that as well?

22 Apr, 2010


I couldn't believe it Seaburn, it literally is a light bulb moment! well done your hubby! and well done for the sweet peas lol!

22 Apr, 2010


Yes, please Micky... and I'll add that blog to the GoYpedia netting as well.
Very good idea and useful... :o)

22 Apr, 2010


Hi Terra

That's on now okay, apologies for the tea making equipment picture, lol

22 Apr, 2010


Intrigued.. I'll go take a look :o)

22 Apr, 2010


thanx micky, i used this plastic netting last year against my fence it worrked great for sweetpeas ;o))

22 Apr, 2010


I've got it round an old dead tree works a treat. for sweet peas.

22 Apr, 2010


Hi Tulsa and Sandra

I'm obviously quite slow on the take up, lol! my sweet peas are ready for off though!

22 Apr, 2010


up take micky hahaha so funny, well not everyone will know so its good to put your thoughts on here ;o))

22 Apr, 2010


I think it's the weather Sandra, i've been out all day and i'm loving it, can't keep an old dog in!

22 Apr, 2010


dont blame you being out all day i would do the same ;o))

22 Apr, 2010

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