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....Pt II


Thanks for everyone’s comments – you’re all so nice! So my day started this morning at 0500 with my eldest, Harry, nearly 3, being sick everywhere in his room, then kindly repeating the trick in our room, on my pillow to be precise – and agianst our better judgement we agreed Harry could go to nursery as he really wanted to but Daddy was sent home with Harry as they don’t allow kids to stay within 48 hours of sickness. So the new plan was to go for a Healthwalk around Preston Park, Brighton to look at the walled gardens for inspiration. I had Annie strapped to me in one of those baby carriers (which you need a degree in engineering to put on) and my not too well son on his new bicycle with his new Thomas the Tank Engine crash helmet feeling as proud as punch. The day was so lovely and the park so pretty I thought I would go to my local Wyevale to get specific plant advice and bird feeding “stuff” ( I know have a lovely bird feeding station, a million fat balls and a ton of seed). there was a lovely gentleman at the garden centre who was a font of knowledge and sooo patient with me and my troupe and he walked me round providing advice and further cementing my garden plan, this chap, John, even helped me push my trolley to the car – proper service you just don’t see often enough. So John is helping me unload the trolley, after 45 minutes of brilliant advice and service and just as I am thanking him my poor, sweet son, underlines the point by being sick all over the car park floor – serves me right for pushing my luck and not taking him straight home after our walk!!!! So we came home and Harry helped me put the bird food out and had a nap. At which point I prepared lots of pots and seeds for him to sow and propogate when he woke, but sadly he was not well enough so actually got my hands dirty and with my lavender, calandular, lettuce, rocket, basil, toms, sweetcorn, sweet pea and a range of other stuff I can’t remember I know actually feel like Alan Titchmarsh, no I do, I am sitting on the sofa pretending to interview my baby!!! LOL! So having settled the walking wounded I have taking my “BEFORE” pictures of the garden/wasteland what ever you wish to call it.

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The top two are the front gdn, the bottom is the rear garden - look closley and you can see the new bird feeding station which I am overly proud of. Miss C x

30 Mar, 2009


What a traumatic day for you! It brought back memories of my son aged about 2 and a half being sick all over the floor in Tesco. Unknown to me he had gastro-enteritis, and there was I dragging him here there and everywhere! Did I feel guilty about that for weeks!
Nice to know you got such good advice from the garden centre, it makes all the difference, especially when you need advice. Really looking forward to see how this one progresses, looks like a lovely setting.

30 Mar, 2009


Oh dear, your poor little boy!

We had more than our fair share of terrible sickness bugs - one time our daughter in the top bunk managed to deposit her dinner on her sister in the bottom bunk!

Another time our youngest daughter was sick in church, all over my husband! The warden was very kind and cleaned up the mess. All part of having kids.

I'm amazed you managed to get so much done after your exhausting outing!

30 Mar, 2009


Sorry to hear your little boy is unwell. Maybe this sight might help you cope with the stress.
Welcome to GoY, All the best, Hywel.

30 Mar, 2009


Hope your little boy is feeling a lot better today.

31 Mar, 2009


Oh, poor Harry and poor you too. I remember times like that with mine. We drove out to a friend's cabin down a very curvey road when Stuart was about 4. He was great until we got there. When Glen, our friend, opened up the back door to see Stu, poor Stu was sick all over Glen's shoes. LOL

This too shall pass and one day you will look back and laugh.

I hope Harry is now feeling better.

1 Apr, 2009


I hope Harry's now better and well enough to come and help you in the garden(Start 'em young) As for your Mr. Titchmarsh impression, I hope you're better at presenting and interviewing than him. I think he's the best garden presenter I have ever seen but he makes me cringe with embarrasment when he presents that current afternoon show. Sorry to all his fans and regular viewers. but I do think he's the best Tv gardening presenter I've ever seen and there have been a few gooduns!! Smashing blog!

2 Apr, 2009


Such a good idea, taking "before" and "after" piccies!! The great thing about gardens, is that we can take our time with them! Looking after young children notwithstanding! I agree with Paulthegard, start 'em young! They are great at digging holes...... :-)

Your bird feeder is exactly the same as the one I bought a few weeks ago, it's great isn't it? I've plans to put up a hanging basket or 2 on it later too!

6 Apr, 2009

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