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Long time no write....


it’s been ages since I put finger to keyboard mainly due to my house having a giant red cross painted on it as every bug and illness going has done the circuit at least three times under my roof. All family is well and I have actually been able to do some things outside – whoo hoo! Firstly, we have daily visits to the feeding station, wood pigeon Willy is a fave as are the old married couple, nameless collared doves and a few starlings. Some tits have threateneded to land but then change their minds sadly. So in the past week I painted my shed and mmy god what a difference that makes and I have come over all “Dig In” and the other half (I don’t know what he was thinking but I am very grateful as it was very sweet) actually built me a raised bed for me to grow some veg. Some woman like diamonds I like recycled pallets. So I have painted that and my rocket and lettuce are ready to be moved this weekend. And my seeds – on my god I am addicted to growing from seeds – it is fantastic and not in the “I am God see my Creations” power scary way, well, okay in that way but also in the wonder and awe of nature way too. I have sunflowers, lavender ,basil, calendula and some other stuff I don’t know how to spell too. All in the mini greenhouse, I am so proud/obsessed I am going to be taking photo’s and posting them. My grass has gone mental and not having a lawnmower I am a bit stumped as in previous summers I used to collar the guy who rode the petrol lawnmower and did all teh grass verges and parkway for the council – it appears he is no longer working and his replacement is not very accomadating to my needs – anyone would think he had an actual job to do. And finally, I have hung a couple of baskets – not much I know but I look forward to them growing and blooming – especially as my neighbour always has the most lovely baskets and I have often, nay constantly let the side down!! Hope everyone else is well, I look forward to catching up! TTFN Miss C

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loving your blog, I also am feeling a bit like God at the moment with all my babies growing

amazing feeling well done you

and lucky you having a hubby building you nice things

x x x

29 Apr, 2009


Well done for getting everyone thro' the illnessess'! I should think you need some fresh air by now, lol!

You could try "freecycle" in your area. There may be someone who wants to get rid of a lawnmower, no harm in trying.

Nice hubby you have btw!

29 Apr, 2009


My bloke is lovely - in fact he is at work right now but it is my 30th today and I received a bramley apple off him this morning and it was sliced open with out names carved into it. I looked at it blankly. Jas then told me to wake up and said it was me and him in the big apple - for his standards it was v imaginative and clever ( I haven't managed to find out who gave him the idea yet), especially as I only ordered him the 2 dozen times to take me for a long weekend there to celebrate not only my 30th but our 10th anniversary. I also got lots of gardening books from teh kids - how fab? And B&Q vouchers and money which will be spent well! Can't wait for him to get home so we can go out! Freecycle - great idea, I bet there is loads of stuff that can be obtained that way........ (I really shouldn't be spending my birthday like this?)

30 Apr, 2009

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