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The trials & tribulations of a new gardener - Part 4


Hey everyone
Hope you are all having a good week so far! I myself have just finished nights so haven’t been in the garden much. Last weekend however I got loads done so I thought I would share. Come and have a little nosey if you like :O)

I started on the patio area. I have put some willow screening up along the old tired fence. Please ignore the patio it needs re-pointing and a new table, chairs and parasol needs purchasing ASAP.

I finally got round to painting the picket fence (how tedious is that job?) but am not sure I’m happy with the finished colour?

I worked a little more on the semi shaded ‘wiggly’ border and finally got round to mulching it!

Now over to the full sun border that leads to the woodland. I planted a new shrub rose – Summer Breeze. I need to move some Lavender to sit underneath it.

So as you can see I have a whole load more plants to put in along the warm border. I need to leave a space for something to grow up and along the garage wall. I was set on a Wisteria but now I’m thinking of a white climbing rose.

The Woodland needs more work and all those apples need clearing, the piggies will love them :O)

My little shaded garden is coming along nicely now the Dogs can’t get in to destroy the Cornflower. Incidently apart from the Apple & Pear trees this is the only original plant from the old garden!

I have a lot of work to do on the other sunny border and my screening needs to go up to cover that horrible fence.

So as most of you know as well as trying to create a beautiful cottage garden, I am obsessed with greating the perfect lawn! Me & Mr Cupcake reseeded the lawn and the results were great……………….except around the edges where the birds had a seed fest!!!!!! So we’ve re-reseeded around the edges.

So here a few snapshots around the garden:
My Lavatera flowered for the first time

So I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I need to paint the garage door and fascias. The fence panels and gates. Re-point the patio. Get every thing planted and mulched and then start on the front garden. Have a great weekend.

Happy gardening :O)

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My you've been very busy. Everything's coming on a treat. I like the painted picket fence, it's in keeping with your 'cottage garden' theme. Well done.

7 Jul, 2011


Fascinating set of pictures...
Well done to you and Mr. Cupcake on progress so far..
I agree with Sheilar...the painted picket fence fits in well... :o)

7 Jul, 2011


Great blog are certainly getting there. Everything looks great. I like the colour of your fence, it adds to the effect you are trying to create. Another pat on the back for 'team' cupcake!
I have just divided a rather sorry looking forget me not and was wondering if you would like a cutting for your garden? You can PM me you details and once I know for sure that they have rooted well enough I will pop it in the post.
I work permanent nights fortunately enough I am of every weekend. Enjoy your weekend in the garden.
Cheers x

7 Jul, 2011


Just read through your blogs and what a difference you've made so far. Sounds like you've got some great ideas to work with. By the way I agree, picket fence looks great.

7 Jul, 2011


Nice pics coming along really well:)

7 Jul, 2011


love the fence , love the parsol ..................... every things comeing up roses .......... fab hun , like the sound of white rose , i have two white climeers , a ramberla and a climer called white cockade , repeat flower

7 Jul, 2011


Aw thank you everyone, I actually am starting to like the colour of the fence now it was just different than what I had in mind. Saying that I have bought garage door paint the same colour so there's no going back now!

Sheilar I have been very busy. TT and Scottish Mr Cupcake helped reseed the lawn once and that's it. The rest is my business as he puts it...............he hates gardening.

PS: Scottish thank you so so much for the offer of cuttings that is very kind. I will inbox you :O)

7 Jul, 2011


Thanks also Cristina I will have to pay another visit to The Vicarage to get some ramblers for myself :O)

7 Jul, 2011


Everything's coming along really well - you have been working hard and you can see some real progress now. Well done.

8 Jul, 2011


a trip to fryers roses may be better , they have loads ........... nr knutsford

8 Jul, 2011


cupcake you have a lovely style, and have made a huge impact on your garden.. Love your enthusiasm too.
Really like your window basket with the lobelia billowing out.. I may have to steal your idea..
Re filling up your borders, I have some penstemons and sedums that am propagating from cuttings, would you like some?

8 Jul, 2011


Aw everyone is so kind here. Thankyou so much madabout that would be really lovely. I hope everything I have planted this year takes so I can return the favour to everyone next year :O) As for the window boxes steal away, I do the same every year now. I love Lobelia, I tried bacopa in the hanging baskets but it's not as intense. Amazing what you learn as you go along isn't it!

Cristina you bad lady, fancy telling me about that place whilst I'm on my day off and skint. I'm so going to have to go now ;O)

8 Jul, 2011


It's all coming along nicely isn't it. Actually I like the old slabs in your patio :o) I think they look nice.

8 Jul, 2011


So do I, they're full of 'character' aren't they. They're not quite perfect and I think that works better than a new, perfectly lined one.

8 Jul, 2011


It's looking lovely Cupcake :))
Hope the weather improves so you can have a good weekend in your garden.
I went to "Fryers" this week...the roses are all in flower and looking gorgeous! I resisted temptation though....then went and bought three at a GC in Wales (they were cheaper, lol).
PS. When you coming to see me.....???

8 Jul, 2011


Thanks guys I love the slate slabs, but too many weeds grow through them so I need to fill the cracks in. Haha Di what kind of roses did you get? I will definitely be down soon I hope..............Mum had her last chemo yesterday :O)

8 Jul, 2011


Great news re Mum...hope she's OK and feeling stronger? Send her my best wishes xx

I got 3 new roses..."English Miss" (pale pink and fragrant), a deep red one, "Ernest" something or other...and another pink one that I can't remember the name of. Not planted them yet...waiting for it to stop raining!

8 Jul, 2011


Oh how lovely, lucky you! I have a very specific brief for our next roses. Whilst watching Hampton on the tele last night Mr Cupcake who never ever comments on plants (unless they're fluorescent lillys) was remarking on how nice the Pure Poetry rose is. Also we were (well me really) watching an old gardeners world on Blighty and the Shailers Moss Rose was on and how stunning it is, so that's on the list too. Lets hope the weather picks up eh so we can get stuff done!

Mum says thanks by the way, she's looking forward to visiting :O)

8 Jul, 2011


Oh Hywell I just saw you're in Camarthenshire. I go there a lot it's near my Mum (she's in Aberystwyth) and she likes to go into Camarthen. We also found an amazing Nursery in LLandysul, Farmyard you know it?

9 Jul, 2011


I know of the nursery because they have a branch near here. They have lovely plants and very unusual ones :o) I've never been to the main place in Llandysul.
Aberystwyth is about 70 miles from here. I haven't been there for many years.

11 Jul, 2011


Oooo you should go to the main place it's beautiful :O) They also have a stall in the middle of Camarthen which is lovely :O)

11 Jul, 2011


I've seen the stall in Carmarthen. They've got nice plants :o) I've bought several things there. But I can't travel very well so don't get about much.

12 Jul, 2011


Oh that's a shame but then again it is really far out in the middle of nowhere :0)

12 Jul, 2011


the roses sound nice cupcake ............. and did you didn't tell me you bought new roses wen you came here , naughty lol i an trying to root a one from my ramberler , fingers x ....... cup , you can call here too wen you visit the vic . again .............

21 Jul, 2011

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