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The most beautiful flower I have ever laid eyes on :O)


Hey guys hope you are all well! So I’m very excited not only because I have found many many garden bargains this month on my garden centre tour with Mummy Cupcake but mostly because the love heart Gladioli I planted in spring have flowered! I planted these in spring for my Mum who a lot of you will know has been undergoing Chemo and radiotherapy. I planted these particular Gladioli for two reasons; 1. because she loves love hearts (she collects them) and 2. because by time they bloomed she would be nearing the end of her treatment.

Well that time has finally come :O) There are four gladioli and each has opened up a week apart representing each of the four weeks of Mum’s radiotherapy. It’s like our very own summer advent calender :O) They really are the most poignantly beautiful flowers I have ever laid eyes on. Q. should I lift them or leave them when they are finished? I would love to see these speacial blooms every year.

Here a few pics for you to have a peek at (not all great quality I’m afraid) and I’ll include some of the bargains we found on our garden centre tour. Our garden centre tour has lasted about two weeks whilst Mum has been having her radiotherapy. It certainly has helped pass the time :O)

Does it look less now???? ;O)

50% off = £7.50 because of a tiny crack :O)

Half price £14.99

£4 and £5 toadstools

And the biggest bargain ever the lovely geraniums that the lovely inverglen sent me :O)

Oh and I cannot forget the 75% of Yankee Candles I got

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Lovely misscupcake:)

8 Sep, 2011


Thanks Nana D :O)

8 Sep, 2011


Your mum has good taste, that gladioli is gorgeous, I love the way you think about it representing your summer calendar and sincerely hope your mums treatment is as successful. I personally would lift them when they finish and store them in the shed over the winter.
You have every right to be excited with your bargains, I really like the flowerpotman and the toadstools.
A lovely blog and pics, best wishes to you and your Mum for the future...

8 Sep, 2011


Thanks for the lovely reply Linclass and also for the very helpful advice. I will certainly lift them. I too love my little flowerpot man and toadstools, it's always the little bargains that end up meaning the most to you isn't it?! Best wishes to you also :O)

8 Sep, 2011


Be careful with that greenhouse ! Place it in a sheltered spot, the strong winds here tore mine. I have seen one against a wall in a driveway, no trouble at all. Also it comes apart very easily. I put it in the shed and use it as shelves, to store my onion crop. Will try some super glue on the connections this year. Good luck with the health problem, concentrate on the garden problems !

9 Sep, 2011


What great bargains Misscupcake. I bought a double Anenomes last week which was the same lovely deep pink.
I like the Geranium. It would be a good match...what is it called?

9 Sep, 2011


You are lucky to get the geranium in flower at this time of year. I dont expect any more flowers on mine till next year. And I like your new Japanese anemone. I can only get that one to grow not much taller than the one in your picture. Perhaps you have greener fingers than me and will get it to grow on well.

9 Sep, 2011


Wow you have been busy, lots of bargains there. Love the flowerpot man by the way.

Love the gladioli its absolutely beautiful. Hope your mums treatment went well and is at an end now.

Enjoy planting all those bulbs and plants. Where did you find those Tulips they look as though they will be lovely.

9 Sep, 2011


just hevenly cupcake , well dun !!

9 Sep, 2011


Hey DB that is a lesson I have learnt well and truly. I put a pop up greenhouse on my drive next to the garage and it got completely destroyed. This one is very sturdy but would still be blown everywhere so I am going to place it behind the picnic table against a wall behind a hedge................fingers crossed :O)

Oooo Linda you're Aneome sounds lovely where did you get it from? The Geranium at the top, the blue one is hybrid Johnsons Blue and the one underneath was from the lovely Inverglen and is (I think) Ingwersen's I right David?

David I hope I get it to come along nicely, I drive past a house with the most amazing aneomes so big and tall I would love them in my garden. I seem to be lucky with my geraniums and aquilegias too they are giving me lot's of flowers which is nice..............I feel like I am doing something right and keeping them happy :O)

Thanks Sam I love him too he's so cute. The Tulips are from Morrisons I think they are the Sherbet or Sorbet mix. I got some lovely ones from Sainsbury's also. Thanks for asking after Mum she is doing great. She has just 4 treatments left now and then please god she is all done :O)

Thanks Cristina but it's not a patch on your garden. I can't believe your garden hasn't been going for about 10 years it looks so did you do it?

9 Sep, 2011


Oh I am sorry to hear your mother needed that treatment, and I'm pleased it has come to an end now. I hope she's benefitted from it.
The Gladioli are beautiful, and I like your other purchases aswell :o) That Cistus is pretty. I've got one the same and it has loads of flowers every year.
I never pull my Gladioli up in winter, and they come back every year.

9 Sep, 2011


Aw thanks Hywel. Hopefully this is it now and it's soon to be all behind us. I think that I'll leave a couple in and if they seem happy I'll leave them in, in future. I never lift my daffs and they're the biggest on the street!

Mum bought me the Cistus I can't to plant it :O)

9 Sep, 2011


wen you ever passing call round ................. have a look hun .

11 Sep, 2011


Aw thanks Cristina I sure will :O)

11 Sep, 2011



12 Sep, 2011


The end of treatments is in sight then. Hope the last few go well and your mum can put it all behind her and concentrate on having fun.

Ohh I see a trip to Morrisons in my future :) popped into Wilkinsons yesterday and ended up comming home with a pack of plant markers, pack of plant ties and 3 packs of seeds for less than £2 - They have up to 75% off most of there gardening things at the moment :))))

13 Sep, 2011

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