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this isn't strictly gardening but it's bird-watching and music?


I have a beloved Paul Simon Art Garfunkel album called Wednesday morning 3.a.m, one of their earliest (yes, that dates me…).

Since you all are watching birds and talking music in these weeks when we can’t get out much in the garden, hope you will enjoy The Sparrow one from their earliest album if you can access it.

In the meantime, here in mid france it’s woodpeckers (they must have migraines from all that knocking) and haunting evocative owls and those horrible vocal magpies
regards monjardinira (nadia)

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I love that track! thanks monjardin

13 Feb, 2013


Yes so do I! Had forgotten about it though. I love most of Simon and Garfunkel's music, and recently bought a 'best of' compilation.Know what you mean about the owls, we have been hearing them here [tawnies I think] they sound very melancholy and lonely[of course they are probably just shouting 'get away, this is MY tree' or something even ruder.]Haven't seen any woodpeckers here, are they annoying with all the drilling?

13 Feb, 2013


there are sometimes tawny owls in the woods behind here and i find it so frustrating, i can hear them but i have never yet seen one.

that track of simon and garfunkle is really nice but OH loves them and has probably played too much of them!

13 Feb, 2013


you can't play too much Paul Simon but occasionally frightening - 'The Dangling Conversation' for instance

23 Feb, 2013


i might have to look that one up!

23 Feb, 2013


Sticki it's a song from later in the S & G partnership, where two (pretentious? cultured?) people are in a relationship that's breaking down, all they have left is to talk about 'meaningful' things but really they have nothing to say to each other ("Lost in the dangling conversation/and the superficial smiles/the borders of our lives"...)

Now if only they'd each got out together into the garden with a spade and a pair of secateurs or so... The relationship might have been saved!

7 Mar, 2013


if they are still talking maybe they are half way ok? the lyrics are very clever though

you are absolutely right ~ get on with the job, that is a much better way!

7 Mar, 2013

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