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After spending most of my gardening life in the heavy clay soils of East Anglia (with an east wind 'straight from Siberia' howling across the flat lands in the Spring, etc.), I now live in central France with completely different soil and climate (acidic and forest-surrounded, torrential thunderstorms and hot parched dry summers): so - I'm a gardening beginner all over again, and looking forward to all the advice I can cadge from the GoY enthusiasts!

It can be frustrating (old age and somewhat dodgy health don't help!), but great fun: since even the weeds are different here, never mind the nurtured plants - it's quite a new challenge... (for instance, I never had a wild boar sow and her 8 babies churn up my Norfolk garden, as I have had, here!)

Alas, the slugs and snails appear to be international...

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