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By mookins


well Pensthorpe yesterday was fab. the weather was glorious, the people were lovely and I loved every minute of it.
This if people didnt know is where the BBC are filming Spring watch with Kate Humble and Chris Packham.
We didnt see either of them but didnt go there to see them

The grounds are gorgeous, so well set out loads to see and lots of walks. Lots of areas are wheelchair and buggy friendly and places that arent are well marked out.

Cody had a go at the pond dipping and caught a tadpole and a small fish. We did a trail and had to collect stamps to win a little prize. She found a “cattykins” an acorn (actually a fircone)some shells and 2 sticks called “stick” and …yup you guessed it “sticky”

They have lots of scuptures aroungd the place including a VERY LARGE spider in a large web made of some type of metal hanging between two trees. loads of birds as expected some of them beautiful some of them bloomin ugly but in their own way they are all amazing.There were bug hotels which Ive decided I will also make in our garden as cody is an avid bug hunter, there wasnt many colours to see on the plants, mainly foliage at the moment a few Dicentra Spectablis “Bleeding Hearts”, a huge bed of various Hostas, and a very very large bed of something ive posted a question on, furry leaved plant, so soft its like stroking a dogs ear.

We are planning on going again very soon as hubby wasnt particuarly thrilled with the pictures he took, they have a gardening,craft and food fair on the 6th and 7th June so am going to wangle it for that weekend and make sure he brings his credit card …hehe

theres a very large beautiful house on the grounds that didnt look like it has occupants maybe just where they do filming or something but hubby and I both said if we won the lottery we would put in an offer. so roll on lottery night.
i didnt pinch any cuttings I darent with all the cameras and microphones everywhere.

so all in all it was brilliant and not particuarly expensive either… and the tea is a decent price too, which always makes a change

love to all

x x x

the bald bird ive put a picture of reminds me of a creature from the film “the dark crystal”

x x

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sounds great mookins,, i can see you cody, hiding behind your hands, great pics hubby even though you dont think so,, love the red birdy(or orange)and know what you mean about the bold bird lol, all in all looks great, thanx for sharing mookins x

25 May, 2009


that bird really freaks me out Sanbaz hehe
Cody would not have her pic taken no matter how much we tickled her hehe
bless her

hubby did tell me the names of the birds but..... in one ear out the other

x x x

25 May, 2009


I'm like Cody - don't like my photo taken :o)

26 May, 2009


So glad you had a good day, the weather looked good! Haven't been to Pensthorpe for years! Doubt my dd would appreciate it! Lol!!

I loved the pic of the first bird, but the baldy one, yuk!!!! Never heard of the "dark crystal" tho', was that a Damien horror type film then?

That silver furry plant is Lamb's ears, sooooo soft!!

26 May, 2009


dark crystal was a Jim henson film one of my foavourites when I was a wee one, also had the book heres a link to a clip

gonna get me some lambs ears, they are luuuuuurvly

x x x

26 May, 2009


Thanks Mookins for sharing your day out,the baldy bird is a wee bit freaky,poor thing.........

26 May, 2009


Great blog Mookins. Love your photos. That bald bird looks like he is eyeing you up for lunch!!
I remember the Dark Crystal.....haven't seen it for years. I agree about the bird reminding you of this movie.

27 May, 2009


Hes definately a beautiful bird in his own right... but my goodness I had to walk past him twice I honestly thought hes gonna eat Cody... silly Mookins

dark Crystal excellent movie, my father in law recorded it for me the other day. Not as scary as I remember but still sooooo good

x x x

27 May, 2009


Lovely blog. Thanks Mookins.

27 May, 2009

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