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By mookins


grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr- thats me on the prowl,
for pigeons,
have just been out to water the garden to find that those stupid,fat clumsy stupid pigeons stupid,clumsy (cant think of anything more suitable)
have been attacking my beautiful healthy peas!!

am so angry…. also with myself as i had been warned they were being watched by stupid fat clumsy stupid pigeons!

What else… my sprouts… cannot stand them but they have been attacked again, my beetroot leaves have been stripped to nothing so now im not even sure where it was growing… but i know it was there!!

oh yes one of my roses has snapped!! Im having real troubles with my Queen anemone, one died but something is growing from the pot of dead plant!! and the other keeps lifting itself ou of the soilt!! so vertually dead!

On a good note as I feel after that I need one lots of plants comeing to life:
one of my roses called "waltz Time has a flower coming through

My crazy daisys

Pink wild rose

red wildrose

peony has opened a little more

Pieres japonica Mountain fire

The shoots I rescued from the garden bin

Some chilli seedlings I got from somone on freecycle

Codys potatoes are starting to come through

Possible start of the flower of Codys sunflower

rosa seafoam

Thought my neighbour called this a Violet

My baby bleeding hearts dicantria spectablis, shooting far ahead of the albas I have

First harvest of parsley

The lil flowers which craftnutter told me the name but cant remember

AND last one with the help of some fab peeps on here this is the rose I bought which was the same variety we had when we got married
deep secret

Now i feel better

love always

x x x

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sorry about your veggies,, i have some of those fat stupid pigeons to jen,, grrr, snapped my new delphinium,,so doubt that will do anything this year,, but your flowers are lovely and doing great and cody`s spuds are cool to x

4 Jun, 2009


Lovely to see things coming along so well Mookins. As for your battle with the big fat stupid pigeons, you need to ask Prince Charles what you should do, I'm sure he'll have the answer.

4 Jun, 2009


dare I ask why Toto...?

x x x

4 Jun, 2009


Please see Jacques blog on the grey squirrel.

4 Jun, 2009


aaaah, I understand now
wouldnt want anyone to do that
thats just a bit mean

x x x

4 Jun, 2009


I had the same problem with my veg Mookins, This year everything is netted and not one peck to be had. My Swiss chard has been attacked by flea beetle though and my onions keep moving :-)) maybe a mouse, I have to keep repositioning them, so even under net there's always something to challenge.

4 Jun, 2009


Oh dear those pigeons do get about,I let the dogs out but only to chase not hurt.........

4 Jun, 2009


Why is it I don't mind wood pigeons but hate the other fat ugly ones? At the moment they are spending a lot of time in my damson tree and I hope they get a seriously upset tum if they eat the unripe fruit - but do I - because then they will poo all over the garden. Can't win.

4 Jun, 2009


Oh Mookins do you mean the stupid, stupid fat really, really ugly pidgeons? I bet if you really thought about it you could think of some other names.... but lets keep it clean :o)))) I do know what you mean, I feed birds in my garden and when the pidgeons arrive all the others leave and the food is devastated so I do try to shoo them off.

4 Jun, 2009


stupid fat clumsy stupid pigeons....we have lots of beautiful birds in our garden too then along come these...these... things and ...grrrr still angry

x x x x

5 Jun, 2009


AAAAAaawwwwwwww Your Poor Veggies Mookins :( Im sure Mr Fat & Clumsy Pigeon didnt mean 2 do it :/ I get 1 who has his pride of place on The New Bird Table Phil Made for the Old Apple tree & goodness knows how he/she gets in there ? lol

5 Jun, 2009


There's lots of pigeon recipes online too - see squirrel blog. Lovely roses, by the way and the 'violet' looks as if it may be Campanula glomerata.

5 Jun, 2009


Sorry about your veg, have to admit they are so clumpsy, when they come they send everything flying, but getting use to mine as he or she does pick alot of seed up that drops on the ground from the feeders, mind you what ever he or she is they have been fetching a partner with them.

5 Jun, 2009


they are pecking off the flowers on my False Acacia tree Grrrrrrrrr!! I don't like them either greedy clumsy birds!

5 Jun, 2009


stupid fat clumsy pigeons!!

x x x

5 Jun, 2009


Why did your blog not come up when I looked???? I think those stupid pigeons did something with it, grrrrr!

So sorry to have missed this Mookins, forgive me??

Please accept my condolences on your losses, naughty birds! Glad to see lots of other nice plants are coming thro' for you tho'!

I can't see the leaves of that blue plant clearly honey, to be able to rename it for you. Why don't you draw a lil' plan of the garden and write the names of each plant down. That's what I've done (nearly all anyway!) for my plants, so I don't worry about labels!

Have you got any netting for your veggies? I think maybe the ordinary pea netting should be good enough? Hopefully that'll make them think twice?

ttfn, luv CN xoxoxo

5 Jun, 2009


I netted the peas last night CN, have been clapping ta the birds all day trying to scare off the pigeons only problem is the others disapear too :O(

will definatly do a plan

x x

5 Jun, 2009


That peony looks so gorgeous : )
Pic 15 is definitely some kind of campanula, not a violet I think.

21 Jun, 2009


Thank you weeding I shall write that on a label for the garden
(its how I learn the names )

x x x

22 Jun, 2009

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