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By mookins


havent written a blog for aaaaages… well a few days at least. have been having fun and games in the garden. Greenfly everywhere, in my hair, ears cheeky ones down my top itching me like goodness knows drives me CRAZY, but lots happening. Well i say lots the one bud I keep watching and watching is the Peony

she still hasnt yet bloomed although this picture isnt very good to see she has actually opened up a tiny bit more. Will it be open before we go away in 3 weeks? probably open when we are away!!

our wedding rose “Deep secret” is I think wind burnt, as I only water the ground, such a heavy fower too am wondering whether this is the type that needs supports or would this just make it weaker!!

My delpheniums are a ctually darker blue almost purple but the shot I took is again not good enough to show this but was very happy to see bees in and out of the open buds

I moved my Japanese acre yesterday as it was in such a terrible area for it, so hes now in a shaded less breezy area, although when I moved it I noticed to root ball didnt look like it had any new shoots, was pale brown shade but quite tough to touch… very worrying but only have myself to blame :o(

my unknown name of tree type plant has also been moved as where it was it was being stripped of any foliage and now it apperas to have a few healthy looking leaves

all in all the garden is really starting to take shape, Im slowly getting rid of all straight edged boardeers and am also finding it quite easy to pinch more and more grass. My lil girl Cody is becoming more and more like me(hubby says “oh no”, first thing she does is wellies on and watering can out… got her well trained, bless her heart.

We have life in the wildlife puddle apart from hundreds of moskito larve, a bug that sounds one that Steve mentioned in a question we aslo have a frog and some damsel/damson (sorry dont know which one to say)fly and it was getting frisky with 2 others so could be babies soon

am having a rest for a few days as my knee keeps giving way,so have been reading up on possible climbing roses, clematis and fruit trees. Some of you may have read my influx of questions, you guys and gals are so good to me, being so patient when most of it is probably so painfully obvious as to what the answers are

on that note I will leave you peeps to a peaceful eveing and I will go and try to finish my shandy, yes I did say try, its just not going down well today… shame, although I know a Gin and tonic will do wonders

love to all

x x x x

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Lots of lovely photos.
Your garden is making good progress :o)

13 Jun, 2009


Great to know that you are getting your garden sorted and sorry to hear about the greenfly even though some of them seem quite bright.

13 Jun, 2009


know what you mean jen about misses the opening of your flowers, im going in the morning to portugal for two weeks and my poppy is about to open soon, and my lillys,, told joe my son to take pics if they do lol,, anyway will catch you before you go off, enjoy your flowers x

13 Jun, 2009


the frog and draggonfly are fantastic.

13 Jun, 2009


Doing well Mookins and great that you have a little a little helper,great photo,s............

13 Jun, 2009


Nice blog Mookins ,like the frog . How come the peony's a female and the Acer's a male?

14 Jun, 2009


wasnt paeony a greek goddess? as for Acer i think it sounds more masculine. after all pansy sounds girly! doesnt it Mac :o)

14 Jun, 2009


cos the acre is playing up Mac so definatly a male hehe

just kidding they are all my boys and girls

x x x

the frog and damsel/damson.dragon fly were hubbies pics... :o( im no good with a camera, either side of it hehe

x x x

14 Jun, 2009


I aint even going to try an answer to that one Seaburngirl!!!

14 Jun, 2009

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