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Whats your Plans for next year?


By mookins


ok peeps I have BIG plans for next year… busy time for hubby hehe

1) I definatly intend on getting some type of pergola, he keeps saying no… but we all know I will get one.

2) I want a raised bed in the fron garden made of brick in an “L” sahpe with trellis at the top to hide the bins.

3) Will definatly paint all the fences to hide the dreary muddy brown colour.

4) Will have my patio area laid

5)A path way of some sort out the back

Easy peasy… for me hehe

whats everybody elses plans?
love to all
x xx

sorry but I really liked these cheeky chaps and chappettes

x x x

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Sounds like your sorted for next year already :-)
Make sure you do some before and after photos, for us all to see.
Check my blog :-) like you planning to do loads already, but then i have loads that needs doing.
Nothing like planning in advance :-)

17 Oct, 2009


I'll mainly be sorting my planting out, originally planted up 3 years ago, now that shrubs are beginning to mature, the perennials I planted for instant colour are needing to be split and moved.

18 Oct, 2009


Hope you get your way Mookins, I thought that 'No means yes' only applied to women !! I have to say that it does seem to be a good idea. It sounds like quite a transformation for your garden, hope you get it all done in time for Spring. I've nothing planned for next year apart from moving stuff arround.

18 Oct, 2009


No apologies for the darling squizzle Mookins...he's cute as a button!

My garden needs a bit of an overhaul...the soil needs replenishing & the rockery re-shaping.
The greenhouse needs to be put to more efficient use instead of just a suntrap for cats & some planters & pots re-arranging.
The decking wants stripping & sealing properly & the patio is crying out for a makeover...
So...plenty to be getting on with there I think! Just need to win the Lottery & I can put my feet up while someone else does it all!!

But where would be the fun in that eh??!!! ;o)

18 Oct, 2009


Sounds good Mookins. Gardening is great as it's constantly evolving and changing. Apart from the hard landscaping there are planting plans to make and alter so it is never boring.
Myself, fingers xd will have moved next month so all my plants will have a permanent home instead of pots so I will enjoy watching them hopefully flourish.. I already have my packs of seeds annuals and veg, sitting on the desk nest to me. Also got passion flower seeds so want to get them going.
Roll on 2010

18 Oct, 2009


Oooh hubby is going to be busy Mookins, hope you get at least some of it done! I've got an L shaped brick raised bed with trellis behind and it's great. I can get behind the trellis so it's easy to weave the clematis in and out of it.
No great plans for my garden next year.....yet! Had a bit of a makeover this year so things need to re-establish but that doesn't mean some things won't get moved around. lol

18 Oct, 2009


Sounds like a very bisy time to me. I feel tired thinking about it . The photo of the squirrel is lovely is that you feeding it?

18 Oct, 2009


Yup thats my famous over bitten fingers there Donnah, they were so gently and had warm paws..fell in love xx x
Oh yes hubby doesnt know it yet but he is gonna be soooo busy hehehe
Like Heron said I want it all in time for spring so then I can spend the rest of the year planting and weeding and planting and weeding hehe
Oooh fingers xd pipsqueakmy mum is hoping to seel before next year so has loads and loads of potted plants dotted around so she can taken them with her
Loads of pics to be taken kimmy, I love before and afters especially as the befores in my garden are shocking!!

x x x

18 Oct, 2009


sounds great jen, love the pogoda idea alot, bet hubby cant wait heheh,
i love squirrels so dont appoligise, i dont have a problem with them in my garden, i enjoy them being here,
well i keep on at baz about the old trees at the bottom of garden, i want them out because there is a good area unused in the back corner, its just waisted space, then i can have a rowan tree which i love, also a new bed close by the new tree when its there, i have vision and bas doesnt lol, good luck jen, hope we both get our way :o))) xx

18 Oct, 2009


Moonkins how did you get it so tame

18 Oct, 2009


it was from when we went to london Donnah, they were in st James park they crawled up my legs and allsorts
I did a blog on it called Been to london to visit the queen. I recomend it to anyone (feeding the squirrels) The palace i didnt think that much of rather plain. The squirrels much better
x x x

fingers crossed eh San

x x

18 Oct, 2009


Forgot to mention I also need to lay slabs in my greenhouse, am sick of being stung by nettles creeping in!!
like just now grrr

x x x

18 Oct, 2009


yes here in blackpool we can go to the park and feed squirrels, they come right up and feed off you, its wonderfull isnt it

18 Oct, 2009


Wow you really are going to be busy ( err sorry , I meant Hubby )
I hope you get a lot of it done Mookins , the ideas are great , My main project for next year will be moving plants that have been in the wrong place or are now to big for where they are , into better positions , and hope they survive .. LOL...

18 Oct, 2009


Yes you must have your pergola :o)
I have so many things needing doing I don't know where to start.. lol

19 Oct, 2009


When he's done all that, can I borrow him to build me a pergola, some arches & reroof my shed, please?Lol! Oh no, the shed needs sorting before winter, so I'll have to do it myself! :~((

22 Oct, 2009

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