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Harvest Time!


We are now reaping the fruits of our work earlier in the year. with new potatoes, baby turnips, kale, salad leaves, swiss chard, spinach beet, spinach and broad beans all appearing at the table. Not to mention a bumper crop of raspberries from our original canes. This is the time of year when I really enjoy my food.

Up until now we’ve been lifting the potatoes from the moon bed and getting around 1 kilo of potatoes per tuber. Today David lifted two tubers of the same variety from the control bed and still didn’t get a kilo of potatoes – need more convincing? The kale we have been picking is all coming from the moon bed, the control bed kale is not nearly as well grown (mind you this kale is ‘meant’ to be harvested in winter!

We’re resowing as we clear an area to maximise the harvesting period and have our fingers crossed that the second sowing of carrots will perform better than the first!

Neighbours are all being kept supplied with potatoes which delights them, whilst the plum and apple crops are looking good. I’m not sure if the dangling CDs and DVDs deterred the birds but there has not been any bird damage. The garlic barrier spray has also seemed to deter the bugs from laying their eggs or eating the leaves.

Talking about eggs, for those of you who keep hens eggs collected around the last quarter will produce mainly male chicks. For female chicks , eggs should be collected around the first quarter. For best results incubate the eggs so that they hatch between the new moon and the first quarter. Let me know if you try this and it works!

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Your moon methods really are working well aren't they, i'm not surprised you're enjoying your foods.

22 Jul, 2010


Hi Louise yes the moon that methods are working really well, in fact we're not going to run any more trials after this year, we will simply grow by the moon. This will actually make life easier for us both as will be doing the same thing in the vegetable garden at the same time rather than on two different days. In fact the real challenge has been to not do things on the correct day!

22 Jul, 2010


Fascinating stuff, I understand there are two other methods, Synodic and Sidereal, have you already "road tested" these moongrower or is it just personal choice the Biodynamic method, I find it really interesting, and the fact that you have proof it works!

23 Jul, 2010


Hi Dido no haven't tried the other two methods, started working with the moon 3 years ago when Findhorn Press first published the book In Tune with the Moon.

23 Jul, 2010

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