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Growing with the moon in January 2011


Tips for growing with the Moon in January

Provided the ground isn’t frozen you can plant fruit bushes and canes on 4 – 5 (before 1pm), 13 – 14, 23 (before 1pm) and 31 – 1 February.

Mulch your ground when the moon is waxing, the best days to mulch in January are 6 – 10 and 13 – 17.

Keep a watch for white fly and aphids on your Brussels sprouts and other winter brassicas spray with an organic garlic spray on the mornings of 24 – 27 January.

Seaweed is a wonderful mulch; it does need to be left to weather for a couple of weeks to allow any salt to be washed through. Spread the seaweed when the moon is descending and waxing 17 – 19 January.

In January you should be sowing and hoeing the land at the following times:

Roots: Sow seed on 6 – 7, 15 – 17 and 24 – 26. Sow carrot, onion, turnip and radish seed under protection, or in trays on a windowsill at 13˚C.

Fruits: Sow seed on 4 – 5 (before 1pm), 13 – 14, 23 (before 1pm) and 31 – 1 February. Tomato seeds can be sown for growing on in a heated greenhouse.

Leaves: Sow seed on 1 – 2, 10 -12, 20 and 28 – 30 (before 11am). Sow leeks, lettuce, summer cabbage and spinach seeds in trays and keep on a windowsill at around 13˚C.

Flowers: Sow seed on 8 – 9, 18 – 19 and 27. Sow cauliflower seed in a tray and keep on a windowsill at around 13˚C.

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 3 ascending node, 21 (afternoon) – 22 (before noon) perigee and 30 (after 11am) ascending node. The descending node does not affect gardening in January as it occurs at midnight on 17.

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Oh thank you. I want to move my raspberry canes, a bay tree, and an apple tree. I suould think it would be a good time to do it on 23rd or 31st then.

1 Jan, 2011


Hi Hywel and Happy New Year - yes weather permitting those would be good dates.

1 Jan, 2011


Happy new year :o)

1 Jan, 2011


happy newyear mrs MB, and mr MB ;o) x

1 Jan, 2011


And to you Sandra... Mr MB has a nasty bug which is reluctant to shift but is slowly going.

1 Jan, 2011


Can I just clarify something which is going to sound stupid but when you talk about gardening by the moon you mean the daylight hours on these days dont you. My youngest thinks we should be outside in the dark as it would be more fun.

Hope mr MG gets better soon and that you dont get it , or have you already had it?

Happy new year to you both.

1 Jan, 2011


Hi SBG yes I mean the daylight hours and, so days, very specific hours. For example if you look above there are a couple of days when work should only be done until 1pm. Having said that in summer up here it is easy to be gardening at midnight or 3am... and we used to have a friend years ago who got up around 4am in summer and started gardening.

Mr MB is getting better, I had a milder version of in the run up to Christmas and have no desire for any more!

2 Jan, 2011


sorry to hear that hope he is much better soon, x

2 Jan, 2011


he will be - off to buy more medication shortly...

2 Jan, 2011


my dad was quite ill over xmas and so was baz, so much going round, glad i managed to steer clear other wise wouldnt have had an xmas dinner lol, men lol

2 Jan, 2011


One of my "resolutions" is to actually DO some of the tasks you share in these marvellous blogs, Mg! There are a couple here which I can easily do on the given dates. Many Thanks, hoping that Mr Bholic recovers, soon! :-))

3 Jan, 2011


There you go David... give it a try!

3 Jan, 2011


Will do!! Can sow several of the seeds Does Radish refer to winter radish or the usual salad varieties, btw? Have cabbages in the garden, now, so will spray, as directed, on the dates given. Will be gaining a whole new veggie plot in the garden of friends, this year, so looking forward to "Gardening with the Moon" in 2011! :-))

3 Jan, 2011


Hi David Regular radish but, frankly, I'd wait for a few months yet... The timing is great if you live in southern England!

3 Jan, 2011


Happy New Year MG and sorry to hear BB is under the weather. I hope he feels better soon. Any tips for growing for those of us who do not heat the greenhouse and whose central heating means rooms with windowsills at 13 deg. are a distant memory. I saved seed from my ornamental alliums, should I wait and put them outside or can they be sown in trays now. Thanks for all your blogs on growing by the moon. Our potatoes were great. I came home in time for Christmas having left my poor husband to fend for himself for 3 months while I was away babysitting for my daughter. His favourite potato was the Arran Victory. We'd recommend it for flavour and being blemish free. Also Salad Blue. I had to buy potatoes for Christmas as we could not get through the snow to our store. I was so disappointed at the state of them. I bought Maris Piper because it is such a good all round variety but I had so much waste I will definitely be growing my own this year again. Roll on the Potato Days so I can buy my fresh seed. This is a link to last years events. and some for 2011

4 Jan, 2011


We too don't have a heated greenhouse and though it is possible to start seed now living where we do with short daylight hours we wait for at least another month. The problem if you start growing now is that the plants are likely to get drawn as they go hunting for daylight! So I'd hang fire for now Scotgran. Himself if starting to feel better which can only be good news.

4 Jan, 2011


Thank you and so glad to hear himself is on the mend.

4 Jan, 2011


Yes, will do, Mg. Thank You. :-))

4 Jan, 2011

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