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Growing with the Moon in March 2011


Tips for growing with the Moon in March

When can I prune fruit trees?

Prune apple and plum trees, raspberry canes and gooseberry bushes from 14 -19 (am) and 20 (pm) – 24 March when the Moon is descending.

Are there any natural liquid fertilizers we can make ourselves?

Yes several plants can be used to make a liquid fertilizer. To make one from nettles. Put on a pair or rubber gloves pick just the leaves and cut into small pieces place in a wooden or plastic bucket in the ratio of 1 kilo of nettle leaves to 10 litres of water and leave to steep for 3 weeks. Stir the liquid from time to time and then strain off from the nettle pulp, which can go in your compost. Dilute 1:10 for spraying on the soil and 1:20 for spraying on actual plants. Start the tea when the moon is waxing and ascending today – 12 March.

What root crops can we sow in March?

You can sow early carrots, parsnips, summer turnips, main crop onion seed, summer radishes and spring onions on: 11 – 12, 20 – 22 (before 11am) and 28 – 30. At the same time you can also plant main crop onion sets, early potatoes and main crop potatoes (after 20th).

What about peas and beans?

Sow seed of early peas, French and broad beans on: 9 – 10, 17 – 18 and 26 – 27.

How about the brassicas?

Sow Brussels sprouts, sprouting broccoli, cabbage and summer lettuce from today – 8, 16 and 24 – 25.

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 13 descending node, 19 -20 (am) perigee. The ascending node does not affect gardening in March as it occurs at 9pm on 25.

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Thanks for the inf on making fertilizer from nettles. I have lots and I was going to get rid of them. I'll leave them to grow a bit and then make the fertilizer

When should I plant a goosberry and a honeysuckle ?

2 Mar, 2011


You eat the fruits of gooseberries so plant on the days as for sowing peas etc. With the honeysuckle you are going to enjoy the flowers so 14 - 15 (before 3pm), 22 (after 11am) to 23 and 31 - 1 April. Good luck Hywel!

2 Mar, 2011


Thank you :)

2 Mar, 2011


You're welcome :-)

2 Mar, 2011


Thanks for that. Here in France we mushroom by moon phases so I'll try your planting advice.

2 Mar, 2011


Have fun... ad you can buy the French edition of the calendar...

2 Mar, 2011

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