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Tips for Growing with the Moon in April


Growing by the moon is not always as easy as just doing what you feel like when you feel like it but, in my experience, the results are worth all the effort! Here I’ve put together some Q & A that will help you grow your crops in April BUT the only real solution if you want to grow this way is to buy a book… I’m biased but would recommend In Tune with the Moon as it is extremely easy to follow.

When should I hoe my crops in wet weather?

If the weather is wet hoe your crops in the morning on the following days 3 – 4, 20 – 21, 25 – 26 and 30 – 1 May, when the moon is waning. Conversely if it is dry hoe in the evening on the following days 5 – 6, 10 – 11 and 16, when the moon is waxing.

When is a good time for mulching?

Mulch using grass clippings, straw and composted bark on 5 – 6 and 23 – 26.

When is a good time to plant and prick out seedlings?

Planting and pricking out is best done when the moon is descending which is from 11 – 21 but avoiding the perigee on 17. Plant, prick out cauliflowers and other plants you will eat the flowers of on 11 or 19; plants you will the leaves of on 12 – 13 (before noon) and 20 – 21, plants you will eat the fruits/seeds of on 13 (afternoon) – 15.

Is it too late to be planting potatoes?

Thankfully no it isn’t, given the way the weather went back on us in late March we will be planting our main crop potatoes on 7 – 8, you could also plant them on 16 and 25 – 26. As well as potatoes you can also sow seed of beetroot, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke, onion (seed and sets), parsnip, radish, shallots and turnip can all be sown in the open ground

When can we sow our pea and bean seeds?

You can sow broad beans, french beans and peas seeds directly into the ground on 5 – 6, 13 (afternoon) – 15 and 22 – 24.

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 9 descending node, 17 perigee and 22 ascending node before 10am.

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Thankyou for April's moon gardening tips,i'am having a go at growing this way, so far thinks look good, cabbages seeds planted and up in 7 days

31 Mar, 2011


Good luck, hope all goes well for you...

31 Mar, 2011


Thank you so much for your advice. I really like the idea of growing by the moon ,so i will be on this site alot more now.

16 Apr, 2011


God luck and whatever you do have fun! I finally received my copy of the Spring issue of Grow It! today with a 4 page article by myself on growing by the moon...

16 Apr, 2011

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