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What to do when in your Moon Garden in May


Thin out your carrots and parsnips on a root day (4 – 6 (am), 13 – 14, 22 – 23 and 31 (after 11am) – 2 June), I know it is tempting to leave them all in or to thin lightly but you will get a better crop if you thin them well. If possible thin your carrots on a windy day! This helps to deter the dreaded carrot root fly. Hopefully you also companion planted with marigolds or between rows of onions.

Earth up your potatoes on a root day and if the weather is dry start watering.

On a leaf day pinch out the tops of your broad beans to discourage black fly, 9 – 10, 17 (after 2pm) – 18 and 26 – 29 (midday).

Continue to make a liquid fertilizer or ‘tea’ from nettles and comfrey. It is good to start the decoction when the moon is waxing 4 – 14 May.

Sow ‘fruit’ seed on 3, 11 – 12, 20 – 21 29(pm) – 31 (before 11am). French beans, broad beans, marrow, pumpkin and peas can be sown in the open ground. Sweetcorn can be sown under cover whilst aubergine, peppers, tomatoes and cucumber can all be planted under cover.

Flowers: Sow seed on 7 – 8, 16 (after 9am) – 17 (before 2pm) and 24 – 25. Globe artichoke, broccoli, Calabrese and cauliflowers can be sown outdoors. The seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower and Calabrese also need planting out now. Don’t forget that ornamental flowers can be sown on the same days!

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 6 descending node, 15 perigee and 19 ascending node.

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Thank you for your moon blogs which add an extra welcome dimension to GoY :o)

3 May, 2011


You are welcome TT, once the veggies get a little bigger we will start photographing them again. It is so much easier this year as we are doing all our veggie growing 'by the moon'

3 May, 2011


Yes... veggie photos would be good ...
... they will help lots of members ...

It won't be too long before I'm able to photograph the mystery plant belonging to my recent question ..
... which Mr. Moonbulb thought could be a parsnip..
... the answer will appear on that question soon.. ;o) Lol...

3 May, 2011



3 May, 2011


good tip about thinning when windy. It has been very breezy for the last week here. we so need rain. what about you MG? well your garden not you personally :o)

3 May, 2011


We've had strong winds too SBG. Bulba has the sprinklers on both our veggie gardens right now to try and keep everything moist. Combination of sun and strong winds is not a good one! We've got the flower garden open on Saturday afternoon so fingers crossed it is a nice day.

3 May, 2011


So does this mean that anyone who doesn't 'follow the moon' has less success with their veggies/flowers/fruit?

3 May, 2011


In my opinion yes having run trials but... the gardener has to decide.

3 May, 2011


I'm growing half and half, spuds planted by the moon are a head of the one's not planted by the moon which were planted 5 days bofore,
I'm not good at growing cabbage's but this year (growing with the moon) i have got so many i will have to make veg patch bigger again, all veg growing with the moon is alot better than the one's not growen with the moon so far

4 May, 2011


That is good news Jiffy and a totally independent endorsement...

4 May, 2011


Even being hot and dry things are looking good,
cann't wait to dig up the spuds to see which is best out of the two

4 May, 2011


Do let me know please

4 May, 2011


good luck for Saturday MG. you and mr MG certainly work hard at your garden.

4 May, 2011


We plerk (play/work) in it :-)

4 May, 2011


My sweetcorn planted by the moon last year produced seeds which are now healthy plants, hurrah! for mrs Moon.

5 May, 2011


Great news Bob A! Bulba and I are totally convinced this works...

5 May, 2011


At 4 45am the moon was bright with sun preparing to grow in ,I was in my kitchen garden and started watering the famous vege the brassica oleracia var. Kadmi.After going through ur blog i could enjoy working in the moonlight.This is a welcome addition to gardening. We may or may not grow better veges or the flowers by the moon effects ,yet it has the element of bliss and enjoyment.Congratulations for the concept.

22 May, 2011


Arwadoo we don't get up and garden in the middle of the night... the moon's energies are just as strong during the day.

23 May, 2011


Hi, Moon growe, I am clean bowled. I did not know much about moon’s effect on plant growth. People in the villages who depend on agriculture have norms for sowing crops in reference to moon. .I just gave u the experience of working in the garden under moonlight. Me sometimes i do not feel like sleeping, and then I resort to gardening odd jobs if it is a moonlit night. I would request u give me the details of the moon effects on gardening operations.

27 May, 2011


Hi Arwadoo if you really want all the info you'll need the book... In Tune with the Moon see my PM to you.

27 May, 2011

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