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How does growing by the moon work


Plants are affected by the waxing (getting bigger) and waning (getting smaller) of the moon, which takes place over 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes. They are also influenced by the height of the moon in the sky. Observation has shown that plants increase in vitality as the moon waxes. As the full moon approaches, their resistance to parasites and diseases increases.
Fruits and vegetables harvested at this time store well, whilst cut flowers last longer in a vase. The key to learning how to grow by the
moon is to buy a detailed calendar telling you
what to do when in your garden. ‘In Tune with the Moon[’ by Michel Gros gives clear information for each month on the days that are suitable for sowing, planting out, hoeing and harvesting your crops. The book divides plants into four main types: fruits, leaves, flowers and roots.
By following the clear information in the monthly full-colour calendar you can see at
a glance if this is a day for sowing roots or a day for weeding leaf plants.

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Will be watching your progress with interest.

10 Feb, 2009


I'll keep you posted!

10 Feb, 2009


Yes, I shall be watching with interest too.
Do we know why or how the plants are affected?
I find the weather controls what I do in the way of gardening, and life gets in the way too often as well. I am hopeless as keeping on top of doing tasks at the time they should be done. I am not sure gardening by the moon would improve my plants chances of being well cared for.

11 Feb, 2009


Hi Xela

That is what I am hoping to find out, does it make a difference or doesn't it? Only time will tell.

11 Feb, 2009


Good luck with your lunar gardening :o)

12 Feb, 2009



12 Feb, 2009

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