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Growing with the Moon in November


Hi All as it will be November on Sunday thought you might like the info on what to do when in the garden in November if you are growing using the lunar cycle.

Tips for growing with the Moon in November

Daily rhythms
The Earth’s energy patterns vary according to the seasons. During spring, when the Sun is ascending, the Earth ‘breathes out’, whereas in the autumn, the Sun descends and the Earth ‘breathes in’. The same pattern is echoed by the Moon when it is ascending (sometimes called the lunar spring) and when it is descending (also known as the lunar autumn). And energies rise and fall throughout the day too, rising in the morning when the Earth ‘breathes out’ – a good time to sow (for example, carrots during the morning of a day favourable to ‘root’ plants), to weed in wet weather, and to harvest aerial plant parts. In the afternoon, the Earth ‘breathes in’ so it is a good time to plant, prick out, plough, weed in dry weather and harvest root crops. The intervening period, from 12:00 to 15:00, is a period of transition and is best avoided.

Planting by the Moon

In November this means that you should be sowing your seeds at the following times:

Roots: sow seed on 4th – 5th, 12th – 15th and 22nd – 23rd. Garlic cloves can be planted in the open ground.

Fruits: sow seed on 2nd – 3rd, 10th – 11th, 19th (p.m.) – 20th and 29rdth – 30th. Broad beans and hardy peas can be sown either in the open ground or under cover in individual pots. Sowing in autumn helps to avoid black fly.

Leaves: sow seed on 1st, 8th (p.m.) – 9th, 17th – 18th and 26th (after 10:00) – 28th. Lettuce can all be sown in the under cover.

Flowers: sow seed on 6th, 15th – 16th and 24th – 25th. Early summer cauliflowers can be sown under cover.

Harvesting in November

Various factors influence the quality and preservation of fruit and vegetables after harvest. As a general rule, choose an ascending Moon for harvesting plant parts that grow above ground and a descending
Moon for parts that grow below ground, but avoid the perigee, lunar nodes and stormy weather. Fruit and vegetables that do not store well will last much longer if you avoid harvesting during Water signs and constellations (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

The best days for harvesting root vegetables is when the Moon is descending in November these are 5th – 6th and 9th – 18th. If you are harvesting root vegetables for storage 11th – 12th are the optimum days.

The best dates for harvesting all other vegetables is when the Moon is ascending 1st – 5th (am), 19th – 20th, and 22nd – 30st.

Nothing should be harvested on 7th descending node, 8th perigee, and 21st ascending node.

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Good blog MG. I am assuming that planting all shrubs etc from my pots want to be planted the same as root ver to encourage root growth

30 Oct, 2009


really interesting moongrower, enjoyed reading about these dates and times,i have some broad beans donnah kindly sent me so will pot them into pots now, thankyou :o))

30 Oct, 2009


Hi Sanbaz this is the info for November you should not do anything with your broad beans until Monday or Tuesday as you eat the fruits of them.

Pip shrubs should be planted/transplanted not on a root day but when the moon is descending and if possible waxing - this doesn't actually happen in November so your best time to plant would be on 8 or 9 November when the moon is descending and waning.

30 Oct, 2009


ok thanx moongrower will pop that on my calender :o))

30 Oct, 2009


You're welcome Sanbaz.

30 Oct, 2009


MG Although all I'll be sowing will be a few flowers, I shall definitely follow your advice.
I have long been convinced that my moods are definitely affected by the Moon. I am a Cancer subject and often feel my best when the moon is waning and vice versa when it is waxing. I had no idea that different times of the year were important too in relation to the moon. It is far more complicated than I realised. A lot to learn MG.

30 Oct, 2009


Hi Mad it is a huge subject and not one that I claim to be a real 'expert' on but I do follow intently. Good luck with the flowers :-)

30 Oct, 2009


Thanks for the advice MG. I won't have moved house until at least the 12th so that dates no good to me. Looks like I will have to do as usual and take pot luck.

30 Oct, 2009


Pip just give the shrubs lots of t.l.c. and I'm sure they will be fine :-))

30 Oct, 2009


Love the blog MG and find it fascinating.

30 Oct, 2009


Thx. Ian

30 Oct, 2009



30 Oct, 2009


This is fascinating MG, I have never realised the impact of the moon on horticulture. made very interesting reading.

31 Oct, 2009


Thx. DrB - see my pm to you.

31 Oct, 2009


That is really fascinating, I had no idea the moon can influence growing.

Sandra :o)

2 Nov, 2009


My sceptisism and sarcasm will come out ...I apologise in advance, and mean no direct or personal offence ... are you suggesting that when the moon is full, plants grow better, quicker or whatever? I do not see any plants bending towards the moon or its cycle, but just towards the light or in the case of a tree, because of the prevailing wind. Sunflowers follow the sun to ripen their seed. The grass grows because it has water and LIGHT, not because the moon is falling or rising. The oceans are a body of water, not attached to the land, only responding to the GRAVITY of the moon. Plants, however, respond to light and earth, they do not have enough water in them to respond to the pull of the moon.

20 Jan, 2012


The moon influences nothing unless it is water and gravity based ... think about it ...

20 Jan, 2012


Avkq, I started to write a long reply then realised this is a post from over two years ago! Why you've decided to suddenly respond to it I have no idea. I will say only one thing everything is at least 80% water and subject to gravity... I really have no desire to discuss this topic with you.

20 Jan, 2012


Just following your suggestion to read your blog about the subject following query on GOY from laburnumway about a veg plot ...

20 Jan, 2012


Sure.. have you found the whole set interesting? I still post one a month as some of the Goyers appreciate the info. At the end of the day you agree or you don't - it honestly doesn't bother me. Having worked this way for years and run trials which I documented in magazine articles I believe it does.. up to you if you believe or not. I'm not here to tell you this is the only way to grow veggies.

20 Jan, 2012


It was very interesting, MG, and I respect your view on this, but cannot join you in it ... I am politely scathing ... one man's meat is another man's poison! There are so many ways/methods involved in gardening ... each man to his own trusted methods and experience. :-)

21 Jan, 2012

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