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Growing with the Moon in December


Tips for growing with the Moon in December

The Ascending & Descending Moon

Many people think that the ascending moon is the same as a waxing moon, and descending moon is the same as waning moon. In fact they are totally different! The moon can be ascending and waning or waxing and descending! The path of the ascending and descending moon is similar to the progress of the sun during the year. However, whilst the sun ascends and descends over the period of a year the moon ascends and descends over a period of 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes – this is known as the periodic lunar cycle. The moon is ascending when, every night, its orbit is higher than the night before. Look at the moon, ignoring the stars for two consecutive nights to work out whether it is ascending or descending. On the first night, establish its position in the sky as accurately as possible. On the second night look a little later if the moon is higher in the sky than it was the night before it is ascending, if it is lower it is descending.

When the Moon is ascending plants contain more sap so there is more activity in their aerial parts (those parts above the ground). This is a good time in December to heel in grafts.

When the Moon is descending the flow of fluids in the plant descend also and growth occurs mainly in the roots. In December this is a good time for spreading compost or manure and cutting wood.

Harvesting in December

Various factors influence the quality and preservation of fruit and vegetables after harvest. As a general rule, choose an ascending Moon for harvesting plant parts that grow above ground and a descending
Moon for parts that grow below ground, but avoid the perigee, lunar nodes and stormy weather. Fruit and vegetables that do not store well will last much longer if you avoid harvesting during Water signs and constellations (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

Harvest your root vegetables from 6th to 15th and from 30th to 31st December when the Moon is descending, the best days to harvest are between 7th – 11th and 30th.

Harvest all other vegetables from 1st to 2nd and from 19th to 29th December when the Moon is ascending, the best harvesting days are 1st – 2nd, 19th – 21st and 27th – 29th.

Preparing the Land:

Prepare the land where you will be growing root vegetables on 1st – 3rd, 10th – 12th, 19th – 21st and 29th – 30th December

Prepare the land where you will grow leaf vegetables on 5th (after 13:00) – 6th, 14th – 16th, 24th – 26th December

Prepare the land where you will grow fruit and fruiting vegetables on 7th – 9th (before 11:00), 17th and 27th – 28th (before 13:00) December

Prepare the land where you will grow flowers and vegetables that you eat the flower of on 13th, 22nd – 23rd and 31st December.

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 4th – 5th perigee and descending node, and 18th ascending node.

For more information on growing with the Moon go to

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Hi Mg...
Wanted to nominate this for GoYpedia, but not sure where is most appropriate... any suggestions please ? Thanks.

30 Nov, 2009


Well the planting info is only valid for this December, so should it go to Goypedia?

30 Nov, 2009


Maybe not, but it is useful if GoYpedia covers as many aspects as possible of gardening and horticulture...

30 Nov, 2009


what about the grow your own section MG ? thats for addvice on growing your own veg etc and when to do it, just a thought :o)

30 Nov, 2009


oh,htis new stuf for me, but i hav intrest so ask:

apart from gravty and light, what ohter efect do moon hav mg?

ohter puzzel me - if stars in constelations do not effect other stras in same constelation via gravity,how can htat effect us over thousandsof time grater distance?

also, if constelations hav only exist for last few 100thousands of yrs, anwill only do so for hte next few thousand, like as in our pole star not be so in futur, hten any efect you clame can only be a pass phase of minute efect, befor our sun go supernova, your efects wil only havinfuence for less htan 1% of erths histry. so, if evrythin elvove happy,hwta difrence it make?

please no ofend my ???- i just try understand

30 Nov, 2009


Sanbaz yes the grow your own section would work.

Derekf may I direct you to the blog site I write which is ll about growing with the moon rather than repeating the info here... You can also download a sample of the 2010 calendar by going to

30 Nov, 2009


glad to help :o)

30 Nov, 2009


Good idea Sandra....I'll nominate for that category :o)

30 Nov, 2009


:o)) didnt do it because you said you were going to Terra.

30 Nov, 2009


mg-i reed your blog site wiht intrest,but it no hav evidunce of hwat you sayin. for eg. hte ascend moon hav sap rise,but you no say why - same for desend,so i no undestan why you say waht youdo/ you talk bout breethin,yet no say magnetic felds
evrythin in natur hapen for reeson, yet no reeson do you say. maybe your blog site is for hte masses- hav you got link to sunthin mor technacal? it is reely intestin subjct- i lik to no more pleese

30 Nov, 2009


Hi Derekf, Michel Gros has been running trials and test for 30 years whilst Maria Thun has been doing so for over 50 years. Their studies all indicate that as the moon waxes the sap rises and as it wane the sap drops back down into the roots of the plant. Obviously there is always sap in the whole plant otherwise it could not survive.

Take a look at if you want a long, and serious, look at the science behind the practice.

30 Nov, 2009


ok yes i understan all htis alreedy, but can you tell me HOW lunar efect hapen? also, your coment not reely true, as thins can make the wanin moon prduce mor surge growth htan a wax m,oon- but sure you nkow htis? This is what i try to understan you sayins - so far you keep direct me away- hwat you say the evidence is? When we conduct feld trialson new strane of wheet, sayin it just grow beter is a bit litewate,so we hav to show evidence, for eg, we wuld investagate solar storms durin hte period etc. hte moon deos not radite light, only reflect, so solar actvity shuld be parmont in your reserch, yet so far, you no mentin it at all. atmospheer polution, ozone, el nino, tropcal cyclone, light polution, magnetic felds, lay line, compres density gravity and orbital efect, gravitation warp, etc etc.all can be cited to suport your idea but no do you say. 50yrs of result meen nothin unles you can say WHY - sayin "it just dose" leeve me reely want ot no more.

30 Nov, 2009


your link i go to - serch lunar, and first coment say:
last 50-70 yrs, 107 lunar rythms in organisms, but hten say growth is influenced chiefly from soil life/ - so, hwat on erth is a lunar rhtym? And, if grow is more influenc by microorgan in the soil, hwy look at lunar anyway?

i also baffal by your choosin of link, in htat of all 266 pages, the word "lunar" only apeer on ONE page -so why direct me theer?

i wsa hopin to lern fro this, but ansers seeem to be elusiv

30 Nov, 2009


Hi Derekf. I am not trying to give you the run around - I directed you to the pdf of a book which explains the scientific side of things. I could also send you the complete In Tune with the Moon book as a pdf file via YouSendIt if you send me a pm with your e-mail address. There are as you say lots of different factors and they are explained in both books - I do not feel competent to paraphrase and talking directly with Michel and with the biodynamic association am happy that what is written in the book is correct.

In fact I don't even need your e-mail address, I can send the file to myself, copy and paste the url for collecting from YouSendIt and send to you as a pm. Will do so now...

30 Nov, 2009


Derek that whole book is on biodynamic growing and the science behind that is why I sent you there.

30 Nov, 2009


yes, i get your pm MG - thankin you so much- i wil hav to look sumtim later as late now.
i just get bak fro walk- hte moon good and get me thinkin- htese 50-70yrs in pdf, an "Michel Gros has been running trials and test for 30 years whilst Maria Thun has been doing so for over 50 years", seem al rathre piontless, as hte info is useles in hte futur cos hte moon is no a static object, so theer result no based pon a fixe pointof refrence, am hte moon contnue to mov further away day byday.
maybe i miss sumthinm heer so far, so my hopin your new pdf link will help. hte last,alas,was litewate and more softback junior school wiht litle suported evidence, an yet your thinkin is htat it scientific/ big mystry htat
dos htismeen htat you not no hte science behind it yourself? oh i not no- pleese no beoffend-i was hopin for some exsiting new insite into devlop wheet an barleyyelds - ohw ell- thanin you for trinin

30 Nov, 2009


Derekf I doubt I can answer your questions in a way you will find scientific, I'm not worried or offended by this just recognise we are coming from different places and spaces.

30 Nov, 2009


Well its got me interested, MG! I'll have a look at the links you've pt up when I've got time to absorb the info! Thanks!

1 Dec, 2009


You're welcome!

1 Dec, 2009



1 Dec, 2009

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