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Growing by the moon in April


Well it has been back to winter for us again this week and no planting or sowing could be considered. We have yet to go and check if the polycloche survived the gales but I would not be surprised to find it flattened!

Here is the what to do when in April in your moon garden

Tips for growing with the Moon in April

For plants that easily go to seed (e.g. lettuces and onions), look for the correct days and then check that the moon is descending – so sow lettuce in April on 3 – 4.

Crown grafting — preferable to cleft grafting, which can cause canker and fruit scab. Wait until the rootstock begins to flower so that there is plenty of sap rising and graft on a date favourable to ‘fruit’ plants and when the moon is ascending i.e. 16 April.

In April you should be sowing and or preparing the land at the following times:

Roots: prepare the ground/sow seed on 7 (after 10am) – 9, 17 – 19 (before 11am) and 25 (after 10am) – 28 (before 4pm). Beetroot, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke, onion (seed and sets), parsnip, potatoes, radish, salsify, shallots and turnip can all be sown in the open ground.

Fruits: prepare the ground/sow seed on 5, 15 – 16 and 23 – 24 (before noon). Broad beans and peas can be sown in the open ground. Courgette, cucumber, pumpkin/squash, runner beans, sweet corn and indoor tomatoes can all be sown under protection.

Leaves: prepare the ground/sow seed on 2 (after 1pm) – 4, 12 – 14, 21 (after noon) – 22, and 30. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, chervil, kohlrabi, leeks, parsley, Swiss chard and spinach can be sown in the open ground, as can lettuce from 21. Lettuce, rocket and salad greens can be sown under cover.

Flowers: prepare the ground on 1 – 2 (before 1pm), 10 – 11 and 29. Globe artichoke can be sown outdoors, whilst broccoli, cauliflower and calabrese can be sown under protection.

Harvesting in April

Various factors influence the quality and preservation of fruit and vegetables after harvest. As a general rule, choose an ascending Moon for harvesting plant parts that grow above ground and a descending
Moon for parts that grow below ground, but avoid the perigee, lunar nodes and stormy weather. Fruit and vegetables that do not store well will last much longer if you avoid harvesting during Water signs and constellations (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

Harvest your root vegetables from 1 to 3, 19, 21 to 24 and 25 (after non) to 30 April when the Moon is descending, the best days to harvest are between 19 and 26 to 27.

Harvest all other vegetables on 5 and from 7 to 18 April when the Moon is ascending, the best harvesting days are 5, 7 – 9 and 16 – 17.

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 6 ascending node, 20 descending node and 25 perigee.

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Mg I really do admire you being so knowledgeable, and have no doubt that you get good results. I do have an affinity with the moon and firmly believe that its influence over the Earth and us is real. It all feels far over my head though and I just do what I know, which isn't that much.
Its a shame about not being able to sow or plant in this atrocious weather.

1 Apr, 2010


Thank you MG. I had decided to give your method a trial and plant my potatoes at the end of March but it was too cold and I hoped you would give a revised program. We have had snow but although it is still lying there is not a lot of it. The cold east almost gale force wind from Siberia would cut you in half and shows no sign of abating.

1 Apr, 2010


Thanks Mad and Scotsgran. It is bitterly cold here again today and, in spite of what the weather forecasters claim we are still getting hail and snow showers. Mr MB has the stove lit and 'm off through the house for lunch!

1 Apr, 2010


its bitter here too, we had a slight frost on the car this morning, when is it ever going to end. I purchased a kneeling stool and mesh trug this morning from Aldi just hope I get the chance to use them.

1 Apr, 2010


You will Stroller - we just have to be patient for the moment. No point in planting anything until soil is at least 4˚

1 Apr, 2010


That awful east wind swung round to a south westerly later this afternoon and we were able to trim the pyracantha which is our security measure at the back of the house,it was wind burned and I was worried I was jumping the gun but it needed doing. Is 4˚ okay for potatoes too Mg?

1 Apr, 2010


Yes it is Scotsgran

1 Apr, 2010


Thank you

1 Apr, 2010


You are welcome :-) Pre-recorded my monthly piece for a gardening prog on BBC local radio this afternoon. Will also be doing one on Easter Sunday...

1 Apr, 2010


i do admire your knowledge and enthusiasm MG but i would have to give up work just to get the planting at the right time !! never mind the planning too i work by finding out what others are planting then i do mine

1 Apr, 2010


Viv I realise it isn't easy to do if you are working but it is possible! And thanks for your support :-)

1 Apr, 2010


yes MG i`m going to plant the rest of the potatoes as you say between the 7 and 9th ..i`v even written it in my work diary ! and with your comprehensive list of what and when there is hope yet

1 Apr, 2010


Go for it Viv!

1 Apr, 2010

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