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pics for last blog


By mouldy


Here’s the rest I threatened you with…

“Please,” begged the onlookers, “no more!”, but Mouldy was remorseless, chucking down photo after photo…

As the last photo hit the page the watchers, limp vestiges of their former selves, sent a collective & grateful sigh heavenwards.
All except a Surrey lad, spared the ordeal, due to having taken his meds & who drifted blissfully throughout the entire harrowing experience.

Mouldy glided away, like a malignant shadow, quietly singing ‘What a picture, what a picture…’

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It's not too much to ask for a little sunshine is it, so those plants can romp away, scrambling over the trellises?

31 Mar, 2013


I don't think so, either, Sticki.
Could you have a word with the weather, though? :-)

31 Mar, 2013


scrambling over the trellises sounded more like a football crowd!

well i could try having a word ~ and you will see what happens ~ wait for the hurricane!!!!

31 Mar, 2013


As I said earlier, Mouldy, ..absolutely off four rocker, but very entertaining! have you seen the photo I put up for you.Thought it might make you smile!!!

31 Mar, 2013


Why, whatever could you mean, Paul?
I hope you're not suggesting...?
(Mouldy secretly checks his certificate) Lol.

1 Apr, 2013


I've seen it Ptg ! well,really ! :o) methinks you really want us to look at your net curtains,Mouldy...the plants are just a distraction :o) ..I hope those plant in pots in your garden grow well for you..or are they your design feature
for summer? Don't forget,Chelsea will be looking for inspiring designs !Lol.

1 Apr, 2013


Yeah, I'll just bet they're waiting with bated breath, Bloomer.
Oh, hang on, that must be them beating at the door now. Them or the bailiffs! Lol.

1 Apr, 2013


Well, Mouldy, having just come across your page...( or is it a comedy page ! Hahaa! ) I think you will do very well on here as most of us , especially moi, are nuts ! Its good to have a laugh though and not take everything so seriously ! I have loved your blogs and have just read every one of them. Now did you say it was a hospital garden ! Hahaa!
Seriously, I bet by the summer, your little piece of heaven is going to look great ! Best of luck and nice to meet you.

2 Apr, 2013


Hi, Rose.
Glad you like the blogs.
Doing them is fun & keeps me off the streets for a wee while. Lol.
Weather permitting, I hope the garden turns up trumps, too.
Fingers crossed. :-)

3 Apr, 2013

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