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By mouldy


I haven’t blogged or posted for a wee while.
The reason is two-fold…ill health & murder!
Hush, oh, gentle reader, the worst is passed, but Mouldy won’t forget those babies, struck down by a neighbour with a can of air-freshener, (Freshener? As in fresher than new, growing green babies?), when still in their infancy.
It knocked me for six, I admit.
Every last one of my seedlings gone!
Following that, the nightly fox & slug patrol, through rain, snow, wind & cold eventually took their toll.
The quack says I’m undergoing a “bad phase” of my emphysemia.
I love these technical medical terms. Lol.
Now the temp has finally risen, here, in Glasgow & we’ve averaged one sunny day a week for the last three weeks! Spoilt or what? ;-)
I’m sunburnt (Yeah, I should know better, but can you blame me, when each ‘once’ could be the last?), but so are a couple of the plants.
Anyway, without bumping my gums much more, here’s the gang…

Above…food, namely & mainly spuds with chives, spring onions & a poor showing, thus far, from carrots.
Watch this space.

Dahlia (Fire & Ice).

Honeysuckle (Scentsation), then close-up.

A freebie Jasmine. Now I know why. Lol

Gypsophilia (Baby’s breath)

Astilbe glut (Bearded goat)

I’d be lying, if I denied being choked up with emotion, when the 1st wee flowers emerged on this darling.
She’s made the struggle through this horrific winter worth it.
Let the experts call her what they want.
She’s ma wee Bleeding Heart & I love her!

I’m not really sure what this is, due to much delving by local foxes.
I planted a cosmos, a bleeding heart, a dahlia & an orchid.
The foxes dug the same wee area, given the chance, every night, uprooting bulbs, roots, & name tags.
I suspect it’s the cosmos.

This lot are dahlias, glads, liliums, irises, freesias & anemones.
They’re sort of ’mirrored elsewhere in the strip with spares dotted here & there. More about this, when they bloom.

I’ve only posted this one photo of Iris (Blue magic). They’re everywhere!

Same with these…Orchid (Peacock).

These, too…Lily (Blackout).

Two unknown climbing roses, one white the other red.

Clematis (Jackmannii). R.I.P!

Clematis (Arabella) Huzzah!i

Tricyrtis (Toad lily)

Aquilegia (Granny bonnets)

Now that you’re all banging your heads against sheds, fence posts, etc, I shall stifle your will to live. Lol.
Here’s the next group of Mouldy’s babes all being hardened off.

You can all blame Surreylad for ‘tuning me in’ & to another babe, Shirley_tulip, for being an angel & sending me a clump.
Black grass or Ophiopogen Planiscapus Nigrescens. LOL!

The next lot were potted on 3 times. They include…
Various Petunias

Lavender (Butterfly)



Then we have giant sunflowers


Climbing nasturtium & convolvulus

Nearly there now.
More petunias, but lets not forget…FANFARE…Sweetpeas!

Lastly, I want to include a photo of a 2nd developer.
I think it’s stunning. See what you think.
Primula, almost done for by the weather & slugs.
Ain’t she a beauty?

Well that’s it, all over. You’ve survived. Barely. ;-)
Thank you for reading my blog & taking time to find out what I’ve been up to in my garden.
Now get orf my land! Lol.

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Great to hear you are a bit better Mouldy....darn those foxes....but what happened with the air freshened? Did you have some deliberate vandalism? I didn't understand that bit...sorry! Sad about the clem...but Arabella is a really great strong growing one...she'll do the job for you! Welcome back...ok, ok, I'm leaving now.....

28 May, 2013


Hi Mouldy ..
You've been working hard ..
wishing you good health ... and hoping your plants will thrive despite the slugs and other invaders !

29 May, 2013


Mouldy I have missed you! glad you are feeling a little better, hope you keep improving, keep taking the pills. lol :O) Loved all the plants, sorry the fox keeps pestering, get a 12 bore that will do the trick lol :O) maybe use it on the flysprayers too :O) lol ONLY KIDDING everyone, do not want to be done for encouraging murder in Glasgow. lol Hope the sun keeps shining on your bit of lovliness. Right exiting the land now - don't get up to too much mischief. :O)

29 May, 2013


sorry to hear you haven't been well,Mouldy..glad you are on the mend now..your plants are coming on a treat..despite the foxes etc invading your garden..leave them a menu to state what their preferences are...oh .most of them ??..mmm,not good ..anyway,good to see you are staying positive...:o)

29 May, 2013


Glad your back and feeling a bit better mate, missed your comments, that black grass is a thing of beauty :-) its all looking good mate.. Welcome back

29 May, 2013


sorry to hear you havent been well ~ and hope you are very soon feeling much better

looks like the plants are feeling ok ~ they have grown loads! especially that honeysuckle ~ its going to be gorgeous!

29 May, 2013


Thats a nasty thing for someone to do and I can easily see why murder comes to mind, the rest are all coming along very well and hopefully you will be able to keep them, cannot see what satifaction anyone of any age gets from wantonly destroying someone elses work and enjoyment, glad you are feeling better now I wondered where you were, we had a lovely weekend but downhill and very wet since, one is s'posed to be thankful for small mercies Mouldy but Oh Boy this weather is a b....r!!!!!

29 May, 2013


I,m sorry too that you've been on the sick list all this wet cold weather doesn't do any of us much good!

Can I suggest that you get some dried chilli flakes (ethnic aisle in the supermarket is the cheapest)
then sprinkle it around where the fox goes......use rubber gloves and be careful not to rub your eyes it stings.....
Hopefully it will sting the fox
It certainly stopped the rabbits, don't know about snails but worth a try..... :0)
Birds are immune it seems, I read it first as a squirrel deterrent!

29 May, 2013


Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I was wondering what had happened as hadn't heard from you for a while and was missing your great blogs. Glad you are on the mend and back with GOY. It's good to see the plants growing, they are looking good. The primula is a little beauty and what a fighter! But I better get orf your land before I outstay my welcome! ;-)

29 May, 2013


Typical Mouldy...just accidently deleted my response to all your kind comments.
Thank you everyone!!!

The infanticidal neighbour now knows his cards have been marked.
The slugs are lessening each night & the foxes are once, twice at the most, nightly visitors.
I've tried broken eggshells (cadged from the three local cafes) by the hundreds. The slugs don't comply.
I've tried chilli (bought in 3kg bags from Tesco), so the earth was bright red. The foxes don't comply.
I'm gonna try copper on the slugs & persist in chasing the foxes off for their own good.
Too many folk, hereabouts with that KILL-IT mentality. :-(
The doc can't say when this 'bad phase' with my lungs will end.
It's part & parcel of the condition.
However, there is good news...he's recommed me back to the bone-quack to have a knee op, so I'll be able to do the can-can once again. Lol.
Now all we need is sunshine.
Er...did someone remember to pay the bill for last year? ;-)

29 May, 2013


Sorry you have been ill Mouldy glad to see you back. What on earth happened with the air freshener surely they didn't spray your plants?? All looking great now though. I'll take my leave of you now before you deploy the 12 bore :)

29 May, 2013


Death by air freshener? I'd have been gutted if someone did that to my plants :o( I hope your others do a bit better!

29 May, 2013


sorry to hear you haven't been well Mouldy
what's wrong with your he/she a bit cuckoo?
shame on people like that...can't stand to see someone else enjoy something..kind of reminds me of my neighbour :(

29 May, 2013


Your knee op..... Mouldy doing the can can in a kilt, you better piste some pics :))
Glad your feeling better and yes you were missed!
Why on earth did the neighbour do that to your plants? Is it the same one with the dog poo? Your neighbours are in need of a Glesga Kiss!!!!
That aside, most looking very healthy. Your mystery is another Bleeding Heart. I know cos I had a bit that looked like that! Bury it a bit deeper and it will come away next year, if it stays damp enough you should get foliage this year.
By the way, it wisnae me in yir gairdin Mister, honest!

29 May, 2013


Glad you are on the up, Mouldy! :-)) It's a crying shame about your poor plants! for the foxes perhaps a deterrent might be some pepper put out just before you turn in for the night on a piece of newspaper or foil or even plastic - obviously it would have to be a night when no rain is forecast. They use their noses like we use our eyes -for getting info on the surrounds. So if they take a whiff of pepper they will know all about it & may steer clear of your garden in the future!

Glad to hear about your knee op & looking forward to seeing pics of you doing the Can-Can in a kilt! LOL! :-D)

29 May, 2013


Its all the raiding the bins at the curry houses Mouldy.......your foxes have developed a taste for spicy food! Lol x

30 May, 2013


Hope you keep getting better Mouldy! I'm afraid the cold winds aren't helping our plants this year.
Another bad one like last year, it would seem. that said , I noticed, on the forecasts, while we languished in 12 or 13 C today, you had 20C in Glasgow!

30 May, 2013


Glad that you are on the mend, M. You've really gone to town with this gardening thing, all those plants & seedlings! They mostly are looking good,& we all lose some one way or another( not usually to an air fresher spray tho'). Did you see them do it? Perhaps they damped off? I collect up all the slugs & snails in my garden & take them to the grass verge by the road. Believe me, they do decrease in number, only little ones that newly hatch are left( tread on these)! Of course this is only possible with our size of gdn.They say that they walk back, but I've never known it happen. Haven't seen an army of snails all marching back to my garden(thank G--)!

31 May, 2013


Hope you are continuing to feel a bit better, Mouldy. Sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations, but think your plants are mostly coming on a treat. It all looks very well-tended (I'm a bit of a messy gardener, myself!) We were up in Paisley on Friday (daughter and s-i-l have just moved there from Partick) and the weather was quite nice. Long may it last!

2 Jun, 2013


Hope you are feeling much better now, Mouldy - I love the way you referred to me as a 'Babe' ... LOL! Good to see the black grass is thriving - well done ... :o)

4 Jun, 2013


Thanks to all who've posted comments since 29th May!
The garden is coming on a treat now.
I've added more plants, containers, hanging baskets, etc and will bore you all with another blog shortly.
Don't say you weren't warned. ;-)

20 Jun, 2013

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