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By mouldy


I nearly fainted, upon checking my phone, to discover just how many photos I’ve taken of the garden.
Here’s some, but of the more general sort.
That’s the secret of torturing folk…don’t overload, as there’s plenty of time to send them out of their innocent minds.

Spuds ‘n’ stuff


(Some empty, part-empty & some full, due to wildlife & weather)

Not forgetting my whatsit.

Other stuff.

I’m glad I restrained the orange Crocosmia behind the trellis

Especially for Scotsgran! Begonia.

Dahlia. Red pygmy.

And, finally, another Dahlia…Fire & Ice.

Well, it’s been dreary here for what seems like eternity.
The neighbours have packed the barbies away & the paddling pool has been folded up.
Please, someone, tell poor old Mouldy that summer hasn’t left on holiday.
Still, it’ll soon be Xmas. Lol.

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Oooh are living dangerously today....the 'X' careful!

1 Aug, 2013


Your photo's were obviously taken after a bit of rain, so they look really healthy and happy.
The climbers everywhere are looking terrific, must have a go at nasturtiums next year, another plant the bees love.
The whatsit is looking fully settled in as if it has been there forever. Well done for all your efforts, what a difference!

1 Aug, 2013


Looking really nice Mouldy, lovely spuds there mate.

1 Aug, 2013


Tatties look good, hope you get lots off them when you eventually lift them. Sun will come back soon, the rain is doing good in the gardens. Today has been unbelievably hot even with a southerly breeze the air is horrible. Think all the damp we had yesterday has locked in the moisture and made it a very heavy atmosphere. Managed to weed my veggie borders before it got too hot though. Beans are coming along nicely. Pity it is too hot to cook dinner. lol good excuse :O)

1 Aug, 2013


I'm not going to mention the fact that you used 'that word' Mouldy!!!!!!
Your garden is looking ever so lush, so obviously benefited from the recent rain.
Your whasit has really filled out and the climbing narsturtium(?) looks really good. I hope your tatties are plentiful!
I'm on my 2nd round of tomato sitting - another neighbour this time and my admiration for those who grow your own is at an all time high! It takes sheer dedication!

1 Aug, 2013


Karen, I thought I tease the sun & it's brought sunny spells. Result! Lol.
Thank-you, Honeysuckle. The nasturtiums seemed to lag behind the other seedlings, but once they were planted ran absolutely rampant. They're the climbing variety & you're right, the bees seem to have set up camp around them, along with your namesake, the honeysuckle, lavender & a wee plant I've no name for.
The whatsit needs to be enlarged & re-organised, but that's for another day.
Thanks, Surrey. I had to bank them up a week or so ago, as they were beginning to break surface. :-9
Cheers Olive...the temp here has been up & down like a bad girl's bloomers, but when it's hot it's brain-sizzling, even under cloud cover.
The plants seem to love it, though.
Me, I don't care how hot it is just as long as it's sunny. Breathing is difficult, otherwise.
Two weeks ago I was watering the garden four times a day, but now I don't have to bother.
Fanx Scottish, no shortage of rain here, recently, but could do with more sun to give the plants a wee boost, eh?
Tomato sitting? Who's the enemy?
Sorry to be so dense.

2 Aug, 2013


Oh how lovely, wet paving slabs ! We in the south are
sitting in front of fans trying to breathe fresh air.

2 Aug, 2013


It's all looking lush and healthy, Mouldy ... you must feel pleased with your efforts ... :o)

3 Aug, 2013


Excellent....some successes Mouldy, and it's been a funny old year! your potatoes look very healthy! Are they not ready to pull yet?

3 Aug, 2013


Diane, I'll swap you three days of cloud & rain for one full sunny day. Deal? Lol.
Shirley, that anything came to bloom fills me with joy. :-)
Paul, the instructions said lift them in September, once the foliage turns brown.
On banking up the compost I saw the skins were still green.
Can't wait to get tucked in. ;-)

5 Aug, 2013


You certainly have a nice garden full of plants, Mouldy! :-))

I really love your Dahlia, 'Fire & Ice'! I don't have any this year, even the couple of plants Gerry had on his allotment haven't come up this year. They came up the other 3 years I worked on his allotment. They survived our terrible winter of a couple of years ago but not this last one it seems. :-((

We have self-sown Nasturtiums growing in the greenhouse on the allotment as well as on the allotment itself & on my own plot, 12A. Other years I've had these climbing ones growing on my balcony as well but this year I don't have any. Last year I had a variegated nasturtium - self-sown- growing on my balcony but no idea where it could have come from as I've never grown them before.

Glad to hear your potatoes are doing well!

5 Aug, 2013


Thanks, Balconey.
I'm about to research how to propagate the dahlias, so I can send them to any goyers interested, so let me know, mate.
Same goes for anything else.

9 Aug, 2013


It's rather late in the year to consider propagating them. Normally it's done from the overwintered tubers you will have saved.

You need to put them in a box with some damp sand I believe about March time. They need a little heat to break dormancy & I think the cuttings also need a little base heat to root successfully.

Both tubers & cutting must be kept frost free at all times so, unless you can provide the right conditions, you are better off not even trying.

Another method is dividing up the tuber as they sprout in the spring. Again they must be kept frost free & some heat may be required to persuade them to break dormancy. In this case you cut off sections of tubers with at least one growing bud using a very sharp knife & dusting the cut ends with Sulphur powder to prevent rot. You will end up with far fewer plants this way but it is simpler & success is much higher.

I wish you the best of luck if you do decide to give it a go next year. Do some research over the winter & prepare yourself for the spring.

Good luck!

9 Aug, 2013

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