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On the good ship 'Lollipop'...


By mouldy


Well, me hearties, a fair few months ago I was minding my own business, digging the odd hole, just on the off-chance that someone might have buried a trove of treasure, when one of the neighbours slipped a package into my hand.
It’s the ‘Black Spot’, I thought, or maybe a map. Arrr!
Turned out to be neither.
On the outside was written ‘2004 – Summer annuals’
The neighbour’s dad, a keen gardener, died late that year & she & her mum had discovered the envelope, whilst spring-cleaning his shed in the spring of 2006.
Understandably, she mistook me for a gardener, (It was darkish, ergo she didn’t see my pegleg & cutlass, besides, I could’ve said I was digging for sea cucumber. Geddit? Oh, suit yourselves!), hence her offering me what turned out to be about twenty mixed seeds.
Throw me in a long-boat ‘til I’m sober, I thought, I’m going to have to pretend I’m a gardener, or they’ll all want to dig for treasure, thus reducing my chances, or they’ll keelhaul me!
I didn’t hold out much hope, but shiver me melamine-coated chipboard if ALL the seeds didn’t turn out to be gems, every last one!
Now this is where you come aboard, shipmates, ’cause yer old chum, Mouldy, is all at sea with regard to the names of these plants & is scuttled without your collective help.

The following 3 are the same plant, but different colours.

This one starts off white, but turns pink.

This one has white, pink, red & purple varieties.

This one has white, yellow, pink, red & purple varieties.

It goes without saying…pardon?
Well, I’m saying it, because it needs saying, even though the saying implies it doesn’t need saying.
Any more of your backchat & you won’t get a share of the treasure, if I ever find any!
Now, where were we? Oh, yes, well it goes without saying that I’m grateful for any help or advice you can give me.
What, THIS eye-patch?
Of course you can try it on. Oh, it does look rather fetching on you! Are you quite sure none of your ancestors were corsairs?

(Mouldy hornpipes off into the e-shed, whistling ‘Blue Peter’)

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Well. I just thought I would have a quick look to see how every one is getting on and there you are !!! Hahaa!
So , I will have a go at naming some of your order...
1 Seline
2 Californian Poppy and it will self seed everywhere !
3 Scabious
4 I think this is a phlox but the third one you have shown in this group has Nasturtium leaves, unless it has popped up in between it.
5 Sorry, I can't remember what this is.
6 Annual Chrysanth
7 This looks a bit like Balsam, but might be wrong. Its proper name is Impatiens Balsamina .
Well I've had a go and am sure other members will have all the right answers !
I never have been any good at quizzes ! Hahaa !
Your garden's looking good !

13 Aug, 2013


I think you might want me to walk the plank Mouldy, I'm not good on annuals, therefore can't offer much in the way of ids, except might No8 be a Persicaria of sorts?
Whatever they all are, they obviously love it in Mouldy Land (That's not me slagging of The Weege!) I hope you are going to carry on the man's good work and collect seed yourself.
BTW, a dinae believe the neebor disnae ken the difference between a Pirate and a Gairdinir!

13 Aug, 2013


Very good Mouldy me old shipmate, the bottom two look like toadflax ( linaria )

13 Aug, 2013


I'm not very good at this, but I agree with Rose (Hi, Rose!) on the Californian Poppy, Scabious and Phlox - I think the third phlox is peeping through the nasturtium leaves. The seeds have done really well, haven't they - they all look very happy.

13 Aug, 2013


You do make me laugh Mouldy you have such a way with words, don't let No7 's seeds drop, cannot for the life of me remember its flipping name at the moment, my brains having a well deserved rest ( thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it) but its a beggar and will swamp your area if allowed free reign, mind you if contained in a pot the finches love a chomp on the seedheads, I grew some on purpose for that reason........

13 Aug, 2013


As we are all having a guessing game, I might as well join in!
1. Gypsophila elegans
2. Californian poppy
3. Candytuft
4-6. Phlox
7-8. Knotweed (Persicaria)
9. Annual Chrysanthemum
10-11. Linaria maroccana 'Fairy Lights'
That's my guesses, but they are all pretty and well worth the effort of planting them. You never know gardening might make you rich - remember the chap on 'Antiques Roadshow' who found a Roman gold ring under his hedge?

13 Aug, 2013


I have always thought flowering hardy plants or bulbs should be used at accident black spots instead of bunches of flowers in polythene bags.
They would come up every year, and the person who
lost their life at this place be remembered.

14 Aug, 2013


I agree with Honeysuckle.

14 Aug, 2013


Well you were handed some treasure there , Mouldy , the old fella's legacy has done very well .
Very pleasing for you . No beanstalk though .
I saw knotweed mentioned , a bit of caution , there , just in case .
Beware of Captain Pugwash in your pursuit of the treasure .

14 Aug, 2013

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