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By mouldy


Just a progress report.
Spuds are coming along at a gallop…

The reveal,

but tucked back safely in bed now.

Now for the rest of the garden…

Gladiolus Traderhorn emerging amidst the nasties & peas.

Ophiopogen planiscapus nigrescens.
It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Lol.
Thanks Shirley_tulip!!! xxx.

The fence is six feet high!

Had to thin out the lettuce.
A very tasty job for me & the neighbours! ;-9

I love this planter.

My whatsit, too.

Those more eagle-eyed than poor old Mouldy will immediately recognise that this plant is NOT Baby Blue Eyes.

It is, in fact, as I discovered…a CARROT! Just what I feel! Lol.

Basket hanging & planters.

The promised rose.
It was given to me by a lady, now wheelchair bound, who’s wee garden had to be entirely adapted to give access to her wheelchair.
It’s been through the wars with the weans (kids) & their bat & ball games or wee dragon-slayers & their swords, so the fact it’s in bloom is a source of astonishment to me.
It smells divine.

Finally, two aerial views…

Thanks for your company & interest, folks.

(Mouldy heads into the e-shed humming ‘How green does your garden grow’).

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I am totally in awe, Mouldy. It looks fabulous. You must be so pleased, and your neighbours must be delighted. It will shine out on the satellite pictures (when they update them!) The trellis fence is great!

16 Aug, 2013


It all looks great. What a difference to when you first started, I think you've really got the gardening bug now. How did you manage to fly over the gdn to take the aerial shots? Sprouted wings perhaps?

16 Aug, 2013


Lovely mate, a real treat to look at, you've done a great job :-)

16 Aug, 2013


I second that. Never thought it would progress so well
after the miserable March.

17 Aug, 2013


Mouldy, big pat on the back, you have made a garden to be proud of. When you started out I bet you never thought it would like as good as that. Well done! ***** garden makeover for you. Enjoy the rest of the summer and enjoy the fruits of your labours - those spuds will be tastey. It all looks very very pretty, now all you have got to do is a makeover on next doors plot. It looks even bigger than your side. Well done again!!!! :O)

17 Aug, 2013


I hope you have a smug expression on your face when looking out over the area now Mouldy, you have made a grand job of it all and the neighbours have a nicer outlook as well, its doing grand and now you are reaping the rewards, well done you and continue enjoying it....

17 Aug, 2013


Top marks , Mouldy , a job well done !

17 Aug, 2013


Mouldy - the riot of colour you've got going is incredible. My favourite is the sunflowers - they look braw!
You should be fair proud of yourself and your achievement in such a short time.

17 Aug, 2013


You wouldn't believe it was the same place. the trellis is very effective and I agree with Scottish - the sunflowers are great.

17 Aug, 2013


Thanks guys, I'm chuffed you all approve!
It's been well worth the effort, the fox & slug patrols, etc.
I'll confess, here & now, there were lots of times I doubted I was up to the task, particular during a spell of bad health.
Bjs once posted that I could talk the talk, but asked could I walk the walk.
No, an ambulance took me to hospital, after I pulled my back & didn't rest it a few weeks ago. Three cheers for gas/air & strong painkillers! Lol.
Well, it's August now, so it's time for his judgement.
Blimey, he's donning the black cap. I'm for it now. ;-)
On a more serious note, the recent high wind in Glasgow has claimed the tallest of my sunflowers, ripped from it's moorings & almost claimed the next tallest, but I managed to juryrig a sort of restraint.
I'll post the photos shortly, however, upon checking the rest, I've found one of them has developed FIVE flowers with a potential sixth!
I was tempted to deadhead them, leaving the largest, but decided to let it be & see how it develops.
Every cloud, eh?
Now I'm thinking of winter & next spring, of how I'll have to change the plants around for next summer, so, yes, I've been well & truly bitten by the gardening bug!
I've been riding my luck, failures notwithstanding, so I'm going to see just how far it will take me, before it runs out. Lol.
One of my neighbours has taken loads of photos & posted them on facebook, pretending she's doing the gardening.
I've yet to find out the response. Lol.
Next door's plot is on offer by the neighbouring close for me to garden, but I'm going to approach it gradually (Partial shade creation, methinks), as there's still lots to do in my own.
Folk nearby have started refering to me as 'the gardener'.
Bursting with pride, I am. :-)
Thanks again, guys!

18 Aug, 2013


You've done really well. (And many of us have reason to bless the Lord for gas and air!)

18 Aug, 2013


Seen it used on telly, (Years ago on rescue programmes), but didn't realise how effective it was, Mel.
I felt half-drunk. Lol.
Wears off too quick, though, so spent hrs in a wheelchair, as a non-emergency, waiting to be seen.
What fun! Lol.

19 Aug, 2013


It's got me through some trying experiences - well, three to be exact!!!

19 Aug, 2013


Boys, girls or both?

19 Aug, 2013


2 boys and a girl!

19 Aug, 2013


Just think...every one of us (Clones apart) is a hybrid. ;-)

20 Aug, 2013


(I've been trying to think of a clever retort. Can't.)

That's quite right, of course.

20 Aug, 2013


I get that, sometimes, too.
Hrs later the pithy riposte occurs, but by then it's too late.
'Course, it always comes in handy at a future date. ;-)

20 Aug, 2013


It's called "l'esprit d'escalier" because, too late, while you're walking away down the stairs, you think of the witty remark!

But yes - tuck it away for next time!

20 Aug, 2013


Is it really, Mel? ;-)
I've always liked the French. Lol.

20 Aug, 2013


It's a good phrase - le mot juste, indeed!

21 Aug, 2013


I've never understood je ne comprende pas.
What's that all about? ;-)

23 Aug, 2013


Je ne vous crois pas.

And if I'm wrong, use an online translator!

23 Aug, 2013


It's all Greek to me, Mel! ;-)

25 Aug, 2013


No - French! Lol!

25 Aug, 2013


Vost is dat?

25 Aug, 2013

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