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A billion eyes are watching you.


By mouldy


Entymology isn’t one of my strong points (Nor is photography, which is why I have hundreds of photos on my phone, all of them clear enough to see, as I’ve cropped them, but too small to upload on Goy.) so I apologise for the poor quality of some of my snaps in advance.
A few months ago many Goyers were lamenting the lack of bees & the like, while I felt guilty for my beginner’s luck, as I enjoyed a glut.
I trust the imbalance has since been redressed by Mother Nature & you’ve all had your fair share?
You have? Jolly good.
Well, I’ll be contrary & begin with the ridiculous & hope to achieve the sublime.
Any failure is my fault entirely. ;-)
Let me begin by telling you a short story about a creature that settled on the paving slab not far from where I was sitting a few weeks ago.
At first I thought it was a fly, about half an inch long with a livid red spot on it’s back just below it’s head, but realised it was a beetle, when it unfolded it’s wings.
I nearly fell off my chair, as it’s entire back was revealed.
It looked the exact colour of a burning coal!
The wings closed & I realised this might be one bad hombre.
Mouldy admits, here & now, a chill travelled his spine, which might be a bit melodramatic, but you had to be there, trust me.
Then I took a photo.
That’s right, I leant as far towards it as I dared & took a pic, but was ready to run away screaming like a big girl’s blouse, if it made any threatening gestures.
Well it had six legs & a mouth. Use your imagination.
One wave of a single leg or a chomping of it’s mandibles & I was heading for the hills, I tell you!
Photo taken & machismo re-estabilished, I studied it, while it studied me in turn, then, unimpressed, it flew away.
That, sadly, is one of the photos that were too cropped to upload for this blog.
I expect, one day, to show it to someone only to be told “It’s harmless, eats vegetation & the colouring is to discourage predators”.
Naturally, I’ll force a laugh & say I knew that, but we’ll know differently, won’t we? ;-)
Anyway, enough of that nonsense & back to matters at hand!
When I clapped eyes on this creature I thought – Boy, it’s ugly!
It probably thought the same about me.
The Fly…

This next one was breathtaking with black & yellow bands, including it’s legs, as it rested on a Coreopsis bloom.
Talk about fast.
When it took off I half expected the soundbarrier to let out a boom!

A butterfly wannabe.

The real thing…about an inch long & I don’t know what type it is.

A quick glug of miracle gro & presto! Blurred, but enlarged.

“Butterflies? Nah, never suffered. Wheeeee!”

“I’ll just have the cabbage soup, please, waiter”

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very entertaining blog, thanks Mouldy!

18 Aug, 2013


I love it! I love butterflies and bees but I, too, get nervous around unidentified insects that look like extras in a Sci-Fi film! :-) I expect I have heard one too many stories about bugs that burrow into your brain to lay eggs so their young can use your insides as a buffet while they grow large enough to force their way out of your ears, nose and throat! *shivers*

18 Aug, 2013


A great read :o) and good photos too ...

18 Aug, 2013


Why were you sitting in your garden a few weeks ago when you should have been working? That's what I want to know! lol :-))

18 Aug, 2013


I admit it, I'm a scaredy cat when it come to critters of this nature, my mind always goes into horror movie mode if they come too close to me and I rushed past some of the pics, saying that its a very good read as always, its the way you tell'em Mouldy....

18 Aug, 2013


Excellent Mouldy.

18 Aug, 2013


You've put a smile on my face Mouldy - I had visions of Mouldy running of greetin' tae his mammy!!!! :)
Go to the butterfly conservation website to id your butterfly. It's too blury for me to help even with my specs on :)

18 Aug, 2013


I endorse all the above comments re insects and a nasty imagination!

Love the diner in the last pic!

18 Aug, 2013


Thanks, guys. Lol.
That one insect is the only one that's ever given me pause for thought.
So small, but such an air of threat. Joking apart, it did alarm me!
You' re welcome, Louisa. :-)
Glad I could give you the shivers, Tatia. ;-)
You're kind to say so, Hywel.
Can't a gardener stop for a cuppa, Lijemc? Lol.
Cheers, Surrey. ;-)
If that wee beastie HAD bitten or stung me I've a feeling Maw 'n' me would have been re-united, wherever she may be, Scottish. Lol.
Thanks for the tip on flutterbies. Another project for winter, methinks.
Glad you like the diner, Mel, but have to confess I've rotated the photo 180°!

19 Aug, 2013


It was worth it, Mouldy - a perfect caption!

19 Aug, 2013


The things I do to raise a laugh, eh? ;-)

19 Aug, 2013


It was a breeze. ;-)

20 Aug, 2013


great blog, there's so much life in our gardens if we just take the time to sit awhile and look

21 Aug, 2013


All have a day up in Glamis Castle Walled garden loads of wildlife there on our flowers.

We would love to see you .

Karen and I are there Tuesdays and Thursdays.

21 Aug, 2013


Thanks Taz!
Glad you enjoyed it.
You should do a blog, Scotkat.

23 Aug, 2013

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