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A billion eyes are watching you. Part 2.


By mouldy


Sorry about that. Problems with the last blog. Lol.

While the rest of the gang guard my plants against aphids this hippie is taking a walk on the wild side!

Stars with stripes…
Wood. For those who can’t reach the wall to bang their heads against or just fancy a chew.

“I love hide & seek!”

Another hippie slacking off. What’s with this non-hive vibe, man?

Has this one been newly minted?

The ‘Golden Ones’.


Another whitebum bedizened with pollen.

Yet another brownbum tries to muscle in. The current occupier, a Redbum, had sat there in a mesmerised trance, just staring at the Cosmos (Chocolate) for ages, testing it with it’s antenae. It reared round on the interloper.

To the victor the spoils!

Time for another story.
My apprentice, aged eight, managed to negotiate paddling breaks into her contract.
The paddling pool.

One day a bee landed in the pool.
Maybe it mistook the blue of the pool for the sky, but ended up having a swim, ‘til I scooped it out & put it on the border to dry out in the sun, which it did, then flew off about it’s business..
The next day the same thing happened again.
Me & the ‘prentice were agog. She performed the rescue this time.
She was off with her gran the day after, so the pool was drained the night before, (I used the water on the garden, incidently, on a daily basis) so the pool wasn’t used that day, (Use my ’prentice’s pool? While she was away? Heaven forfend!) but I filled it early next morning.
Lo & behold…
Bedraggled bee. Blackbum…

This time me & prentice were delighted, she, tentatively opining that it was the very same & singular bee returning each day for a dip, as gathering honey in such heat must be hot & thirsty work.
Who was I to talk about colour & sky, to shatter the idyl of mystery & dreams?
I nodded sagely & told her she probably had the right of the matter, as we watched the latest rescuee fly away.
Sadly, there were no more endlessly hot sunny days & my ‘prentice (Now promoted to ’Gardener’, no less!) is back at school.
She pops in, after school, most days, checks that I’ve been deadheading, etc (I sometimes leave a few for her, so she can keep her hand in, like you do), but the weather won’t oblige, so the pool remains empty & folded up for the foreseeable future.
Every now & again I glance at the pool & a funny idea enters my head & makes me chuckle.
What if she was right?
What if it WAS the same bee every time? LOL!

(Mouldy heads off to the e-shed singing ‘All Creatures Great & Small’)

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Children in the garden are so much fun! There can be too much science and not enough magic in the garden. I love your helper's theory. :-) It's why I still contend that faeries use my foxglove blooms for hats and ride about on the backs of butterflies and bees.

18 Aug, 2013


Birds are territorial, why not bees...

I do like your apprentice gardeners take on life xxx

18 Aug, 2013


Its good that she is taking an interest and yes she might be right, who are we to argue, I 've had to rescue a couple from the waterbutts, why they have to have a drink from there I do not know, i have two ponds and three birdbaths that are far easier to get their drink from, without the danger of drowning.......

18 Aug, 2013


Lol excellent again Mouldy.

18 Aug, 2013


I am so impressed that young gardener can rescue bees...both my adult kids are very frightened of them and it matters not how much I try to persuade them both. 23 and 21 and both carrying on like hysterical neurotics every time a bee comes indoors or flies near them! Well done junior gardener!

18 Aug, 2013


The secret is out - I've got a very keen 8 year old too. She's the only one not to be scared of the beasties.
Mouldy - I hope she had a pay increase with her promotion!

18 Aug, 2013


Super blogs, Mouldy!

If it is the same bee, it'll be a bit disappointed just now.

My garden is just full of mosquitoes at the moment, and I have the scars (and the discomfort) to prove it. I think a batch must have recently "hatched", so to speak. Ugh! and Ouch...

18 Aug, 2013


Tatia, just because we become adults doesn't mean we have to grow up, right? ;-)
I'm in total agreement with you, Pamg. I'd just never seen two bees squaring off to each other, different varieties aside.
I blame the chocolate! Lol.
She's taking more than an interest, Lincs.
This young lady has a mind like a steel trap. Question after question, not only about gardening.
Her mum & gran (My best pal) tried telling her off for constantly asking me things & taking up my time, so I took them both aside & gently scolded them & now she asks away.
She reminds me of a young Mouldy & the five 'W's' and one 'H'. Lol.
Surrey, you're too kind, boss! Lol.
Over the summer we've worked on her, her mum & gran and any other neighbours' fears, Karen.
I've shown them the death-defying trick of the yo-yo wasp and the head shoved among the nasturtiums stunt, but the wasp in each hand brought the house down. Lol.
They're mostly calm now, but there's the occasional backslide over a wasp.
Other than that we're cool.
Nah, we're made of sterner stuff, Mel.
Try midges & cleggies...they'll make your eyes water, girl!!! Lol.

19 Aug, 2013


Don't talk to me about cleggies - I know all about them!

19 Aug, 2013


When that probscis enters your skin it feels like a pre-op canula, right?
I've seen a horse run from a cleggie!

19 Aug, 2013


I don't blame him! You don't brush off a cleggie, you grab and pull - hard!

19 Aug, 2013


Only once it happened to me, on the hand, which is why I was able to make such an obscure comparison, especially the pain that seems bone-deep!
The tsetse fly is reputedly as bad, but I've never seen a horse run from one of those.
Just think, if you let a box of either loose at a horse race meeting.
The spectators would be four lengths in the lead! Lol.

19 Aug, 2013



19 Aug, 2013


What, humans v horses with cleggies & tsetse flies used as goads?
Brilliant? Why, thank you, HB! Lol.

20 Aug, 2013

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