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Death of a TITAN


By mouldy


There’s no other word for it.
I awoke Saturday morning & with cuppa in hand, nicotine tablet in gob & phonecamera in pocket, set about my daily routine of inspecting the garden.
Fluffing up here, tweaking there, the odd bit of deadheading & lots & lots of planning, daydreaming & worrying, I went about my business.
When I saw the disaster the night’s wind had brought about my brain closed down for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, then I ran back upstairs for string, tape & canes.
My tallest sunflower was lying prone!
At that point I didn’t realise how bad the damage was, as I stood about twenty feet away, but knew I was a hairsbreadth from losing another, which was swaying dangerously in a powerful wind.
One quick snap…

…then tied into place.

I snapped a cane in half, shoved the two pieces, string & a knife through the trellis onto the wall behind, climbed the gate wall & from there walked the wall behind the trellis to effect some kind of brace…

Dreading the outcome, I turned to the fallen one…from seed to planting…

…to a real giant sunflower.

Oh, how the mighty hath fallen!

The break looked repairable, but wasn’t.

Both parts of the break dried out & brittle, caused by wind shear, so no chance of marrying the break, taping & supporting it & hoping for a miracle.
You’re all gardeners. You KNOW how I feel.
’Nuff said?

Hush, now, dry your tears, gentle reader, ‘cause old Mouldy has some good news.
Naturally, I continued with the garden inspection & guess what I found?
No, not buried treasure. Crikey, I wish you’d stop harping on about that. I’ve already promised to share, haven’t I?
And whle we’re on the subject, where’s my eyepatch?
Well, you’re the last one to try it, that’s all I’m saying!
Anyway, I digress…now, again, guess what I found?
Well, if you look closely, you’ll see this particular plant has FIVE flowerheads!
There’s a possible sixth, but it’s too early to say for certain yet, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

Amazing, innit?
My gob was so thoroughly smacked I almost swallowed my nicotine tablet, I tell you, which just goes to show that every cloud…blah-blah, etc…

(Mouldy does his Eric & Ernie exit into the e-shed to the refrain of ‘Bring me Sunshine’)

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ps, I'm on the old E cigs now!!

19 Aug, 2013


A poignant tale and I was so relieved to read its happy ending!!

All sunflowers make me smile except for that one of yours left lying on the ground - such indignity!!!

19 Aug, 2013


Lol mate, I do love your blogs, shame about the Titan though.. Great blog..

19 Aug, 2013


I always dread looking at my garden after high winds as you never know what damage you might see. I love sunflowers, but they will not grow for me.

19 Aug, 2013


Poor Mouldy. Tell you what, cut the dried end off and stand it in abuycket of water next to the fence & tie it into the trellis - you never know your luck, you might get a cut flower! And I bet nobody else will have done that...

19 Aug, 2013


Oh, how sad :-( But the five/six-headed one looks promising. The birds and bees will have a field day!

19 Aug, 2013


To be honest, I prefer the shorter varieties with their
varied colours. Give it some thought for next year

20 Aug, 2013


All roads lead to Rome, wouldn't you say, Lulu? Lol. Best of luck!
If you think my sunflower suffered indignity, Wildrose, you should have seen how undignified I looked scrambling up the wall. =-O
Thanks, Surrey. It's laugh or cry, as you know! What's a chap to do? ;-)
I thought I'd anchored them sufficiently, Drc. :-(
The nasties, honeysuckle & peas, growing at the same height, weren't even touched! Smaller flowerheads...that must be it.
Steragram, you ghoul! What next...deceased relatives embalmed round the breakfast table? Now you've got me at it. Lol.
Maybe not, Mel, as the heads are bound to be smaller than one single one. Still, they won't all be crowded round the one flower. A bit of wing room. ;-)
I gave it some thought for this year, Diane. Lol. There's some in the planters either side of the back door & at least one has put in an appearance in the border. Dwarf variety.
Thanks, HB. I considered the bucket idea, but didn't want to traumatise the rest of the garden any worse than it was already.

20 Aug, 2013


I'm a ghoul am I? Well it always helps to see yourself as others see you, lol! Watch it Mouldy or I'll be coming round to haunt you, complete with a bucket of water...

20 Aug, 2013


I'll get my sunflower's ghost (and all the others I've lost) to chase you off, Stera. ;-)
I wonder how others see me?
Not a pretty picture, I'll warrant. Lol.

20 Aug, 2013


Charming. Something different anyway - can't be many peole who've been chased off by the ghost of a sunflower...
How do we see you - well, handsome and talented of course...

21 Aug, 2013


I never saw you as a fibber, Stera. Lol.
Flattery will get you anywhere.

23 Aug, 2013


A 7ft Helianthus did that just last week in this garden, it's a real shame when that happens, so I know how you feel.

25 Aug, 2013


It kind of leaves a gap deep inside of you, as well as in the garden, doesn't it, Helenium?
Plus the damage to surviving plants.
Note to self : Stop interweaving plants! Lol.

25 Aug, 2013


Yes Mouldy I know that feeling, it matters not a jot that it can be easily grown from seed next year or that the damage been done to other plants will probably help them regrow better because they've been cut down - no none of that matters it's still a case of loss now.

25 Aug, 2013


Stop 'll have me sobbing like a big girl's blouse! Lol.

25 Aug, 2013


Aw man...there's nothing wrong we that! Lol

25 Aug, 2013


Gonna call you're a gas! Lol.

25 Aug, 2013


I had sun flowers growing in my hanging baskets! must have been the birds. took them out and got rid of them. I have now found four more growing in the garden. only about 4 ft tall. do you think they will get any bigger if I leave them? have never grown them.

25 Aug, 2013


Te He He, I'll take that as a huge compliment - never been called a gas before!

25 Aug, 2013


Nor have I, Shandy.
I'm a 1st time gardener, so have been pretty lucky.
The one that got blown over was seven foot, seven inches tall, but I've heard of them growing to up to twelve feet tall.
My one had grown to it's max, I think, as it had produced the flower.
I've another at seven two & a third at six nine, then three smaller ones.
You'd have to ask the other goyers, but I think, once the flower begins to develop, the plant stops growing at that point.
Heliun, you're very welcome. ;-)

26 Aug, 2013

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