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Facing my fears.


By mouldy


Just a quick update on the bug, as in insect, that alarmed Mouldy.
As you can see from the photo below this wee creature is somewhat striking.
I managed to take a snap just before it fully closed it’s wings…

This glow is fire-red & changes to yellow, as the wings close, ‘til only a pale yellow spot remains.
Note also the banded fringe of it’s lower abdomen.

Then I made the mistake of taking an even closer shot.

Racoon -I thought – blind in one eye.
Then, the part that haunts me – The face looks intelligent & it looks to be vaguely human, expressing abject misery.

(Mouldy heads for the e-shed, pensively humming ‘All creatures Great and Small’, but less gustily than last time)

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Looks like a type of shield bug Mouldy, they do eat a little bit of leaf but I normally leave them as they don't do much damage really.

26 Aug, 2013


Ooooh , brave getting so close to that , Mouldy .

26 Aug, 2013


There are loads of shield bugs round here - they seem to love the birch trees. It's a very pretty one, though (apart from the expression!) - the ones here are more green - perhaps because they favour the birches.

26 Aug, 2013


Thanks for the heads-up, Surrey, Snoop & Mel!
I have to admit Driad (and you guys, too) that I felt sorry for this woe-begotten wee thing, when I saw the 'expression' on it's face.
Glad now I didn't pick it up. Thanks for the tip, Snoop! Lol.

26 Aug, 2013


I hope you don't dream about him Mouldy ;)

26 Aug, 2013


I once ate a raspberry in the garden, but soon spat it out when I had a bitter taste.
Then I discovered it was one of these things on the raspberry, and I hadn't seen it :o((

26 Aug, 2013


I call them 'grey' moments, when they happen to me, Snoop.
My brain has aged & gone grey. Lol.

Nah, the terror has gone, Scottish.
How could I fear a poor wee soul like that?

Hywel, you murderer. Lol.

29 Aug, 2013


lol ! :o)

29 Aug, 2013


Was listening to a programme on the radio some while back.
The old story came up about how each person accidently & unknowingly swallows an average of eight very small spiders in their lifetime.
Turns out, when the researchers tracked the story to it's originator, that he'd been too lazy & had just plucked a number out of his head without any facts to back it up.
His collegues, who were horrified at the thought of swallowing spiders, were too sqeamish to double-check his 'research'.
I'm disappointed, in a strange way, that it turned out to be just another myth. Lol.

29 Aug, 2013


Well I for one am pleased to hear that Mouldy....It's been very uncomfortable sleeping with a stocking over my head ;O)

29 Aug, 2013


Stop bragging about your bedroom antics, Annie. ;-)
Stick to the facts, Ma'am, we're talking insects. Lol.

29 Aug, 2013


Having said that...stop robbing banks, too!

29 Aug, 2013


You'll be further pleased to hear that the vast majority of spiders hate to get wet, so they will NOT crawl into our mouths!
Those that do exist around watery habitats prefer to stay there. Lol

29 Aug, 2013


Burl Ives knew an old lady who swallowed a fly , amongst other things , Mouldy !

29 Aug, 2013


When I was young I used to swallow flies quite often when I was riding in the woods. Not very nice, even though they were mostly very small. I usually managed to spit most of them out.

Now how's that for an edifying comment?

29 Aug, 2013


Yes I've spat out a few flies Melchi, most annoying when they land in your Martini ;O)

30 Aug, 2013


I think the expression on his 'face' is sad with the wisdom of the ancients dog looks like that when she wants a sweetie:-))

31 Aug, 2013


What I can't understand, Driad, is why didn't she bone & joint the cow & horse first. ;-)
I s'pose we'll have to settle for the average person swallowing eight flies, Mel, now the spiders have been ruled out, but think of all that protein! Lol.
Annie, I usually grab the wee blighters & force them to spit out what they've drunk. :-)
It's the begging or it-wasn't-me look, BA. Lol.

1 Sep, 2013


The insects that fall into our drinks , if rescued , come out rather intoxicated , Annella .
That old lady must have had an incredible digestive system , Mouldy .

3 Sep, 2013


Except for the horse, of course, Driad. Lol.
Hereabouts, we describe an awfully large bite of food as ...'something that would choke a horse!'
Poetic justice for the old woman's gluttony. ;-)
A strange footnote...the past two days have seen a shieldbug (Thanks folks!) land near me.
It just sits there, studying me for some time, then flies away.
Probably my imagination.
Probably not the same one.
Or maybe it is & it's just having a wee mid-flight rest.
Or maybe it's... LOL.

4 Sep, 2013


Is it a refugee from The Fly , Mouldy ?
I think the old lady was guilty of one of the deadly sins , for sure .
How about a scabby horse when your hungry , or one between two mattresses ?

7 Sep, 2013


It's probably just getting it's bearings, using the flagstones, Driad, or taking up heat from them.
Or it's seeking me out to give me the benefit of it's pitying glance! Lol.
Never heard the mattress expression before.
I've a neighbour with a face like a horse, though.
Come to think of it...she's a nag, too! Lol.

9 Sep, 2013


Mouldy !!!

9 Sep, 2013


What? ;-)

9 Sep, 2013


You're impossible !!
Poor woman !

10 Sep, 2013


Nah, she's a needy wee stirrer, I kid you not!
Besides, she does look like a horse & endlessly nags her partner, a really nice bloke.

10 Sep, 2013


Sounds like she could do with a muzzle .

11 Sep, 2013


So she is a bad 'neigh' bour then Mouldy!

13 Sep, 2013


Stop horsing around, you two. Lol.
She spent most of Wednesday night sending me abusive, foul-mouthed & threatening txts.
I'm assuming she was drunk, as that's her usual excuse for unaceptable behaviour.
She seems to be permanently drunk, or knocking on folks' doors to borrow dosh for a 'curer' or fags.
Minnie the Mooch. Lol.

13 Sep, 2013

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