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By mouldy


Another titan, although not as tall as her sister.

This is the 5, maybe six or more, headed sister & she’s setting a bad example, as I think another is about to follow.

Dahlia (semi-cactus). Chat Noir.

Dahlia. Kelvin Floodlight.
Big, innit?

Huge, in fact!

(Mouldy climbs through the open e-shed window, as he fancies a change, whistling ‘Mellow Yellow’)

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What a stunner that Dahlia is Mouldy - my grandfather had a thing for Dahlias when I was young. They always remind me of him.

26 Aug, 2013


Very nice Mouldy, all looking fab mate.

26 Aug, 2013


I think the sunflower is lovely, Mouldy. I rather like the multi-headed ones. The dahlia's good, too. I like the way the nasturtiums are growing.

26 Aug, 2013


Lovely Dahlia M. The sunflowers are great where they are as they are providing a screen from whatever is behind,(cars etc).

28 Aug, 2013


It's well named, Scottish. Definately a floodlight. Lol.
I've another just about to bloom, but don't have a name for it, as the foxes or squirrels appear to have made off with it's name tag.

Thanks, Surrey!
Doing my best, boss. ;-)
Just won the housing association's gardening 1st prize.
Born lucky or what? Lol.

Cheers Mel.
Would I be correct in thinking that I won't be able to grow others from the multi-headed sunflowers?
I'm sure I read that they're sterile, sometime in the ancient past, or does that only apply to double-headed flowers like my begonias?

I can only take credit for planting, Fever.
The majesty belongs solely with my babies. Lol.
The sunflowers, nasturtiums & petunias in the hanging baskets can all be seen from about three hundred yards away, by passersby & those using the six lanes of the dual carriageway, I'm told. Lol.

29 Aug, 2013


I don't know that multi-headed sunflowers are sterile. I think that if seeds form in the centre, they will grow. Whether or not they will come true is another matter. All mine come from the wild bird seed, so I'm not much help, I'm afraid!

Next stop Google Earth, Mouldy!

29 Aug, 2013


Nah, I prefer an air of mystery. Lol.

1 Sep, 2013


Hi Mouldy ..
Lots of good progress ...
amazing flower heads .. well done :o)))

9 Sep, 2013


I just planted them, Terra. Lol.

9 Sep, 2013


I reckon you talk to your plants ... Lol.

9 Sep, 2013


Doesn't everyone? ;-)

9 Sep, 2013


not with the wonderful words you use ;o)

9 Sep, 2013


They never tire of hearing how much I love them, that's true. Lol.

9 Sep, 2013


.. but sending them each a Valentine card was taking things to extremes ;o)
.. however .. excellent results !

9 Sep, 2013


Nah, that's next year, Terra! ;-)

9 Sep, 2013



9 Sep, 2013


Thanks for the reminder, though, but they'll get a collective card & a drink of miracle gro.
Mouldy treats his ladies well. Lol.

9 Sep, 2013

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