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By mouldy


Well, with Autumn upon our heels, I thought you should know I’ve dug my horsehair longjohns out of winter storage.
Very good for girding one’s loins, but dreadfully itchy all the same!
Usually, at this time of year, I’m mooching about for a deep pile of leaves to clamber into for a long winter snooze, whilst trying to avoid being raked up or having kids hanging ‘penny for the guy’ placards around my neck, the wee scamps!
This year, however, things have changed.
I’ve been adopted/employed…by a garden.
Seems it needs to be mollycoddled.
Like I don’t have enough on my plate at this time of life.
Anyway, it wants me to organise a guided tour, a last chance to show off, before some of the occupants go for THEIR winter kip, the selfish wee madames!
Others, sadly, will be seen no more, off to the garden upstairs.
Naturally, one of my new duties is to try to bring on their progeny.
Oh, how I’ve fallen…a glorified babysitter, that’s what I’ve been reduced to in these hard times.
What’s next?
I’ll tell you what’s next. I’m expected to raise & tend to the needs of their relatives, who’ll be arriving shortly, whilst they snore their silly heads off, that’s what’s next!
Why, for two pins I’d tell them to take a running jump, so I would.
Just walk away?
Don’t be ridiculous…they’ve been biting me for the last six months, the wee vampires.
Seems they’ve passed on an extremely virulent bug.
(Drum-roll, please).
I’ve contracted the gardening bug!!!

The old veg bed…
About 18lbs of spuds & 3lbs of carrots.
The chives remain to beef up for next year & the secret stash lettuce is still being cropped.
Meanwhile, I’ve chucked in a few F1 hybrid pansies to make the bed looked slept in.

The big picture/s…

My other clem Jackmanii, finally putting in an appearance.

Clem Arabella flowering like fury.

A growing spurt from my 1st gypsophila, Baby’s breath.

And now some unknowns…

A dahlia with a missing tag.

One of many annuals, grown from seed given by a neighbour on behalf of her dad, now deceased, sadly.

The following three snaps of a strangely fascinating plant, again from seed, the same neighbour, too.

And finally, two snaps of this wee darling, seed from same neighbour, which puts me in mind of a cross between a snakeshead Frit & Passiflora.

Right, show’s over, so you lot can shift.
Haven’t you got gardens to tend?
Me? Well what do YOU think?
I’m not here for the fun of it, running after these demanding wee minxes, day & night & me with my tired, unrested old bones.
Be off or I’ll sic the rozzers on you!

(Mouldy hobbles off to the e-shed, tunlessly whistling ‘If I ruled the World’)

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Well and truly bitten.....and what wonderful results, you should be proud of yourself x

10 Sep, 2013


Great blog, mouldy. By the way, the pale blue spikey flower is 'Love in the Mist' [Nigella], an annual which happily self seeds every year .... I scattered some 13 years ago and they still appear in my garden every year, not necessarily in the same spot but very welcome none the less.

10 Sep, 2013


love in the mist, eh Mouldy what are you like, and the other is toad lily not its proper name as that would be boring. lol.

Love the pictures especially the one with the sunbeams coming down on your patch of beautiful garden. You have done well. Congrats on being able to go and look after another patch. You will enjoy yourself I am sure. It will keep you out of mischief for a little while. lol. Do not overdo the work thingy find time to get a few bevvies in while the sun keeps shining. Next year will soon be here so keep the seed/plant catalogues handy, I look forward to seeing what you create next year.

Happy Autumn Mouldy enjoy, do not sit on a park bench whilst the leaves are falling though, don't want you burying again.

10 Sep, 2013


Wonderful blog Mouldy - gave me a big smile. You're certainly a green-fingered "babysitter", and should be able to enjoy your pale, whitish "Nigella" for many years to come. Love the idea of an e-shed :)))

10 Sep, 2013


I loved This Blog .Photo Beautiful. And very keen Gardner With Lots Of Good advice. Thanks

10 Sep, 2013


Good job you caught the gardening bug, your garden is still looking good.

10 Sep, 2013'd better believe it.
I've got the teethmarks as evidence!
The praise has to go to my babies, however. :-)

Xela...many thanks, times two.
Nigella? Self-seeding?
We'll have to see about that. ;-)

Olive...we're talking about the one survivor of the two I potted up, (Toad lily) way back when, as I panicked over the long overdue Spring.
I thought it looked familiar. Lol.
Love in the mist? Is that like scotch mist? ;-)
Seed/plant catalogues? No jolly fear - my head is fit to explode with my faves & new ideas, as it already is.
That's when I realised the garden 'owned' me...when I found myself planning how to re-arrange the plants to their advantage next year!
THEIR'S, you'll note & not mine! Lol.
Sitting on benches?
I should cocoa - I'll be busy planning, plotting, planting & storing, etc.
Bevvying? Well, I s'pose I should force myself to have one or two...just to show willing, y'understand. LOL.
You have a great Autumn, too!

Sheila...thank you!
The Nigella will return, but not where SHE wants. Lol.
I blame the green fingers on miracle-gro. ;-)

Who got the double joke on that one?
Just me, then.
Taxi for Mouldy! Lol.

Lynda...many thanks & I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Keen gardener with lots of good advice?
We're talking about you, 'cos that's definately not me! Lol. you doin' girl?
Posse seems empty without you! You KNOW that, doncha?!
So good to hear from you & my grateful thanks.
Peace. :-)

10 Sep, 2013


It's been a good summer then Mouldy! I start to get the blues about now knowing that it's all coming to an end. Wish I could hibernate but that's not to be, so out with the fake tan and on with the with the fake tan and the house with a few cans of Crown matte interior that is ;O))))))

10 Sep, 2013


The hot, sunny weather maybe over, but I'm looking forward to the Autumn blooms & am going to chuck more stuff in to keep them company.
It's great fun, this gardening caper. What a wheeze!
A friend had another friend give her a home fake tan just over a week ago.
The other girl, without thinking, shook the excess lotion from her gloved hands, only to splatter the walls. Lol.
I guess the lotion & emulsion are dual purpose, aren't they? ;-)

10 Sep, 2013


Lol! Not tried Mouldy......I could be 50 shades of grey with sun-baked walls I suppose ;O))

10 Sep, 2013


The walls will need fortnighly applications, of course.
You'll be ok for about 3 years! ;-)
My best pal is trying to get her copy from one of her mates, so I can read the box set.
Her daughter keeps kidding her about reading porn. Lol.
Somehow, I've a feeling the 50 shades trilogy is going to be similar to a book an ex-girlfriend introduced me to many decades ago.
Nothing new under the sun. =-O

10 Sep, 2013


There is nothing new under the sun...that is true. Your garden is so colourful Mouldy. I for one am chuffed that you've come down with the bug. That way we will have your company for a while. I agree with my Mum...the sunburst pic is gorgeous and really atmospheric....somehow it speaks to me of what gardening is really all about for me....communing with the Great Creator and being closer to that heart of infinite love. :)) I'm going to save it, and use it as a screensaver if you don't mind!

10 Sep, 2013


Not read them Mouldy, I struggle to sit still and concentrate for long enough.....a bit like you in those horse hair longjohns

10 Sep, 2013


I'm glad you & Olive saw what I saw, as I took that photo, Karen!
I caught the angle I wanted with a shuffle or two, luckily.
You save away. I'm greatly honoured & my girls will be, too!
I used to read a book a night, Annie, but got out of the habit a few years ago.
D'you think I should've washed the longjohns first?
You do, don't you? Lol.

10 Sep, 2013


Erm, well yes I would have but it's a personal choice thing really ;O)

10 Sep, 2013


The 'over-ripe' smell get's masked, but only just, by the scents from the flowers, so I should get a couple more years wear yet, then I'll dip them in the river a few times & bash them against the rockrs or quayside to stun the varmints.
That'll teach 'em for biting me! ;-)

10 Sep, 2013


Yes, that's what they do in Glasgow......river washing...occasionally! Lol ;)

10 Sep, 2013


Horsehair longjohns - what's your semmit made of Mouldy? ;) I'm not sure the images of Mouldy down the Clyde battering his drawers against the rocks is one I need ;)
The colour you've got going on is amazing - I think we are all pleased you've caught the bug. You've got the long winter months to browse GOY and get even more inspiration!! Then there's the expectation in spring to see what's survived the winter!
You've certainly made Springburn a more colourful place!

10 Sep, 2013


Why thank-you Mouldy, kind Sir, for your lovely comment! It's always a pleasure reading your blogs and hearing from you too.

10 Sep, 2013


It looks just wonderful, Mouldy. I think it is so beautiful, and it's difficult to believe you only started it this year. Give that man a medal (and some clean longjohns - PLEASE!)

10 Sep, 2013


Washing occasionally, every 3yrs or so, prevents the Clyde from getting overpolluted, Karen.
The 'dear green city' is how we describe it. Ecologically ahead of our time by centuries. ;-)

My semmit's made from string shopping bags, liberated from the desperate clutches of old ladies, Scottish. Lol.
Browsing through winter? Fat chance. I'm after colour all year round. I want the three back courts to look like a botanical garden. :-)

You're always welcome, Lijem & thank-you, in return, for your gracious comments! Lol.

Very kind of you to say so, Mel.
I tend to throw myself into things (Except a bath, maybe. Lol.), but even I'm surprised at the results.
And let's not dwell on my failures, eh? ;-)
All in all, though, I've been very fortunate the last six months, so won't be counting my quorn chicken nuggets just yet, as I still feel, from time to time, that I'm not a gardener, that a real one will happen along & shoo me away!
Maybe I'll settle into the role in a few years, who knows.? Lol.

Oh, hang on, I've remembered the name of my last 'unknown'.
It's Tricyrtus.

11 Sep, 2013


Hope those string bags where empty when you nabbed them Mouldy, lol :O) and so pleased the memory has returned.m :O))))

11 Sep, 2013


Oh Mouldy - don't succumb to the "I'll be found out - I know it" syndrome. It's part of Satan's lure!

11 Sep, 2013


You look like a gardener to me Mouldy and a good deliverer of words colourful as your garden! I love that expression' back courts'. Your wonderful patch is more a side court. Lots of lovely colour for late summer. I get twitchy over the autumn word.....late summer for me, until the leaves really start to fall.

13 Sep, 2013


Hardly, Olive.
What would be the point of that? ;-)
It was your toad lily reference that jogged my tired old brain!

I must have sold my soul to that blackhearted old reprobate...then forgotten about it, Mel. Lol.
Self-doubt is part of my make-up. It keeps me on my toes.

That's just layer upon layer of unwashed grime that makes it look like I've been gardening, Dorjac.
The gnomes & brownies do all the work. Lol.
Autumn...magical. One door closes, while another door opens onto another world...
And here we are, waiting in a corridor of time. ;-)

13 Sep, 2013


Brownies.......who mentioned brownies.......double choc chip please. :0)

13 Sep, 2013


Easy, Tiger! Lol.
I'm refering to one of the other species of 'wee folk' (Brownies, not to be mistaken for food or junior girl's guides. Lol) for those unfamiliar with Scots lore.

13 Sep, 2013


Just so long as you keep on running! Don't get caught!

13 Sep, 2013


Nah, not me.
Red Cap, well, he's a different matter! =-O

13 Sep, 2013


Well Mouldy, you have been busy while I've been away ! You definitely don't need my help ! You've done a fantastic job all by yourself ! Well done, proud of you ! But gardening doesn't have to stop just because winters on its way ! Just get those long johns on of yours (clean ones !) and go and dig ! If you look around garden centres , you will find all many of plants for winter colour ! No hibernating just yet ! Hahaa!

17 Sep, 2013


Having just read the 50 shades trilogy I can surmise I'm a 'sub' to my garden, so horsehair longjohns seem appropriate. LOL!

Thanks, Rose!
I'll be heading to nurseries shortly as B&Q are useless, only stocking jasmine & nothing else, so a long hibernation is now off the cards!
Can't a fella have a quiet kip anymore? ;-)

18 Sep, 2013


Not when you are a gardener, Mouldy ! lol

19 Sep, 2013


Got back about 8am with quite a haul from B&Q, including a wind-torn & colour-depleted Canna.
I could see the cashier thinking - Mug!
Tlc & presto...a new baby!
£2 instead of £12.
The fools!
Come to Daddy! Lol.

20 Sep, 2013


All looking really nice Mouldy, you've done a great job there mate.

22 Sep, 2013

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