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It's all in the Games.


By mouldy


I was strolling alongside a stretch of the local canal, during Spring just gone, to feed the birds, en route to the city centre, when I got a shock.
What the Phlox?! – I thought. =-O
The usual route to the bridge had been gouged out & the plant-life had been torn from their beds.

All things considered, a distinct improvement, because, as you know, your old chum, Mouldy, is wont to a drinky-poo & often winds his weary & somewhat inebriated way along this path, slithering in the quagmire it sometimes becomes, whilst hanging on for dear life to the railings to prevent myself pitching headlong into the canal.
(The readers, at this point, await Mouldy to stop droning on, thus enabling them to fire in with gags about canals & drinking, hoping to gain more comedy kudos, should they manage to combine the two!).
Anyway, time passed & I next noticed an old bridge, dedicated to traffic had been repaired.
(What? No, there’s no photo of the bridge. Who do you think I am, Lord Lichfield?).
As I was saying, the repaired bridge was used to transport plant.
Heavy plant, as in machinery, specifically, which proceeded to dig for Britain, or so it seemed, stack it all up on the ‘island’, then bung it into the canal passage!
Did I put the ‘c’ in? ;-)

The ‘Island’.

A levee…of sorts…for mud & silt, I’d guess with mentioned bridge included. Yeah, yeah, I lied…so sue me! Lol.

Detrius from the dig.

Even more detrius

More digging.

Some progress.

More progress.

Starting to take shape.

At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking – motorway, but the naked eye, unlike this duff phone camera, can see obstacles, set at different heights, (or depths depending on one’s perspective), inside the two walls of this construction.

Ladles & Jellyspoons, I give you…nah, nah, quit the drumroll!
Too dramatic, let’s keep it low key.
More important, let’s keep it within budget!

Very few people will have seen this, at the backside end of an industrial estate, near a rubbish sorting depot (What’s that dreadful smell?) with a distillery along the road, which uses, as part of it’s process, a product that people passing often mistake for rotten eggs, (G-a-a-a-g!!!) & therefore glare accusing at the nearest person.
The city fathers, in their wisdom, have decided that here is where the kayak & canoeing centre must be situated for the 2014 Commonwealth Games!
We might be in for a prolonged set of water events with the lowest times & points ever awarded, folks, as the contestants deliberately capsize & chuck themselves into the water to temporarily avoid the combined stench!
That or the spectators hurling themselves in, en-masse, for the same reason!
I’ll keep you abreast of events, ‘til the ’Scottish Lemming Event’ takes place.
My thanks for indulging me, yet again!

(Mouldy arabesques into the e-shed to the strains of ‘The Dambusters’

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Will you be testing out the kayaking and canoeing yourself, Mouldy?

18 Sep, 2013


As heck, I will. Lol.
I'm emphysemic, Lijem, so wouldn't last long, if I fell in.

18 Sep, 2013


Maybe they'll hang massive sachets of pot pouri or over sized bunches of dried lavender......
Better idea, get Mouldy along to landscape with scented shrubs and plants ;-)
Are you sure you don't live in Edinburgh, that's the kind of daft things they do here.

18 Sep, 2013



18 Sep, 2013


This may be a silly question but ....
.... will the Edinburgh tramway be ready for the Commonwealth Games? Yes, I know it's in a different city, just asking.

18 Sep, 2013


Govt, local or National, is the same everywhere on planet earth.
They have a budget & will spend any surplus on hare-brained ideas, so they can get the same the following year, if not more.
That's after the gravy train has deposited them at their communal troughs, you understand.
A recent development reveals MP's expense claims have almost doubled since the last media expose.
They'll never learn & nor will we, it seems.
Lol, Andrew!
Over to you, Scottish. ;-)

18 Sep, 2013


Have you seen the spoof Hitler rant about the Edinburgh Trams (on YouTube)?

18 Sep, 2013


I don't have a YouTube account, Mel & probably never will.
Don't watch telly either. Lol.

18 Sep, 2013


I don't have an account either, but you can still access the videos. You don't have to log on. It's quite a clever item.

18 Sep, 2013


Maybe later...much later.
I know what I'm like. Lol.

18 Sep, 2013


The big announcement in the press yesterday was that the trams will be up and running by May 2014. The whole city is to be cleared of roadworks in the next 2 or 3 weeks. When I say city, I mean a fraction of the city that the trams will actually cover. Edinburgh must be the laughing stock of every a local Government in the country ;-)

18 Sep, 2013


Just watched the video.... Brilliant! Sums it up. Alex Salmonds white elephant bridge will be next!!

18 Sep, 2013


Your blog made me laugh Mouldy, you have a way with words lol!
The fact that local Government had dropped a clanger in sighting an event area doesn't altogether surprise me.

19 Sep, 2013


They'll probably ban them working for the duration!

I remember the folks in Weymouth had a year of disrupted roads for the olympics.......still the road system is good, not sure all the businesses are though....

19 Sep, 2013


In the two years before it became European City of Culture, Liverpool instituted the "Big Dig". They did all the alterations, roadworks, repairs, rebuilding works, regeneration - ALL AT ONCE! It was horrendous,lol! But it was certainly an innovative idea and when it was all finished it was pretty good. It caused quite a bit of controversy, though, and a lot of businesses complained that they were badly affected by it. Every time we went up to Lime Street Station by car (to meet our son) we had to drive in a different way. Glasgow might see a few new building projects as the Games approach.

19 Sep, 2013


It looks a horrendous mess to me Mouldy.How does the water flow when they've blocked it off with all that debris?
Is that to create a pool or something for their water sport activities? I hope it will be ok when finished. Pleased keep us posted. I know nothing about what goes on up in Glasgow ( only what I've heard in the song, "I belong to Glasgow)"! I suppose when you've had a couple of drinks on a Saturday Glasgow belongs to you.

19 Sep, 2013


Well ! Mouldy, I'm just lost for words ! Your council has got as much sense as ours, and thats NONE !
Looking forward to seeing how this progresses , or not !

19 Sep, 2013


Lol...what a funny blog Mouldy! I love it! I can only lol at the council's amazing idea for the water sports site.....what lunacy! Determined as ever to keep Glasgow's reputation in the gutter.....I mean it has been going up in the world a little over the past 25 years or so.....and that would ruin things for everyone! I remember one evening we stayed in a hotel after a Gig at the SECC and it was getting near Christmas. We didn't sleep a wink because of the noise of some office party...but before that we thought that after the gig we'd have a nightcap in the hotel bar...only it was full of women with blood on their faces...there had been a fight...police and everything. hmmmmm....Glasgow night out!

19 Sep, 2013


If anyone knows Bracknell, it's a short cut between the M3 and the M4. They've just started knocking down half our town centre to rebuild it (they've only been talking about it for twenty years, so it hasn't taken too long really). So to get ready for it, they're working on a major roundabout on the 'through' route, with the result that half the town is now permanently gridlocked. "It'll be nice when it's finished" :-D

19 Sep, 2013


Whatever the outcome to the canal, Josee, we've been assured that 20 million (or was it 120 million?) gallons of water will be drawn in, purified, then pumped out into the kayak course per second.
Let's hope someone has the foresight to pay the 'Leccy bill in advance! Lol.
Think of it as a concrete-walled course, like a winding corrider with no ceiling. The spectators will be sat looking down on the event.
At this rate they may have to bring their own chairs! ;-)
About 15 or more years ago, we awoke one Sunday morning to find that most of the grass & trees in the city's George Square had been ripped be replaced with red tarmac!!!
Locals dubbed the City Chambers, which overlook the square, 'The Kremlin'.
They began tearing it up again, yesterday, (Seems they're going to put back some grass strips) along with what seems like half the city streets.
The fighting women, Karen, were probably duly elected council members!
If they can't headbutt or stab they never get a date. ;-)
Glasgow city council seems determined not to be outdone in the stupidity department.
We're going for gold!!! Lol.

20 Sep, 2013


Are you forgetting what a triumph the 2012 Olympics were? and only a gazillion pounds over budget.

21 Sep, 2013


Lol, Urbanite!
Glasgow city council will strive & do their utmost, I'm sure, to match, if not surpass that sum.

21 Sep, 2013

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