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Best coin ever spent..


Put this into your browser and spend 5 mins watching this
Its things like this that make life worth every second.

Enjoy :o)))

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I was sent this a couple of weeks ago,and I agree,,it's fantastic,it brings tears to your eyes ..well,it did for me anyway..very emotional,especially the music..

21 Nov, 2013


It was sent to me as well I sent it to you Sandra Lol , I loved it and watched it so many times it's a wonder it's not worn out ,that little girl is oblivious to everything else except the music ,thanks for the chance to watch it again David :o))

22 Nov, 2013



22 Nov, 2013


So you did,Amy ! Lol..I can hardly remember yesterday,never mind who sent what,a little while ago :o) .I've just seen it posted on Facebook tonight..from Thomas's other Grandma in Spain ! so it is definitely going the rounds..:o)

22 Nov, 2013


Going to be a grouch about this I'm afraid. Yes it's good music and all that but the point of flashmobs is that they are supposed to appear to be completely spontaneous - how often do you see someone wheeling timpani through the the streets?

There's a good example of a flashmob singing the hallelujah chorus in a shopping centre food hall that is almost believable. or try (but not if you're a librarian)

But for how flashmob is really supposed to be done see or (look out for the EU 'official' about 3 minutes in.

22 Nov, 2013


I saw the Hallelujah Chorus one too, and didn't really mind whether it was believable, just enjoyed it - in fact I've enjoyed all the ones I've seen. Maybe I have a child's mind, ready to be pleased!
Seen the Beethoven before, but enjoyed it all over again.

Urbanite, I am a librarian (or was) - was puzzled what difference it makes? Have I somehow let the side down?

22 Nov, 2013


Try singing in our library and the Silent Patrol will throw the proverbial book at you. They wear tabards with "Silent Patrol" on so that you know who they are - in case you think people normally walk round in tabards.

23 Nov, 2013


Good gracious! Lots of libraries have relaxed the silence rule, except in reference departments. Still they would all draw the line at casual live orchestral music.Does your patrol actually go round asking folk t be quiet?

I couldn't get the second link today, it said page withdrawn.

23 Nov, 2013


I think it was all aranged and evryone was ready do join in at the right time i think it was all about some actually starting it off by putting a coin in the hat. Still it just good fun

25 Nov, 2013


It had to be didn't it, but great fun all the same as you say.

25 Nov, 2013

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