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Can any one rescue a numpty please…
Bought these bulbs back in jan but didn’t take a note of what they are or what is the right way up to plant …
I have taken 2 photo’s of both sides if any can let me know which way to plant would be very grateful…
I am pretty sure they were hibiscus,s.. They had a picture with the bulbs of large red flowers …..

So can any one help PLEASE!!!!!

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They are Begonias and you have to plant them with the hollow bit uppermost,. Just pop it on top of some damp multi purpose compost (don`t cover it) and put it on the window ledge. :o)

Sandra x

11 Mar, 2010


Definitely healthy begonia corms - make sure you post photos of the flowers later in the year!

11 Mar, 2010


they could also be Gloxinia but I argree begonia is more likely.

11 Mar, 2010


I work on the principle if I don't know which way up to plant a bulb, I plant it on its side. The roots still grow down and the shoot still grows up. Always works

11 Mar, 2010


LOL Thats what I do Andrew......

12 Mar, 2010


Thanks to you wonderful GOY'ers
Labdancer, Spritz,s, Seaburngirl, It came back to me as soon as i saw begonia.
what a muppet eh!! hibiscus? fancy thinking that..

Andrewr & Lincslass thats genius!! plant them side ways..I never know which they should go but now never going to be problem ever again ..

So big thanks everyone...:o))))

12 Mar, 2010


Agree with all....begonias. Afraid must contradict Labdancer (sorry!) is a falacy that you don't cover begonia corms. In order to get a good strong rooting system
you must cover the corm with compost. This info was given to me by Alan Harris who is a grower and show judge. Another tip is to start them off in a heated propagator, upside down , to encourage shoots, then pot up as normal.

12 Mar, 2010


Was just going to agree with Sandra- as this is my technique- but Amblealice seems to have expert knowledge here.....Can you perhaps elaborate a little, please?

18 May, 2011


Oops - Sorry - I see this is an 'old' post.....!

18 May, 2011

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