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Organic vs GMO corn


Behind my home is a 125 acre farm field that I watch and just love! The view is fab!
Whatever the farmer plants in the field, I will plant a similar version but use organic growing techniques and soil preparation to compare the plants on a smaller scale.
This year’s crop for the farmer is CORN and I have no idea what kind of seeds that he planted.
Here’s an evening shot of the field:

I just love the field but wonder how the corn plants are surviving without any rain. This is a close-up view of the farmer’s corn:

Not bad at all..
Here is the special “corn twins” that I am growing in an old wine barrel that has been filled with Erath Earth (a non-peat moss organic potting soil), Texas green sand, lava-sand, expanded shale, earthworm castings, and some native soil:

Also growing in this container is banana peppers and garlic. Needless to say, all of the plants are very “happy campers”!
The one thing that has me very curious about the differences in the corn plants is that my seeds were certified USDA organic sweet corn seeds that are now growing in the most optimum organic conditions and have a much more broad leaf structure and height than the ones in the field. {Imagine that} ;-)
I have dedicated about 200 sq. ft. of my backyard to the organic corn seeds to grow more and document data on how they react to organic soil treatments.
Guess we’ll see what happens this season! {chuckle}

Go Plants! N2O

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Where do you get expanded shale (whatever that is), lava sand, etc.? I must say I've never seen those sold.

How did you do with the lovely weather? I heard Texas got hit bad. Well, it is coming our way and will be here just in time for the drive home from work tomorrow.

27 Apr, 2011


Love that open field right next to you N20, your garden is looking good......

27 Apr, 2011


Lauram, some organic materials are a little hard to come by because of the lack of interest in organic growing.
Expanded Shale is a man-made product that is raw shale rock that is heated in a furnace to the point that it "pops" like popcorn. The result of that process yields small pebbles the are very porous and have a large surface area similar to "Pumice". Expanded Shale loosens the soil and has the ability to absorb and store water for plants: This link explains how it works.

All of the other amendments can be researched and purchased on the above website. ;-)

We were lucky with the weather outbreak and got a measly 1/4 inch of rain, but it was MOST welcomed.

Stripes, I just love the field also but I fear that it will be developed some day. :-( Our Home is at the edge of a rapidly expanding housing addition and that beautiful field might become a Wall-Mart or mall some day.


28 Apr, 2011

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