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Big boy "Trouble" gets to outside!


Saturday night “treat” for our oldest indoor cat, “Trouble”.
He just loves to go outside and explore:
Hope this video link works..

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Sorry, didn't work for me :(

11 Sep, 2011


Yes, got it !
I'd typed it in before, this time i copied and pasted !!!

It's great to see him outside, will you let the others out now ?

Over here we let our cats out but i understand why you don't there - all the land you have, and the predators that don't exist in our gardens etc.

11 Sep, 2011


I didn't realise you don't normally let them out!

What is a 'hummer'?

11 Sep, 2011


I did see the video although I must be honest and admit I am not a cat lover as such. Reasons? 1) All neighbouring cats come and do it in garden. b) When I was a child a century ago in my small village somewhere in the east meditteranean we used to have many cats who ate mice and not grass. They were coming with mice to my bed at night.

11 Sep, 2011


Congratulations on being a centurion Costas!

11 Sep, 2011


Not exactly Stickitoffee. Take all the winters and some autumns out. I just like round figures. Mind you one of my uncles died two years ago at the age of 103. He never watched television saying "I am not a full to view and listen to all these lies". My other uncle his brother died last year at the young age of 96.

11 Sep, 2011


It must be a hummingbird Stickitoffee, if you listen to the context N2 talks in it has to be - he'd be in the right area for them.

N2 told us a few years ago that because of people having vast areas of land for their gardens, and, because there are wild animals that can't be successfully fenced out, a lot of small domestic pets are kept inside.

N2 once explained that hawks/eagles will swoop down and pick up small animals out there.

I think we're all guilty of thinking that all nations have gardens like ours and in America and Australia the gardens cover acres, sometimes, and because of fire risks fencing as we know it can't be used, so ......
I'm rambling ;-)

11 Sep, 2011


well i wondered about humming birds but when N2 said it he said ~ are you looking for hummers big trouble? as the cat was looking in the grass so that made me think it was a creature in the grass??

11 Sep, 2011


Ah, we'll have to wait and see now !

11 Sep, 2011


Yes, "hummers" are the Humming Birds that constantly fly around our sugar-water feeders. The cats watch them out of the south facing bay window along with all of the rabbits and squirrels in the backyard. One reason that it is rare for us to let the cats outdoors is the native predators.

About sunrise this morning we saw a huge red-tail hawk nail a white-wing dove about 150 yards out in the field behind the house and watched him eat his downed prey through the binoculars for about 30 minutes. Nature can be quite cruel, but that is why nature is successful. The big bird's wingspan was about 2 meters and was large enough to easily carry away a 5-12 lb cat!


15 Sep, 2011


thanks for the information N2O ~ a 2 metre wingspan? that is huge!!!

15 Sep, 2011


Yes it is, Stickitoffee, the red-tails can get quite large around here. We have only seen that "big-boy" a few times, but he is a magnificent sight to behold! Most of the smaller hawks are less than 1 meter and it is great to watch them nailing field mice in the morning hours. They are such efficient predators..
I'll see if I can shoot some video of the big birds in action.

20 Sep, 2011


Certainly very different from here on the edge of a town with cats being the main predators!
Is the 'red tail' a kite? We have kites, about an hours journey from here, beautiful birds but I don't think they are two metre wide wing spans.

20 Sep, 2011


A red-tail hawk is a raptor. The raptor species of predator birds also includes the eagles, hawks, and any other bird that grabs prey with "talons". {grabbing type feet claws}

9 Nov, 2011

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