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Struggling Garden blues


By nanajen


Well been here 5 months now and am suffering from the garden blues, inherited a major work job, have cleared the brambles “hopefully” now have a major with Wild garlic, seems endless, and the weather doesn’t help. Must say I am a tad impatient, just want to see a decent garden instead of tons of shingle full of weeds, a lawn Ha Ha full of moss and weeds, at present cannot see an end.
I left a lovely cottage garden at my last property that I was so proud of, all who passed remarked how lovely it was.
Feel like I need to attack with weed killer but can’t cos of my dog.
Just don’t know where to start front or back garden.
Must also say we are doing up a Project Bungalow as well.
OOOh well roll on the spring, hopefully my inspiration will return!!!!!

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That not only sounds like garden blues, its February blues as well, Nanajen you have had the worst few months to start, I saw your posts about the wild garlic and I sympathise, as you say the weather isn't helping, I would start on the part that you look out on the most, get that more pleasing to the eye and I mean yours, blow the rest of the population,that will cheer you up and hopefully spur you on, its still winter after all, you will get there....Don't forget to post some pics, we like to see work in progress and you'll possibly get more hints ,tips and good advice when we can see what you are up against....Good luck with it all, I look forward to hearing more.....

21 Feb, 2016


If it really is necessary to use a selective weedkiller on your grass, it would be safe to use a liquid one.Once dry it is safe for dogs. I use it but just keep the dog off fr a few hours.
Good luck.....sounds like you have a challenge but it's always frustrating at this time of year as we want to get on with it but the weather doesn't help.

21 Feb, 2016


Oh dear. Do take lots of photos to encourage yourself as you start on it. Perhaps you might start on the front so it will welcome you home? But there again if the back is what you see most---oh dear, it's good you are accepting the challenge - hang on in there!"

It's possible that a translocating weedkiller is the only solution for the garlic - as Paul says it doesn't take long to dry.

21 Feb, 2016


Thankyou, Stergram, Pauls patch and linclass, still not sure if Iam doing this in the correct place, very confusing!!!

22 Feb, 2016


Yes you have it correct, you'll soon get used to it, anything you are unsure about just ask, the members are very good at helping out...

22 Feb, 2016


I know how you feel - I left a lovely cottage garden to come here, to a garden with wall to wall grass ...
I've been here 10 years now and the garden is still not as I want it :(
Good luck ! I hope you enjoy your new garden and get it in better shape than I've got mine :)

22 Feb, 2016

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