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Hi everybody,

Following the recent high winds, the fence on one side of the garden finally gave up. So while replacing the fence I have decided to renovate a bit of my garden which has been an irritation for almost twenty years.

It makes me a bit sad when looking at the removed fence, as my neighbour on that side, died just before christmas. My house is in a block of 9 and everyone moved in within a few weeks of each other in 1976. In all those years only two houses have changed hand and I am hoping for an equally lovely neighbour when the house is sold.

The garden is very small and the area I am renovating is about 15 feet by 4feet. Over the years it has been a depository for soil not needed and it has taken me week of solid digging to get rid of about one tenth of the soil. I am still only a quarter of way through, but I now have the problem of what to do with it. I have boxes and dustbins of it in the garage. So now I am stuck because I have nowhere else to put the soil.

I have posted an offer on freecycle, hoping someone will come and relieve me of it. Next week, my two sons have promised to come and help build a raised bed, so I hope the soil is gone by the
Watch this space…..

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Good luck with your renovated area ..

and I wish sincerely that your new neighbours will be lovely people.

15 Jan, 2014


Thank you Terratoonie, this is the first blog I have ever written. Sad person that I am, I was so excited when I saw that smiley face, that I let out a great sqeal.

15 Jan, 2014


Hi Nannijii ...
Squeals ? Excited ?
Sounds like you'll fit in on GoY very well indeed ;o)))

15 Jan, 2014


hi Nannijii and welcome to G O Y
i wish you the best of look with renovating you garden but the 1950s/60s pre cast concrete is for new ???

im sure your new neighbours will be fine :))

15 Jan, 2014


Welcome to GoY :o)
Good luck with your raised beds. I hope you'll show us some photos of them after they're done ...

15 Jan, 2014


Welcome to GOY from me too and good luck with the renovations :)
Some of the soil might come in handy to fill the raised beds, depends on what you are growing though.

15 Jan, 2014


The raised bed that I am taking out is much higher and deeper than what I am replacing it with. I want to make a flat area in front of it as I have been mulling around a design idea in my head. I did try to get a garden company to do it, but he told me there was a ton of soil!!!! and it would cost me £350. Hence the d.i.y job. I doubt it is a ton, but my back begs to differ

15 Jan, 2014


It would be nice to see a photo of how it is now, so we can see what you've achieved when its finished! Good luck with it all.

15 Jan, 2014


Welcome to Goy Nannijii, shifting soil around can be a backbreaking chore, even worse at this time of the year so I wish you luck with that.......

17 Jan, 2014


Thanks Linclass. I have done the worst bit. Now just waiting for my sons to come and build up the wall again.

17 Jan, 2014


yes it will be really nice to see what you have done :-) in photograph form :-) me and my son today put up a nice place for us to shelter under in the garden :-) all i need to do now is fancy it up a bit with may be some hanging baskets full of some lovely plants and perhaps a few climbers :-) which on its completion i will photograph and show :-)
look forward to more news on your flowerbeds :-)
from marybells.

17 Jan, 2014


I think I've probably been reading your blogs in the wrong order, and have only just arrived at this one! Sounds like you have a lot of hard work to do, but I'm sure it will be well worth it, and I hope you continue to share your gardening journey with us. It's nice to meet someone else who has been with the same garden for decades like me!

19 Jan, 2014

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