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Cyclamen Society Autumn Show @ Wisley 2013


By naoto


Like last year, I went down to Wisley Gardens to see the show again this year.

The people were very friendly and I had a long chat with Mr. Bravenboer of Green Ice Nursery, who told me some tips of growing cyclamens.

Here are some cyclamens that captivated me…..

C. africanum

C. graecum subsp. candicum

C. cilicium

C. hederifolium var. confusum

C. graecum ex.CSE

C. hederifolium “Bowles Apollo Group”

C. hederifolium subsp. crassifolium

C. hederifolium “ex Bowles Apollo”

C. intaminatum

C. mirabile pewter

C. rohlfsianum

C. rohlfsianum

Various cyclamens (“leaf-only” display)

Although it didn’t get the prize, but I really liked this “red flowered” hederifolium. This was a seedling plant from CS study field in Corfu.

And here are some other plants in Wisley Gardens…..

Plant sale was rather disappointing this year, but……

I recently finished making a new raised bed and already planted some C.coum, but they’re all plain-leaf so I purchased these silver-leaf coums…..

I also bought this C.coum called “Porcelain” – according to Mr. Bravenboer, the flower should be striped like C.intaminatum. It hasn’t flowered yet so I’ll see it this winter…..

Bought some seeds for my friend and myself…..C.coum BSBE form 1 and form 2 seeds.


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Great blog, Gardeners world were talking about Cyclamens and how easy there are to grown from small plants but much harder from seed.
I was given my first one last Christmas and it has been flowering again for the last month. I am definitely going to plant more of them. I will get those that flower now but also hope to get those that flower later on.

13 Oct, 2013


Wonderful blog. I would have enjoyed that show. Thank you for allowing us to see it. I'm sure the scent must have been superb.

13 Oct, 2013


We are members of the Cyclamen Society but live mush too far away from any shows, pity as I would love to see them. Thank you for the pictures Naoto. I managed to sow our seed allocation this week and look forward to some new babies. Drc, I don't agree with Gardeners World that growing from seed is hard. Certainly they take a long time to grow to any size but most seed, especially if sow fresh, will germinate quite readily. Some of the plants in Naoto's blog will be vetrans.

13 Oct, 2013


I too am too far away to get there for a decent length of time. I've never had a problem growing seed either BA.

13 Oct, 2013


Thank you ever so much for sharing - it's been a real pleasure reading.
As has been commented - a bit too far away for such an outing but it would have been good to visit.

13 Oct, 2013


Lovely photos... good blog :o)

13 Oct, 2013


Thanks for that Bulba.

13 Oct, 2013


Looks like I missed a good show. I went a couple of weeks ago for what was advertised as Fritillary Day, but it was actually a Fritillary Group holding a series of talks. A lot of people had travelled some way for it, and were not pleased.

13 Oct, 2013


Fabulous display - had no idea there are so many varieties - you don't see them for sale in the average GC! Never tried growing the larger ones from see bu the coum seed themselves quite happily. Good luck with yours.

13 Oct, 2013


Thank you all for your comments!

Luckily I live in south London area so not so difficult to get to Wisley (only two-bus-journey from home).

Talking about the difficulty of seeding of species cyclamens - from my point of view, not "that" difficult - probably 80-90% of germination success, though all seedlings seldom come true (i.e. I sowed C.mirabile Tilebarn Anne last year, but most of them seem to have come as "Nicholas"), so I'll need to select them carefully later.

I understand what you say - I once popped in the delphenium society "show" by chance when I was at Wisley, but there was only one small sale stall and otherwise just talking.....I felt they should have called it AGM, not "show". However CS shows (both Autumn and Spring) are well worth a visit (I'd recommend Autumn shows more if you want to purchase rarer cyclamens. Early arrival's essential, though)

Thanks for reading!

14 Oct, 2013

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