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Lovely Place for Coffee!


By nariz


Yesterday we took a little break from the garden and drove to a hotel that has lovely gardens – and lovely coffee! I grabbed my camera on the way out as I remembered that last year we’d seen a beautiful drift of fuzzy spikes of blue flowers and I wanted to get a photo so that I could get an identification from some experts on an internet site I visit. ;o)

After a half-hour drive we pulled into the car park and the first thing we saw was this wonderful rose.

I think it might be called ‘Harlequin?’ But look how it’s growing – the tarmac and concrete has been brought right up to its stems!

We then walked around to the front of the hotel overlooking the Rio Cabo and – what a sight! Pots and pots of lovely pelargoniums!

The flower bed by the river bank was planted with hundreds of small begonias underplanting the roses – which were heavily dead-headed and had probably suffered from rain-spoil as mine have done!

We sat for a while after our coffee was finished, just enjoying the sunshine and surroundings and, meanwhile, had asked the waitress if she knew the name of the drift of blue flowers – sadly not in bloom yet! She told us they were a form of Salvia. I WILL return when they are in bloom – the sight is amazing – like a blue cloud!

We wandered around the grounds for a while, then drove home thinking we would be getting on with gardening – but the weather had other things in mind! Rain stopped play! But – the sun is shining this morning, so it’s ‘game on’ again!

Hope you enjoyed the photos – sorry I couldn’t share the coffee as well!

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It looks a beautiful place Nariz. Those climbing roses are amazing. I wonder how they get water and nutrients?

30 May, 2011


how wonderful ~ i would so love to go out for coffee to such a beautiful place. thats my kind of treat. lovely surroundings and coffee!
i think that is masquerade cos my mum has it but that one is amazing growing in the concrete

30 May, 2011


Yes it does look a lovely place to sit and admire ones surroundings and coffee sounds good but I`m enjoying a Curlywurly Nariz whilst looking out at a lovely wet garden so I`ll have my coffee later.. Lovely photo`s...

30 May, 2011


Russian sage Nariz. - Perovskia. - I saw your photo and and recognised the leaves but for the life of me I couldn't put a name to them. Then at 3:00 am it suddenly came to me. That's Russian sage or Perovskia.

30 May, 2011


oh no! 3 am!!??

30 May, 2011


I always have MY best ideas at around 3.00 am. It's a good time for putting the world to rights. :o)

30 May, 2011


LOL...That's quite true Nariz. It's quite amazing how things will pop into your head with such clarity when its the middle of the night.

30 May, 2011


certainly been awake thinking at 3 before and i dont suppose it will be the last time.

30 May, 2011


You had a lovely day out. That rose was beautiful , and the pelargoniums on those steps aswell :)

30 May, 2011


Thanks for your comments guys. :o)

31 May, 2011


Playing catch up with people's blogs this evening & now I've just come across this one of yours, Nariz! :-))

What a lovely place to have a coffee! If I could visit a place like that for my afternoon coffee you wouldn't be able to tear me away! LOL!

I loved all the pots of lovely Geraniums going up/down the steps! That bed of roses must've looked terrific a couple of weeks ago! I'd have loved to see it in full bloom!!!

5 Jun, 2011


It's well worth a visit, Balcony!

6 Jun, 2011


I'd like to visit it as well! :-))

8 Jun, 2011


Just spotted your blog Nariz...Lovely pics..You know I think waking up in the night remembering things is quite normal, well it has been for me, i've done it for years...hubby thinks I'm a bit nutty sometimes...some good ideas appear early doors... :o))

17 Jun, 2011


Glad to hear somebody thinks my behaviour is 'normal' Crissue! Can I quote you on that? ;o)

18 Jun, 2011


What a fab place for coffee so enjoyed my stroll in the garden with you Nariz:)

24 Jun, 2011


Yes Nariz you sure can, I do it all the time, especially if i've spent a lot of time wandering through GOYers

24 Jun, 2011


Thank you. :o)

25 Jun, 2011


What a wonderful on the terrace, as Sticki says, my kind of place to relax..not too often as the "treat" effect would wear off..lovely pictures as always. Many thanks.

3 Jul, 2011


You're welcome Tetrarch.

4 Jul, 2011

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