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Marinated Turkey


By nariz


Some of you may recall I did a blog last year about how our lovely neighbours were impressed with the moist turkey I cooked and shared with them, and the recipe was requested. OK, here it is:

This is for a turkey weighing around 4 kgs (9 lbs).

You need a large plastic box or bin lined with an open bin liner. As long as the weather’s cold the turkey will be OK outside, or in a garage or shed.

Into the bag-in-box put around 10 pints water
1 packet Maldon sea salt
1 bouquet garni
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
2 tbspns black peppercorns
2 tbspns allspice berries
4 star anise
2 tbspns white mustard seeds
150g (5 1/2 ozs) caster sugar
2 quartered onions
thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger cut into slices
1 quartered orange – squeeze juice into water before chucking in
6 tbsps runny honey
parsley stalks (optional)

Remove all ties from turkey, check innards and submerge breast down into stirred brine, adding more water if bird is not submerged.

Fold down and tape the bin liner and either refrigerate or keep in a cold place overnight or for UP TO TWO DAYS, taking it out to drain about half-an-hour before cooking. DISCARD MARINATING BRINE. Then do anything else you personally prefer – bacon on the breast; butter under the skin etc.

DON’T overcook it! For a 4 kg turkey 2.1/2 hours is enough. When the juices from a pierced leg run clear take it out of the over, cover it with a ‘tent’ of foil and let it rest for anything up to an hour before carving.


I’ve used this recipe for quite a few years now and, to me, it’s foolproof – always producing a moist tasty bird.

No cooking for me this year though – we’re going to be ‘guests’ instead and are coming over to Britain on the ferry in a few days’ time, so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful and Happy New Year and I don’t want to hear of any tales of salmonella in New Year blogs!

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Great thank you :))))))))))))

16 Dec, 2011


Have a safe journey and a wonderful Christmas, Nariz. How do you say it? Feliz Navidad?
As we speak, I am playing one of my all-time favourite pices of music - Navidad Nuestra by Ariel Ramirez - the section "Peregrinacion", telling of the flight into Egypt is sublime. If you don't know it, try and find it on You Tube. OK, gushing bit over. "Speak" to you in 2012! xxxx Jan

16 Dec, 2011


Have a lovely time wherever you are, Nariz. 'See' you next year!

16 Dec, 2011


Thanks Nariz. It's a tad colder here than you're used to - we have a slight covering of snow this morning - so wrap up warm! And have a great Christmas!! x

16 Dec, 2011


Have a safe journey Nariz..& a happy Christmas..

16 Dec, 2011


Thank you guys! I'm hoping all your wishes for a safe journey stay with me - the ferry time has already been re-scheduled due to 'bad weather!!!' I've packed plenty of 'layers' Sheilabub. Don't know the music Jan, I'll check it out later. What's "Happy Christmas" in Italian?

16 Dec, 2011


"Buon Natale", Jan, but they (we) more usually say "Auguri!" or "Buone Feste". (Best wishes or Happy Holidays) The wish that I love above the rest, though is when you wish someone "Tante Belle Cose" - "Lots of lovely things"! ;-)))))))

16 Dec, 2011


sounds lovely nariz, may try this myself so putting in favs, merry xmas :o))

16 Dec, 2011


Tante Belle Cose , a toutes . Don't think about the Bay of Biscay , Nariz . Happy holiday !

16 Dec, 2011


Igualamente (same to you) Driad, but it's difficult to NOT think about it when it's tossing you around from one side of the ship to the other and people around you are looking - and being - sick! At least it's 24 hours when I don't eat, so I get some pleasure from wearing clothes that finally fit!

17 Dec, 2011


Ah, Nariz, that's when you should be sipping some of my ginger cordial - it's supposed to calm the queasiest stomach. Wouldn't know - haven't tested that claim! Not about to, either. It seems a bit drastic, tossing around the Atlantic just to get a skirt to fit......

17 Dec, 2011


A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Nariz.

17 Dec, 2011


Had a rather bad crossing from Zeebruge when the children were small , somebody had managed to get our cabin before we boarded [we think money changed hands ] and we had a very difficult night .
Anyway , we had one of our best Christmases ever , and so will you , I'm sure !

17 Dec, 2011


Thanks Driad, I'm planning to. Jan - love ginger - I just eat pieces of stem ginger straight from the jar, then drink the syrup. Not good for waistbands of skirts and trousers fitting, but soooooooo lovely - especially when I have a cold! It's not exactly the Atlantic I'm worried about - it's the treacherous Bay of Biscay!

17 Dec, 2011


You're like me then, Jan. We miss having Stones ginger wine to drink at Christmas, so we make our own - a bit hit and miss! It's only this year that I've tried making the liqueur, and if anyone else gets to try it it'll be a miracle! I make gingerbread and sticky ginger cake, too, with bits of crystallised and preserved ginger on top. Waistbands? What waistbands?

17 Dec, 2011


Lol! I should have said 'elastic!' Or maybe I'll start a new fashion here with the tropical muu-muu - that covers a multitude of sins!

18 Dec, 2011


Sloppy sweaters are good! When I'm buying jeans or skirts here, there's a fabulous word, which it's taken a lot of practising to pronounce properly "Sono elasticizzati?"

18 Dec, 2011

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